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  1. Before update: Warlock is balanced against all ranged class Warlock is OP against melee class Warlock is unbalanced for 5x5 After update: *Warlock is weakest of ranged class *Warlock is fine against melee class while another ranged class are still OP against melee *in 5x5 is now fine Take a look arena rating! Is warlock on top? Please take a screenshot! Stun skill is just annoying skill but it's not guaranteed to win, seriously staff users have 3.1 attack speed on weapon, the dark circle does 4 sec on level 5 skill, means level 1 DC is nothing. Now Developers are really hate Warlock. In democracy people, we need the fairness in both side, please don't discriminate one. Rich warlock vs rich BD, once warlock got hamstring, warlock dead. Even if amping to +10 clothes armors are still weak against +10 2x swords. Now warlock can't do combo anymore. lv5 DC = 4 sec Combo: DC + life exhaust + fear + atk/dmg Between DC and fear has 2 sec free skill for enemy, means BD can use hamtring when DC is gone, unless smart warlocks run away. PVP Warlock vs druid: sure druid wins vs priest: priest wins vs ranger: need a luck vs mage: balanced vs shaman: shaman wins vs necro: necro wins Result: warlock can't beat any healers by shortest stun Druid roots warlock by lv5 root, sure warlock will lose 50% HP while druid doing free heal overal with still full HP,4 sec DC now can't be combinated to fear, means druid can use some skills when DC is going cooldown. Say goodbye for all Have a great celebrate for elfs side. This is my last words, ty.
  2. Hello all, hope you like it! 1. It could be costum or armors that fit to the characteristic of the game 2. The design styles are related to warspear 3. It's not copying of any heros, you can't find them from any sources (internet), just prove it! This is sample of costum or armors i wear on 3 classes: shaman (Mc), ranger (elf) and dk (fsaken), the looking is suitable to the characteristic of the game. Thank for watching :)
  3. i like de-summon, its like hiding temporarily the minion when its no use, so we can just click "hide or re-summon" on the new button.
  4. i think we could re-summon the current dead minion with another item like a pet xD
  5. Well, after testing a minion, here my suggestion: 1. Add action: hide minion When no more need to use minion, we can hide it for some time, its also useful for avoid from the death in dangerous war (got raped). 2. Add feature: set minion name Required mcoin. 3. Minion controller We can set how minion's attitute is. *Agro mode *Follow mode *Silence mode
  6. Luleeee (my guild leader of dominators - EU) has lost many valuable items in guild warehouse like more than 50 resurrection scrolls, unity signs, i'm as newbie rank in his guild and he asked me who were last the heir and explorer online, and i told him about 5 ppl the last online but he is still confused the one who stole his items. I think it should be added new menu for activity log, so all member will read the log of all activities. I think the thief stole the items when all member were offline, so no one seeing notification that he withdrawn some items, its ridicilous. GM should make new menu for activity log ASAP! Its not about leader's fault but also need a control data cuz the friends are not forever to be honest, they might deny some promises and break the trust for anytime and any chance. Ty
  7. If you have low accuracy, so don't raise your blind skill, enemy's evation increased cuz of blind and you will miss attack a lot.
  8. Sauce chicken is food not potion, potion can be used in fight mode.
  9. Recommended equips: Equips level 1 from novice costum items, this equips are OP for level 6.
  10. i agree with kimimaro, again Ancient ll OL also has this feature, guilds should have a log activity of members
  11. After reading about new update 3.7 - Minions I see there is incomplete feature that makes only rich players can own this game. 1. Summoning scroll is valuable item that can be bought from mcoin shop, besides that players should resurrect their minion required gold by NPC special minion. The difference is if player wants to resurrect the dead minion, can bring it to NPC for resurrection and if player wants to resurrect the dead minion with instant time, can use summoning scroll everywhere and everytime they want. Please play Ancient ll OL the perfect chinese MMORPG that have complete perfect minion features and the GMs give a special things for poor players, so all players can still enjoy, visit www.moreu.cn for inspiration 2. NPC spesial minion In perfect MMO, there is a special NPC about minion There is 4 special menus: A. Buy minion on this NPC, There many kind of minions could be bought by gold, besides that players can buy rare type minion directly from mcshop B. Summon minion, the NPC offer to resurrect minion by gold, besides that players can summon minion directly by summoning scroll item C. Hosting minions, players can buy multi minions and store another minion in cage, players can select one minion to be summoned D. Remove minion, if players decide to remove the currect minion, all minion gears, minion skills will be removed too unless players unwear it first before removing. 3. Minion control There is new feature on menu in game, Control mode: A. aggresive (agro), minion will autofind enemy with max. around 5 yard B. follow player, minion will follow the host, it means when player start attacking enemy, the minion will follow to attack too. C. Silence mode, minion is controlled to be silence, means no attack and no agro, its purpose to protect minion from danger area or strong mobs. 4. Minion attributes and equipments There is atrribute of minions: Strength, agility, health, energy Default attributes: Defender type minion, high strength DPS type, high agility Support type, high energy Minion equipments, to make minion stronger and longer surviving, it should be available for equipments like armor, helmet, glove, belt, and boot 5. Minion skills I think you already know about this. All this minion features are available on Ancient ll OL, hope Aigrind inspirated on it.
  12. Druid with big root would be totaly unbalanced. Please don't compare warlock to druid. Druid is a pure healer while warlock isn't a healer, if druid has multi stun (big root) so warlock should have high heal of life leech. DRUID WILL NEVER HAVE MULTI STUN SINCE DRUID IS HEALER!
  13. Hey slay o'lay.. I think you should know about what the overpowered is. And i think the class who have infinite attack or can kill player in a sec, so its the most OP than stun skill, cuz stun skill doesn't guarantee to win
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