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  1. I was using stylus on my old phone and I had instant response rate and accurate clicking. Now on my new phone i have to use finger touch. It's hard to click skills quickly and hard to target something on the screen so pvp is always lost. So I suggest a skill layout where you can put your hot keys on the sides of the screen. Bigger buttons so can be clicked properly. 4 on each side. One side has 5. And a setting for buff skills to target self. Just try playing necro on iPhone. Pvp a strong blade dancer. Spend half the fight trying to heal/shield urself and tryi g to target opponent. Small characters and crammed skill buttons :bad:
  2. Don't forget pvp island. Go by ship 1 gold. 6 screens/areas on that island with challenge feature. Safe zone. Only challenge > accept can fight each other. Respawn statue there too.
  3. Zam

    LvL 2 warlocks FTW!!

    @amiga, he is right. They had it coming. Besides, not neccecarily bots. I see elfs on stairs always. Same elfs
  4. Zam

    Trade bug

    Stupid :facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm: Why did u expose it? It's useful
  5. Zam

    dps calculator

    Well u say defense reduces by percentage but let's say I have 2000 defense 30%. I get 0 damage from first island monsters instead of 30% reduction.
  6. Elf ears r ugly as fuk. They r way too long and hard. They look like dildo
  7. What's the point of keeping party limit as 5 anyway. Drop rate still the same from boss if we farm as one party or multiple parties :/ What do you mean Maraksha mini boss? It's red rank not yellow. What do you mean lv1 guild has 15 member limit? Is there a way to level up the guild?
  8. I thought I lost my barb :bad: And now chars r different order on profile :facepalm: Hope my bags r still good -.-
  9. someone tell the russian forum to come here too. W need 500 votes on this then maybe devs see the light :facepalm: :bad:
  10. Aigrind, we NEED this idea to happen. Nothing to do in this game. Current cave is garbage full of idiots. Here is a basis for it if you want: Go take a ship in harbor for 1gold. Island of 9 areas(screens). Each screen has different layout for strategies. The Center screen(area between the other 8) has respawn statue, test dummies, repairer, and shop inside a little building. Put "Challenge" button in menu so we send challenge to anyone. Maybe even a Blue quest in that little building. 100 arena points for beating 20 people lv18+ ? Also add Cross gates to move between screens. These gates can't be used in combat so people can't run or cross fight. Or make 1 extra large area with the little building in the corner so people dont have to look around every screen. If it doesn't lag the devices or server.
  11. i thought no one participated :bad: I started so late. Saw 20 min left on trade chat lol
  12. devs r too blind to see how great pvp zone update is. Would it kill them to make new island 6 screens. Neutral zone, Challenge option on interact? Then ppl can pvp legion or sentinel. No ganker fags no start mark like taunt.
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