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LvL 2 warlocks FTW!!

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if the priest/mage manages to touch them yes

but doubt so


these warlocks even if they r 100 they cant keep spaming stun circles a 1sec window will come and  :crazy: just needs 1lucky mage to teleport on them and boom  :bomb:
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Though, i did LMAO :lol:  when i seen them at first, and they did stop atleast 2 full party's of elfs before they got killed..



I am pretty sure they are ( What i believe to be called) Bots..    Someone made those chars.. and they spam the same skills, over and over..  Probably the same Bots who spam trade chat for hours on end..  And though i laughed out loud...  i think Devs should do something about this coz its an unfair way of gaming.. For elfs sake, and everyone in Warspear game...

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That lv10 guy Everydays was spamming circle and plash at caravan ALL DAY

Spanish told me he asked him and Everydays said he was a computer programmer and wanted to make 10 warlocks and do that

guess he finally did it  :wacko:

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