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  1. What about templar? I think templar should get more stat conversion to their minions(particle of life). I have tested and penetration, stun, attack speed and many more stats dont apply to the minion. Besides the poor conversion of stats, the minion should get more health points as well. I believe its 3.8k health points...which is too low. Considering the cooldown of particle of life is also absurdly high, i think something of particle of life needs to be adjusted. For the healthpoints, I would suggest it scales with the health points of the templar itself.
  2. Would you care to explain the talent, instead of only writing a negative comment? The explanation is not very clear to understand. They should rewrite it imo.
  3. Dear gm, When the 3 branches released, I have tested all branches of warden. The second branch, which is seen as an offensive branch, is very weak compared to the other branches. Especially the 75k talent is very underwhelming and does not make sense at all to me. I have tested it on various monsters but only seem to reduce their damage by maybe 3 dmg each stack. Might as well go for the other branches, which gives either aoe reduced dmg% (3rd branch) or extra resist+reduced dmg (1st branch). Please reconsider changing the talent into a more buffing dmg way, instead of this very very underwhelming 1 target reduced debuff. Thank you in advance
  4. I have a full greatness warden with 15+ books and I still get hit like 6 or 7k? I even got damage reduction as wd. That reaper has maybe 1 or 2 books and unfinished greatness.
  5. Dear support, Today I tried to greater charm my helmet, power incarnation(lvl32), with resist. The current greater charm was 4%. It should give me 4.2% after recharming it but it still gave me 4%. Wasted all those resist runes for nothing, I think something is bugged.
  6. Are there coming out new arena accessoires as well of lvl32?
  7. Dear support, After receiving the token buff from the tournament, i seemed to do earn less token each ride than I did without the buff of the tournament. Yesterday, before i received the tournament token buff, i did around 110 tokens each ride. This is including the battlepass token buff. Now if i do a ride, i only earn up to 80 to 90 tokens.(Also used movement buff) I feel like something might be wrong with the coding of the token calculations. Please take a closer look at this. We are talking about the ride "Sweet tooth attraction". Thanks in advance, Boris Nvrm, I realised you had 50% token buff during last weekend. My bad🦍
  8. as advice id give u is to hit the staff mob, since it is not a horde but all have individual agro. only thing i could advice u is to throw something at him but i dont think seeker has any ranged attacks tho... Maybe disappearance, net could work out for you to drag him out of the group @Speedom
  9. The quest not found is easy mode of the new town 5 dungeon, once you have completed that, you get another quest not found quest that is normal mode and so on.
  10. Hello, After some time spending in this wonderful t5, I came across a couple of issues that really grinded my gears. I do understand that t5 is still basically in beta, but I do want to point out some points here that should be given some attention: - The bubble mechanic that fears you, should be removed honestly, it makes really unfun to play the game. You get feared into another fearing mob and then you get to the point you cannot even do anything about it till you die. My character has 9k health but I just get feared to death, basically. - Movement speed of the mobs, should be decreased a bit. they are running towards you like they have not eaten for years. It is really hard to get rid of them if you are this slow and they are this fast. - Mob hordes On top of the movement speed, they are also in hordes that attack you. Questing by yourself or even with someone else is very difficult. - Too many mobs at certain areas, makes it very undoable to even cross that area. Especially in combination with the points listed above here. - Too much damage on mobs, some mobs deal over 1k dmg. I believe one of them is the red shark that deals over 1k dmg whilst you are stunned. Not sure if that is a bug or intended. Overall but ridiculous in my opinion. - Oxygen goes down way too fast, it should take a bit a longer to go down. The conclusion of all the points is that is very probably undoable for low amped players or even 6/7 to be able to even survive in town 5. My paladin is currently +8/9 with 9k health but dies there like its nothing due to all these points I have listed above here. I hope you will take my points into consideration, thank you for your time
  11. I also did notice half of my stacked quests were gone, sadly
  12. No oxygen levels are shown in the underwater world, which causes my char to drown without me knowing what even happened before i found out. I think it does not show for only iOS devices since other players tell me they do see the oxygen levels.
  13. Are town 5 quests available even if you have not completed town 4 storyline?
  14. I have to disagree with that, there are numerous items that will never be obtained by the poor players. If you have the money, you are allowed to get more and better gear. It would not make sense at all to punish craft users who are supposed to be richer to not benefit from a skill everyone gets to use. I am sorry but that reasoning is something i cannot agree with at all. Let me word it like this: If you pay for something, you expect to get what you pay for. To me this comes over as a scam if you word it like that. You pay more for your gear so you should get more benefits from it too. PS. Craft gear is nearly as much as some lvl26 cc gear that drops.
  15. Ok after a double check i noticed that it doesnt apply on % pots either. it does apply on the scroll and relic i have on heavenly light that increases my hp by 15%. Don't you think that prayer should apply on the % gear? It would be a bit unfair to handicap craft users in such a way.
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