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  1. How much is the limit of knowledge, we will get per dungeon and quest for a day?
  2. could you please add per classes all changes on class discussion forum everytime change the mechanic of classes.ty
  3. thanks for being gentle guys ,i apreciated it . thanks Shrek and Iamjhon tt hard done 03/10/2021
  4. i have already have tt hard quest for unlock tlasco could help me please i ll be in tlasco waiting .hopelight us-saphire lv 21 server . thanks
  5. could someone help me to pass through tt normal quest dungeon .Thanks i apreciated us-saphire server hopelight lv 21. i m going to wait at the entrace of terminary,
  6. Yes even though few bd pala templar has tank set up for those dg lv more.
  7. People focusing on warden as u say. Others tank class can but ,a few people have a tank set up in USA sapphire server .for those lv is hard to find it.
  8. I don t know how I'm gonna start this topic even though I don't like to say which is so hard to find a party for those dungeon.Because all depend of one class warden.we just have one class for tanking.i made party without warden trying to defend the dg other class like bd,paladin can tank but low chance of successful the dg.maybe I'm gonna try reaching warden using a new topic.is hard to find warden or good tank at the end of a party in the us server.
  9. The point is simple, if use magic mace ur physical is weak for properties of magic mace. In addition i told will be helpful because if u re in battle u can hit far distance.improve some benefits in battle.can stun for stun bonuses equiment.for some classes which use magic mace will help a lot.
  10. Yes magic mace will be able to attack with magic range. Is just what I'm saying
  11. Hi i don t know if it is a good idea but magic mace can attack with range like a staff and near like a physical weapon it's help some classes like death knight, paladin, templar and charmer.just magic mace can do.benefits will be: 1-improve dmg of that weapon 2-stun bonus will help some those character.
  12. Thanks a lot Lexie for helping me I'm glad xoxo
  13. I already lv up my templar to lv 18 even though I'm trying to find someone who helping me . My templar doesn't have good equiment.can someone help me to pass bg trial(easy,normal, hard) . My templar s name is hopelight lv 18 us sapphire server. Thanks.
  14. Erta06

    TT hard help

    Done, ty a lot
  15. Erta06

    TT hard help

    Can someone help me to complete TT hard quest please? Character :Hopestrike lv :22 Clase:seeker Server:usa-saphire
  16. Well Mr pineapple ,was a nice tiny conversación.have a wonderfull day.
  17. When i see a pineapple, i imagine that .where you should be .
  18. yes ,check the mechanic of the game ,all the characters have passive less shaman, paladin , priest,necromancer and hunter .
  19. for me all is already balance ,i just waiting for paladin and priest pasive skills.it s not named 1vs1spear is war-spear. .
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