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  1. Kiedy złodziej sam został okradziony nagle przeprasza swoje ofiary lol :W
  2. there is still visual costumes bugi saw this on tuxedo and horror master - there is strange hole on character stomach ... fix this its annoying
  3. cd block mean that cd stop loading and cd bars are freezed so you didnt meant this.
  4. u lie...if someone cast mental pit on you, yours cds go from this part wchich it was (if it was half of cd time it would still go from half cd) but skills loads slower
  5. you write random things (wchich most of them are falsehood) to show how rogue is op class and how bd is balanced. I want to say again, that we CAN'T COMPARE DMG OF ROGUE TO DMG OF BD (DAMAGE!!! not playing style, or something that u used to change topic), because bd is TANK, TANK=big hp and huge amount of armor and rogue is ASSASIN, wchich mean he has been borned to kill enemys and deal tons of damage. But now bd have better arm than rogues and have higher dmg output (even not mention about other bd skills like counter atack or shield). If tank have better dmg than assasin it isnt right. If u reply my post plz dont change topic )))
  6. i heard from someone that form this chests drops costumes xDDDD
  7. what drops from this chests? i wonder why ppl want to buy it in bt when i only get defs sph.
  8. lol rush its your "gap closer" it isnt enough?you cant compare dmg of rogue to bd, coz rogue is assasin but bd isnt. And why "tanks" can kill most of characters in 1 combo?
  9. So you have an anserw, and now you know why chains "sucks".
  10. You really should consider deleting your account
  11. at least if you want farm mobs try do this at avoydil coz mob there gives much better drops
  12. thats why you need nuke team on arenas vs elfs pt
  13. you are wrongu play as bd and you dont know how dual wield looks like? You should calculate like this: 1.0*dmg of main wpn (wpn in right hand + 0.4*secound wpn so you would get diffrent numbers
  14. 1 st elusive treat is resisted by bosses2nd this is called tactic
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