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  1. I am sorry but you make no sense at all. I do not see how that would solve my issue here @Leeon Muller. @JackbI sure agree with you on that one, there have been costumes looking quite close to the ones of other companies but this design is just absurd. Even the eye colours match...that is even the lowest effort of copyrighting.
  2. Please do not post something irrelevant in my topic please, sir GalaxyRekt 🙂
  3. Hello Aigrind, Where do i start...oh yea! So, I came across this new costume you wanted to release next patch, which looks really odd to me. Let us take a closer look at: As you can see here above, there are 2 pictures. The first picture is from the game League of Legends and the second one of course from our beloved and adored game, warspear online. So, as we are looking at both of them, you can surely see they are almost identical. The only difference is the missing skull on the warspear version. League of Legends as I know, is not very happy by other content creators, stealing their designs. Honestly I would be ashamed as art designer of Warspear to even try to publish such a thing, but I suppose that is just me. I hope I have informed you enough about my topic :) Yours sincerely, Boris
  4. Correctly said higgins, i can see myself in this well explained comment of yours. I did not want to personally attack u earlier, things just got a little heated. Just a little disappointed by how things went but everything seemed to be fixed alright. Have a wonderful day higgins, take care.
  5. I was not doing anything within bannable terms nor i was being disrespectful or unfriendly. I just do not like people critizicing others whilst they do not do the same either. Also, i do not understand this aftershock kind of message. We clearly stopped messaging eachother, i do see no value in this comment.
  6. You clearly do not seem to catch the clue, that is fine. Have a nice day!
  7. i think you should read more carefully what slr is trying to tell you. He clearly said that he will have to remake a new party for the activity he was doing before the sudden restart. Please refrain yourself from correcting someone if you are not doing it yourself either. P.S. :) is not very polite to use
  8. I saw you raging already in world chat slr, it was hilarious...sorry
  9. Really interesting how it randomly announces 8 minutes for a restart. With all respect but this is quite unacceptable to announce something so sudden. I was doing dungeon and active my guild potion just now. Really unsettling
  10. You are using 4 dots in your sentences, which is not correct. Stick to 3 dots. That is my suggestion, you can do whatever you want with it.
  11. Do not use more than 3 dots, everytime u plan to use ... that. It is incorrect. Besides that, looks great bud!
  12. No need to increase time of the dungeon, easily 1 stam the dungeon with 2 min left
  13. I was just suggesting for minimal changes but yea, a search bar would actually be great.
  14. I would suggest for part 2: make the exchange option as big as your bag, basically. just put rows under each other of your items. instead of 1 row, there will be 3 rows.
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