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  1. I was testing 2 talent mixing up .Even though,when paladin hp has low healing effect coming from external influence, not work with last talent intercession branch bulwark of faith.heal is the same amount from intercession .Example if have 490 mag heal the same amount but if hp is low pala need to receive more heal cuz hp is low coming from other talent external influence. If I'm wrong let me know or need to be fixed.
  2. I can t remenber where I saw the scale of lv of illumination skill agro .could someone help me ,I don t wanna test it using book of oblivion . thank ,I appreciate it.
  3. well, it is just game ,i don t want to argue with an admin.this account have with me since 2012. I sent all the prove with all blue icons quest on.im 100% sure i done all .i do apologize for any inconveniences.have a nice day. 🙂
  4. More photos ,I can t link all quest photos with this is enough.check all the blue icons.For getting pontificies of dead u should done tt easy and others .in addition my reputation is too low 132.could u please help me gm if can, if not I can wait.
  5. worse then ,they reset me all ,i have 132 tlasco rep check ,i sudmit with all done tlasco quest.i have photos.check logical if i done tt easy why i have all unlock with blue quest ,and not done tt easy .cuz if u want to do all quest need to do tt easy,normal etc.
  6. hi good morning gm Few years ago i done tlasco quest last peluli terminary hard mode (TT HARD)on warspear aniversary .Even though for saving exp i don t sudmite quest but was done with yellow icon complete.now my reputation is 136 in tlasco too .and the icon of quest is gray.i need to do all that reputation when i done that quest on tt hard mode.I waste 150% pot exp and minion thinking i unlocked tlasco zone. usa saphire lv 22 hopeguard warden
  7. Buy lv 30 boot heavy armor Xmas with rage bonus Usa-saphire lv 32 goldendawn priest
  8. well try to do something cuz now is hard for healers, spiders kill them fast.poor healer on halloween dg.sometimes agro tank is useless
  9. Erta06

    Rework mage skill

    Few years ago ,when warspear games launched mage as a first time was hard to use it.Then ,they found the way to balance finally they achieve.probably they gonna improve a few things but mage is ok.Maybe will change skills visual effects cuz every skill is fire, all fire. Mage are multi element.it s feeling just a fire mage.
  10. Suggestions about the passive skill will be this add paladin Resistance like barbarian stoneskin with other name but this effect just can be apply against monsters and against pvp players other effect or the same that don't effect pvp mechanic.the idea is better tanking.
  11. In my opinion deity statue is fine cuz lv 4/4 can adsorb 25% of dmg.the issue of templar is harad teaching +heaven expert skill adsorb a lot of mana.they should rework mana consumption.even though if they wanna rework the description will be( if u receive dmg for incoming monster can adsorb 50% dmg but if are characters on game 25%.of course they should up HP and rework cooldown and durability.
  12. Maybe with barrier of faith and shield + will resist more.
  13. nice , please gms try to add jokers costume on chest will be awesome.
  14. templar is ok, the issue is power of heaven beside we have talent now for reducing mana consume is not enough ,templar consume a lot of mana. ,agro needs more effect with less skill point used it is the only agro its has for tanking.statue is the key of tanking mode and party proteccion raise hp and dmg adsorcion 30% at least max lv and reduce cooldown time for spawn statue or up time active .
  15. paladin inner focus need to be reworked cuz is a waste of skill point on it.
  16. Really this is the skill that paladin needs to be reworker cuz need to be better tank too
  17. How much is the limit of knowledge, we will get per dungeon and quest for a day?
  18. could you please add per classes all changes on class discussion forum everytime change the mechanic of classes.ty
  19. thanks for being gentle guys ,i apreciated it . thanks Shrek and Iamjhon tt hard done 03/10/2021
  20. i have already have tt hard quest for unlock tlasco could help me please i ll be in tlasco waiting .hopelight us-saphire lv 21 server . thanks 😂
  21. could someone help me to pass through tt normal quest dungeon .Thanks i apreciated us-saphire server hopelight lv 21. i m going to wait at the entrace of terminary,
  22. Yes even though few bd pala templar has tank set up for those dg lv more.
  23. People focusing on warden as u say. Others tank class can but ,a few people have a tank set up in USA sapphire server .for those lv is hard to find it.
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