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  1. Right now I can post again it's definitely not based on luck other wise u would have as much chance amping n item from 0-1 as it would going from 9-10 so don't bother trying to say it's just luck hints why items get harder to amp honestly the game was better before amp come into it everyone one was equal n it was based on how u use ur skills n wat set u had not wat amp u have n they say ur choice to amp so u tell me how u can get full experience out the game without amping ur equipment try run dg with low amp chars or even winning arena vs hi amped chars ? Unless u got one the chars that's full stun plus able to tank n were would u find chars like that only in 2 the fraction which r from the same alliance which comes also down to game being unbalanced with its fractions/alliances
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    First of all rogue is damage maker with a high burst rate of damage an what your saying male is that a BD should b able to taketwice as much DMG asarogue yet the damage is not that different from a high amped rogue to a high amped BD 2nd of all a rogue does have n opportunity to have high doge rate that can also be increased from another skill which if set right can b hard to just hit a rogue yes BD has parry but it doesn't have skill to increase the potential of there skill n honestly your gonna sit there an try n belittle people that is only pointing out some of there falls in this game an if you honestly think this game is well balanced you are in some of delusion
  3. I don't see how it be based on luck when it would work off a percentage rate hints why it's easy to amp wen your amping at a low amp obviously the amp rate would get lower naturally the amp rate is more of a scam for those who buy there own signs spend over 100k miracle coins to not even get 1 single amp n wat r saying is that a person that has used 200 signs to amp one piece of there equipment n not get 1 single amp is just unlucky really 200 signs your telling me I'm just unlucky I don't even no how u can justify that it's just unlucky cause if it was just luck an not based on a percentage rate wouldn't it b the same wen amping a to plus 1 as to a plus 10 ? obviously it is on some sort of percentage rate wen your chance drop an your equipment becomes harder to amp
  4. Honestly waspear wat is your amping rate I mean come on I have used easy 100 set not 100 signs 100 sets trying to amp my staff from +9-10 only to up 1 amp yea expect it to take a few but this just a complete rip of to your customers n people that surport and help your game grow I really think you need to look into this and I'm sure I'm not they only one that feels this way come on waspear when if paid money out of ur own pocket to amp how much would u expect to pay n how many sets would u expect to get n amplification ?
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