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  1. Read messege ypu must be one of them with great pot i got 150 normally i get 380 So its ok to win and get 140 150 190 and they lose and get 121 if i lose with guild skill great pot i get 66 to 81
  2. So there 3 top rank lv 28 on 3v3 seal they dont even fight but there top rank and they collect ap even if they lose to us and we get less ap whats goin on i have the pics to prove it whats goin on gm is you guys or are they scamner wy you guys cheatin
  3. I agree its crazy one warner can tank 100 players shoud be a liit to hes tank capacity like only tank 5 at ones🤔
  4. You guys forgot to put vamp or agility crystal on this chest sell i will never ever buy chest again ty not a single vamp in 50 sets wow only bar and smile smiles are annoying
  5. Daria two weeks and no respond try to get a account back even tho I send screenshot showing I'm the owner I just don't remember the password because I erase the chars there's no chars all delete but I'm try to restore but no email back time it's almost up
  6. Soo are we gonna get seeker and minnion free I was in. The middle of dungeon I lost stinima and minnio-_-
  7. Dg 24 to crazy not posible die die die now 7 rats at once its inposible devs can you look in to it??
  8. Druid best than all I can heal 4k in sec endless stun great diff I love druid nothing like druid you can kill any chars with druid so easy
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