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  2. 首先对官方的这个动作表示感谢!!! 请问客服也是中国人嘛?
  3. 以前我不知道每个人的账户数量是有限制的。 为了玩新职业,我创建了一个新的账户。 刚刚偶然的机会,我看了下规则,才知道这个问题。 现在我拥有三个账户,我之前不知道这是违规的行为。 现在我的账户会被惩罚嘛?
  4. How about Damage dealing of this class? How is it doing compare to rogue?
  5. OMG, thanks so much, it's really helpful, thanks!!!
  6. Any kind guy can teach me about it? Is there any tricks for amp? Just press amp button without thinking? thanks very much
  7. Well, there words really don't make any sense. Whatever you say, people don't inv charmer for reason, they are not stupid, I also won't inv charmer. IT IS TRUTH FOR SURE, no need to argue. "charmer need to be buff", this viewpoint not from me, I saw it from one of Moderators, Now I just toally agree with it., charmer got to be buff in PVE, you can't just say charmer is OK, you must let people know it's OK, if not, that mean something is wrong, and need to be fixed. As what I said, give charmer a real SUPPORT SKILL.
  8. I have some friends for pt, but THE POINT IS YOU CAN NOT ALWAYS LET YOUR FRIENDS TO HELP YOU! Yeah? you can't always "need help". And whatever you say, Charmer is really hard to get invitation for dg, it is truth. And people was right, I also won't inv Charmer even I know it can make a lot of dmg, because that need pro player, (also it's not too much dmg). Warrior healing and bird is not support skills, because there got to be healers in pt, why need your useless support? just incase healer dead?? no, we only got 5 slot for party, we can't left a slot for the things may not happen. And darkness? just like what I said, people don't care about it, and they are right, it's really useless, because it depends how much def of tank, and if tank is good, it's really no need darkness, if tank is not good, you also can't help him with darkness.
  9. Please give people a reason to inv charmer in dg. As we know, charmer is considered a "support" class, but there's no "support" skill for party, weekness is not a good support skill, and people don't care about it. (yeah, they are noobs, but what can I do?) So, please give charmer a support skill like "increase damage for all members of party", let's say increase 10% dmg for party. in this way, people can get a reason to inv a charmer. Please, do something for charmer, we can't survive anymore, because you keep active EVENT all the time, and we charmer really hard to get a invitation for DG. we got nothing to do but staring "drop things" on the screen with jealous. Please let charmer be a good support role for party. Please give charmer a skill like increase dmg for party. Please let charmers get a chance to fighting.
  10. Playing Charmer got to be use computer. It's disaster to play charmer with mobile phone. BUT THIS IS A MOBILE GAME, YEAH?
  11. don't play this damn class, unless u want to get ur wrist broken. Charmer make main damage by expert skill "knowledge", this damn expert skill need u keep casting ur skills all the time, that mean u got to keep casting all skills u got to active knowledge, I mean it, ALL SKILLS U GOT, u can't stop casting because the expert skill knowledge need it, just imagine that, every skill u got is useful need to be casted, no doubt. And many skills need to press twice bcz u need to select target(include urself), after that u need to select enemy again bcz active auto physical attack, for example if u heal urself or call bird or dog or cast AOE fire skill or darkness, after that u need to select enemy again, otherwise u will lose target just standing there. Charmer got very complex operation. the result is ur wrist will get hurt, and u will feel damn tired. I am so regret to play Charmer, but I can't stop because I already maxed my extra bag and market slot, and all money gone for Charmer! damn it, my fingers and wrist just hurt PS: better way is play it with computer, but it's a mobile game, yeah?
  12. I know Charmer can do a lot dmg, but Charmer can't do rush things, knowledge need time(5 buff) snow dg is very big, need quickly kill key mobs, otherwise u can't finish it with 1 stam I tried it just now with two high dmg rogue, we can't. do it with 1 stam also the final boss stun u all the time, u have. to run all the time, so it's bad for Charmer, bcz can't. do instant big dmg
  13. maybe magic type can do something with AOE fire skills
  14. snow EVENT dg need high dmg and rush, just need quickly do alot dmg to kill key mobs, bcz damn dg is too big, very hard to finish with 1 stam. Charmer can't do it So sad
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