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  1. Supa


    Buug leave already, stop wasting our time, your time and stop seeking sympathy.. dont dissapoint me, and keep your promise to leave :yahoo: :'( Arflex/Buug has left the "Building" :yahoo:
  2. Could Not Connect to [Lagspear [Gift]] :unknw:
  3. plz add this one aswell... obvious scammer :facepalm: And Devs/Admins Roland/Snorlax ANYONE !! plz BAN ppl like this A.S.A.P. Before they scam other accounts.. :diablo:
  4. Supa

    LvL 2 warlocks FTW!!

    Though, i did LMAO :lol: when i seen them at first, and they did stop atleast 2 full party's of elfs before they got killed.. I am pretty sure they are ( What i believe to be called) Bots.. Someone made those chars.. and they spam the same skills, over and over.. Probably the same Bots who spam trade chat for hours on end.. And though i laughed out loud... i think Devs should do something about this coz its an unfair way of gaming.. For elfs sake, and everyone in Warspear game...
  5. All blocking elfs had this coming !! :clapping: From now on.. we have LvL 2 warlock protection to MC land 8)
  6. It Looks Like My Avatar :yahoo: 8) :yahoo:
  7. CLASH OF GUILDS :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: UPDATE!! :clapping: :clapping: :clapping: v3.5 :good: :good: :good:
  8. This can be easy resolved.. I believe this Account Soloooo is Compromised... "due to beiing scammed.." and/or used to scam others.. there for this name is made public on Cherry her topic about scammers... The Solution.. when it is proven this account has been scammed.. as soon as devs return this account to rightfull owner.. Return account as it is the moment devs agree to return account... BUT MAKE NAME CHANGE... this way rightfull owner has his account returned.. and wont have his name on black list.. a 2nd chance.. this way its for ppl who have bad experience with compromised names.. no deja vu when they see this name again.. BLOCK ACCOUNT NAMES WHO ARE IN OBVIOUS SCAM RELATIONS.. ONLY DEVS CAN KNOW IF ITS TRUE OR IF SCAMMER LIES AND KEEP ACCOUNT!!
  9. I am also Dutch... but following google, it says..... Arabisch begrijp je ? ;D Well lets keep in in English all.. it will be a mess when everyone starts responding in his native language with area influences. If post is in english, plz reply in english.. or let us know your english is not good.. and ask someone to translate (ppl on forum) I am sure when this person needs something in game... his english is good enough :good:
  10. Hey hey. i have lvl 6 priest and i win much arena.. 283/236 battle wins When a person says he is Elite.. :facepalm: and Clearly dont play Priest himself... How can he judge another class :fool: When a person calls himself Pro - Elite - or Noob.. in my Vocabulary u FAIL no mather your class :facepalm:
  11. Then why dont u read page 13 on this same topic? its obvious SAMLOR is scammer.. just now another friend of mine told me how SAMLOR scammed him.. and thats why i post this.. If u still think SS on page 13 is no proof.. then what is? :wacko:
  12. Another person got scammed by a Famous scammer SAMLOR 20 DRUID :facepalm:
  13. the finale :facepalm: first he says he will return it.. and now its his dad is police.. and will not return it :wacko: does he believe what he says, himself? :facepalm: Farewell Samlor, pm me in game if u ever read this... u know where to find me :'(
  14. Samlor... 20 druid elf side... stolen account! :'(
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