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  1. springy

    Heyyyyy :D

    Just passing by to say hello, hows life friends ? been a looooooooong time
  2. Omg wars now always elf will win the 3 stars? Npt just the dmg and resi buff? Thats sucks really , there is no place to report or anything thats just unfair
  3. I have one question , about that cooldown crystal, will it be for armor boot and gloves? Like dexi crystal?
  4. all i said up are facts and inbalance of game my point is , current war system is making use of all in balance , its same as loooong ago before experts , 5vs5 5 locks team which was op enough to win almost 99.9 unless fight team with 3 locks atleast
  5. Its a new lab finally 4 bosses as counted up , maybe couple of companion bosses before them , place is ofc ayv , gates of such lab are those in pic, Idk maybe now only 1 gate open , in furthur future updates more gates for higher bosses...who knows only garaan probably coz hes master of evil :3
  6. U get rotten banana I wish i swich my chars to other server
  7. Its just dumb , to see elfs defending against mcs complains , update made game even more unbalanced , leaded to rage quit or swich to elf faction.( totally 1 sided game )(even hassn swiched to elfs how funny). And U guys still talking about locks? XD lmao with expert skills, elfs got halarious amount of aoe skills , most common classes got aoe stuns, so dont keep talking about locks, and just admit that if locks were as much as number of palas/bds/druids u wont even be moving Lets say that 5% of mc army locks? Against 20% druids 30% bds 20% palas and 10% mages Not to mention the population inbalance , its so halaroius making war time 1 hour , while it end in 4 mins still thinking that there is no problem.
  8. Wew im totally joining , lets make a real heroic bosses not like those termi newb. Boss !! GL everyone
  9. Wew im totally joining , lets make a real heroic bosses not like those termi newb. Boss !! GL everyone
  10. The teller of story is dead. I wish i dont get ducked in tomorows sudden exam. P.S wish me luck
  11. Eth cata 33k =O where Hunting=costomes in ws , so its lame, Pay to farm weaps in heroics which is lame not coz low drop rate , coz u waste 30mins to walk a lab like till reach boss "eye" and make a kill then suicide again funny isnt it?!
  12. Yellow snow q. Mages aint Op. U dont need bed u r a vampiress I wish to be immortal.
  13. Despair Took them all. I wish someone call devs
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