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Incorrect DPS calculations

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Hello developers of Aigrind,


While making a rogue with the focus on attack speed, I started to notice that the calculations of the DPS is way off than it should actually be.

As you can see in my attached file, you see my dmg is 834. This is maxed out +10 with the highest base attack speed possible.


Lets do some quick maths:

Daggers hit 1.7 per sec

1,7-49,7% =0,8551 sec per hit

This means i should have more dps than my actualy physical dmg.

In the attachment you can see that the dps= 731,1

This calculation does not make sense at all.

Lets calculate it correctly:

1,1449 x 834 = 954,8466 Damage Per Second


This should be the correct calculation of the DPS. 

Quick maffs ~Big Shaq


Yours sincerely,

Macedaddy, Madlain, Zerrdaddy US-Sapphire :)

Schermafbeelding 2017-11-23 om 13.33.11.png

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Since skill cooldown decreases less than it should (lets say cd is 50% and cooldown time is normally 10 sec then it doesnt decrease 10 sec by 50% but decreases it kinda confusingly) maybe its same with attack speed

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Daggers hit every 1.7 seconds if used in only one hand. The weapon speed of dual-wielded daggers seems to be around 2.26 - 2.27 seconds (probably some percentage of the daggers' speed, not specified in game).


So applying this formula to your stats:

damage / (weapon speed - attack speed)

we get 

834 / (2.26 - 49.6%) = ~732.19 DPS (not exact due to the unknown weapon speed)

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