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  1. you forgot the divers they give a lot of golds too but hard to kill sometimes
  2. Warspear Guide Introduction: this guide will be about starting of warspear althought its easy to start but even i who have 11 years of experience in warspear had difficult start didnt knew how menu works and at one point i had to change map because i didnt know i needed to equip special weapon to proceed in quest Beginning Start When you first time start the game you notice that there are many classes to chose from. You asking what class is the best? Answer to this is that every class is the best one. To start with you can choose any class that looks familiar from other games or class that you like. Important to this is that you choose class that you personally enjoy! Even if you pick class you don't like, no problem, there are 9 more slots to create another character with different class and even if you fill all 10 slots there is "Delete" button to empty the space. Character customization Next step is to choose how your character will looks like and don't worry even if you can't find your colour or hairstyle, that's just a starting options! there are items that can change hairstyles and colours of your character's hair but that is not important at the start. Realms Another settings you encounter is choosing your nickname and realm that you will play on There are currently 7 realms : -Us-Saphire -Eu-Emerald -Sea-Pearl -Ru-Topaz -Ru-Ruby -Ru-Amber -Br-Tourmaline best option to choose server is your location because there are special events that happen on specific time and if you choose wrong server you would sleep trough event and miss the rewards First steps - basics when you already created your character you will find yourself in your very first town and quests this game experience gain system is trough quests filled with amazing lore that you may or may not read(deppends on your playstyle) There are 2 types of quest Story quest - you can call them "Yellow quests" Side quests -"Blue quests"or "Daily quests" to start with you will have only access to Yellow quests and as you progress you will unlock Daily quests As you can see there are different informations on your screen: 1st, in top left corner you can find your character nickname, your current health points - red bar (later HP), Energy - blue bar (later Mana) and character level there will also be yellow bar that will indicate your experience (%) to your next level and also on top right corner you can find your ally/enemy information that you are currently looking at 2nd a little down of top right corner you can find minimap of location you currently in 3rd, bottom of your screen you can find Hotbar with basic skills as well as Menu and Quick Menu Quick Menu are commonly used options from Menu In the Menu you can find 9 options: Character, Map, Quests, Events, Interact, Society, Miracle shop, Arena, Settings these are categories. you can find more detail things you want to find when you open them Character Equipment - Here you can see what you wearing and change it as well as your HP and Mana, Damage and Defence. you can also change your Nickname/Hairstyles/Hair colour in the menu Bag - i don't think i need to explain this i think everyone knows what bag is but just in case i will explain. As you can see your bag is small (15 slots) but don't worry you can increase it by item. you can find it trough your playing in quests as reward or as a gift from Aigrind or you can purchase it either from Dealer or from Miracle shop Skills - here you can see your active ans passive skills as well as event skills that are available only during special events and expert skills that you need first reach lvl18 and spent 11skill points to unlock them and then you can buy and assign your class expert skills. you get skill point every 2levels (etc:4,6,8) and every round lvl (10,20,30) you get and additional skill point so 2 in total also be careful of where you put your point because later to reset it you will need either spend your golds or use miracle coins All Attributes - as the name suggests here you can find all of your characters attributes in details like experience points in number, reputation, buff durations , character stats Achievements - here you can find various goals of your road in Aigrind Currency - here you will find your money there are 7 types of currency in game -Golds - common currency used everywhere except few shops -Arena Points - currency gained by fighting in arena -Crimson Corundum - usually this is reward feom guild tournaments , but you can also find them in quests -Miracle Coins - this currency is only useable in Miracle shop and it can be only obtained by spending real money -Imperials of Greatness - this is arena currency obtained from winning arena tournaments or by daily fighting in arena -Pirate Doubloons - this is special currency used in underwater territory and can be obtained from quests and events -Good Luck Tokens - this currency is only available during certain events and can be obtained by doing Rides Crafting - as the name says here you will craft various equipment like armour, weapons and accessories to start crafting you need to be lvl10 and you need crafting license. Basic one can be bought from NPC in shops for 80golds each Talents - here you can find useful attributes that can be unlocked and upgraded. currently there are 2 types of resources you need to upgrade your talents -Knowledge: you get them from Quests and Dungeons (900from quests and 900from dungeons per day) as well as from different events or as tournament reward -Merman of the Depths: this is the only reputation that you can spend and talents you unlock will be only active in underwater territory Mailbox - here you can get information and rewards from events and usually if your item you put to Dealer were sold or not. Map there are many Islands in Aigrind and now you are currently on the first one depending on your race you will find yourself on either on island: Melvendil- Isle of the Firstborn Langasard- Isle of the Chosen Moraktar- Isle of the Forsaken Godgorrath- Isle of the Mountain clans to progress to the next Island you need to complete all Story quests on the current Island you on. next Island you will go is Irselnort- the Ash Coast from there you can go do quest in Norlant Swamps but you will need lvl 14 to have access to quests also in Irselnort you can find portal that will lead to another map Astral Labyrint Ayvondil is the last map (for now) where you will spend most of your time there are also other maps but only available during special events Blissful Isle Horror Circus Snowy bound Quests here you can find your current quests you have (image) in the menu there is option to show only the specific quest on the map or cancel it Events there are many events but are only available when you are in guild and on Ayvondil. But during special events there are more events available and 1 event for everyone even if you are currently not in guild //-special events - i call them special because they are happening only once in a year there are many special events but 4 of them are popular Spring event Warspear's Birthday Horror event Snow event// Interact as the name suggests you need to click on other players here you find options like adding target player to your friends list or ignore list, invite them to party, private message them, exchange with them, inspect their equipment or achievements and last option if you are in guild and your rank is high enough you can invite them to guild or manage ranks of that player Society this is the multiplayer section of the game here you will find Party - your current party members will be shown there Friends - everyone you added here will be shown and game will announce when they log into the game or not (later explained in settings) and you can Interact with them even if they are not in same location Location - here you find list of all ally/enemy alliance players in your current location Ratings - other players achievements or guild trophies will be shown there as well as weekly rattings with informations and during special events also rewards My guild - here you can create your own guild or see guild you currently are in Guild tournament - here is competition of guilds in gathering guild points from quests and dungeons Arena season - this is PvP section where players are fighting for rewards in arena Chat - i think everyone knows what is chat ^_^ but there is menu where you can choose in what channel you want to write like world, guild, private ,etc... Ignore - here you find all people you added to this list. People in this list can't Interact with you Miracle Shop this is shop where you buy and spend real money currency to get items there are also Daily gifts you can collect and sometimes you can find something in gifts Arena this is section where you can see your arena tickets (you get 1 ticket every 1 hour) or apply to arena you will need at least lvl 4 to be able to participate in the battles usually it's not worth at beginning because there are many strong people already Settings here are setting you can change about the game you don't like or you don't want them there are other settings in category settings but firstly there are settings about your profile or contact informations, or you can exit game as far as i know currently the "Report Bug" option is not working anyway under settings section you can see -Game section - where you can change language edit volume of sound and music and other handy stuff -Information section - here you can enable or disable what you want to see -Chat section - where you enable visibility of chat on your screen as well as profanity filter or fast message delivery -Help section - where you can enable or disable basic stuff ( in short this guide ) -Character section - where you can change of you want others player to be able to invite you or exchanges with you -Pop-Up messages section - here as mentioned in Society - Friends you can change if you want to receive pop-up message when your friend log-in as well as crafting messages -Screen section - here you can change how the game looks like I don't have any tips for this other than try experimenting with them
  3. I'm from Slovakia and friend is from Finland
  4. I have a issue with buying miracle coins trough website xsolla and its not only me i asked friends and they had same problem i tried other methods on diferent devices but got same result
  5. Mobs that are supposed to spawn aren't there and we waiting almost 40min for mobs. Some ppl claim they got it but i don't know how
  6. i tried atleast and thought completly is like "ctrl+c,ctrl+v"
  7. "No mind to think." "No will to break." "No voice to cry suffering." "Born of God and Void." "You shall seal the blinding light that plagues their dreams." "You are the Vessel." "You are the Hollow Knight." inspiration: Hollow Knight (game)
  8. there is map of quest/mobs where u can find and plan your route trough sea sector (map almost completed and later i will remake the Legend)
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