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  1. And add offline regen oxygen i think its hard enough without oxygen so dont make it that i need afk like 45min or spendig golds that i want save for expert skills
  2. I found bug about buff Why if say "reduce" it increases consuption? From 60s to 52s
  3. Guys add mechanic that can regenerate oxygen offline cuz 1h 15min i dont want to afk to full tank....
  4. What happened to some 80k bosses , 200k bosses and baits?
  5. I want to ask what will happen to my mage xD because there will be sea
  6. When the test server open again? Tomorow? (Today 7.30)
  7. We waiting lvl 30 gm say: "its too obvious then make lvl 32" xD
  8. This mean after this week, next week is new ayvo sector?
  9. Interesting i though there will be only 1town but it seems to be 2 :3 and new skills that idk how works or upgrade it .... I call this uptade " mysterious sea" 😆
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