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  1. Meh same thing. You lost. End of story
  2. Yea Kingsman Golden Circle is very very good. I'd rate it the best movie of the year so much. It's even better than IT
  3. Dude have u even tried to buy Chinese mcoin???? Probs not from what it sounds like to me. You HAVE TO give them ur account and password as u can only buy it through App Store on the Chinese one. Plus they don't scam you ;) my entire guild is Chinese and we make the leader top up for us while we pay him
  4. Hahaha did u guys only know that of now? When Chinese go mcoin sales it's 2.5 times cheaper than using USD but if u want to get a chinese friend to top up for you, you need to give them ur username and pass or else they cant top up for u. Can't believe u guys only found that now especially devs and gm but doubt they'll do anything about it cos just imagine the mcoins of chinese go up by 250%, would they still keep on playing? Probs not
  5. Hahahaha feels weird to see my bladedancer Rikumii there.... I've quit elf side now, maybe see u on my lock on MC hehehehe
  6. Hey there people, Buying a craft 5% magic cloak lv 20 - 550k, lv 22 - 610k and 2x Skyfire Rings, 55k each on MC Side Pm me in game Rituality (Lv 11 lock hahaha) Thanks and dont say make me get the resources cause got scammed before like that
  7. :P We just went normal bg without healer, just all dmg and no minion
  8. Agreed I used to be able to solo bosses on 2nd island with new dodge skill 4/4, now its harder, depends on luck. Rogue really needs the dodge skill
  9. ^^^ Yes lets make double gp this week and top 10 guild get cc! DarkSoul
  10. We should get lvl 21Arena Gear or Lvl 19 Arena Gear at cheaper costs...
  11. No, unless they are doing the Tower of Berengar, which anyone of any level can get a drop. But if they are doing the first island Dungeons then they will not get a drop.
  12. Ok everyone spam Arena before that update
  13. Can u tell me what time zone it is currently going on?
  14. Just face the guy on its side that u want to PvP, Heal and Barksin/Earth/parry urself then attack
  15. It's very sad. I'm a Druid, and I went into PvP cave. I tried to move down and accidentally clicked on a Lvl 4 Warlock. The lock had 500hp and my attack crit him......... he died. then mc's gank me and i died as well
  16. I think that there is ONE good way to be top in Arena Seasons. Ur AP ONLY COMES FROM UR DAILY ARENA FIGHTS. So even if u do more, it will not be registered on the Championship.
  17. If its for arena, choose priest if ur not pay to win. Druids that are low amped will get killed by Rogue instantly, but Priest has a shield to block major damage attacks
  18. Bd is a good class, if every class is fully amped out, its pretty even
  19. Or maybe u get a free New Skill when u reach lvl 18 (untradable)
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