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  1. DK needs to fight on the front lines, and mages are a popular profession, so in practical situations, I believe Druids play a greater role than DK
  2. The buff of dk can be dispelled
  3. Support, lock requires new skill changes, its skills are too outdated for the current profession.
  4. fiss

    Bug charmer?

    Durid without book stun 10sec with Tornado?How about if with book this game broken never be fair when war just use 1 skill can stun many enemy to 10sec please balance it.
  5. A very terrifying skill that has little effect on resistance. Only one is needed, and characters without immune control skills are basically unable to move
  6. 5 yards, 7x7 crowd control, as well as dizziness and deceleration. Are you crazy
  7. Warlock's DMG reduction has side effects, such as the energy barrier requiring mana support, so maintaining it throughout a game requires potions or the first branch. The 12.5% damage reduction provided by Drainage Life takes at least 10 seconds to be obtained, and this buff will be avoided. If there is no magic book gain, this buff can only be maintained up to 3 or 4 levels, and the duration is very short, and the magic book will also be resisted
  8. You're messing around. The warden is wearing heavy armor, and the Warlock is wearing cloth armor. Warlock will suffer a lot more damage, and these two cannot be compared. You are stealing concepts!
  9. Who can tell me the purpose of the third branch
  10. Warlock should have the ability to increase defense. Now, under the bonus of the branch and the spring buff, the damage of the ranger has become extremely terrifying. Warlock does not control opponents like Druids do when damaged, nor does it have the control of Druid Whirlwind. Druid Whirlwind still has a slowing debuff when resisted. Warlock has a control range of only 5 yards, and even dies before touching the ranger If Warlock has Mage's increased defense, shield, and resistance. I completely agree with doing so.
  11. Warlocks do not have any skills that increase physical and magical defense, so they take more damage than other professions. Reducing damage by 20% requires energy, and this proportion is not as high as other professions. This is the worst injury reduction
  12. Warlock itself is not a big problem, it is just a continuous version weakening and extreme control of Warlock, without the ability of team assistance and increased defense. Nowadays, characters have extremely high magic defense and many resistance attributes. Therefore, sorcerers are becoming weaker and weaker. This is my personal opinion
  13. Warlock's performance in the arena has made every player of Warlock very irritable, and I have been enduring it all along
  14. My suggestion is to personally experience Warlock in the arena. At this point, you will understand how difficult Warlock is
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