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  1. trust me u see nothing xd dying 2 attack vs bd is balanced to u?? literally i failed 1 stun and im on set and im dead. and my lock is op and full +10 and got 3k+ or - def im sure its not balanced. even several bd told me that its not balanaced since locks are shit now with so los def. all im asking is to give lock more def so they can take at least 1 ham from bd an not die or take 1 complete stun combo from barb and not die and also over look the dmg a bd do. im full +10 and bd attack me 1.4k minimum
  2. or for more suggestions try give locks like more def or healing skills
  3. Dear @Daria, till this day i stopped loving the game, its reallly not fair for developers to make sets with resistance stun and u have a main char who is based on stuns (warlocks) locks have low def, low dmg compaired to ( bd, barb, hunter, rog, ranger ect), no healing skills. and u fcked up the only thing lock good at which is stunning. Up till now, after i tried the set on lock, it really sucks. bd have op dmg ( since they use axes ) and op mdef and they need only 1x ham to kill a lock, and 1 resistance from a lock stun is enough to kill a lock. and barb also perma stun and def and healing skill and imune nature. its not balance. so plz either remove resistance or nerf bd dmg ( let them use swords only ) and barb 7 yard charge :! and/ reduce nature cd/ effect time .
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