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  1. there is map of quest/mobs where u can find and plan your route trough sea sector (map almost completed and later i will remake the Legend)
  2. why? even if you lvl up from 28 to 29 u will get drop to lvl 30, and usually lvl 30 can go solo 32 dg
  3. And add offline regen oxygen i think its hard enough without oxygen so dont make it that i need afk like 45min or spendig golds that i want save for expert skills
  4. I found bug about buff Why if say "reduce" it increases consuption? From 60s to 52s
  5. Guys add mechanic that can regenerate oxygen offline cuz 1h 15min i dont want to afk to full tank....
  6. What happened to some 80k bosses , 200k bosses and baits?
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