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    mailliwdxb got a reaction from Omercix in [2016.07.27] Warspear Online 6.0 «Engineer’s Madness» update. Release   
    X2 mages.. Nuke party, don't you see?
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    mailliwdxb got a reaction from Higgings in [2016.07.27] Warspear Online 6.0 «Engineer’s Madness» update. Release   
    X2 mages.. Nuke party, don't you see?
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    mailliwdxb got a reaction from Higgings in POINTLESS OF MAKING TOO HARD DG   
    Probably impossible to do if max chars can't do it even once
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    mailliwdxb got a reaction from Omercix in [2016.07.27] Warspear Online 6.0 «Engineer’s Madness» update. Release   
    If you relog fast enough and if skill is still active it'll show you the increased %
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    mailliwdxb got a reaction from Turtle in Gear to use if I can't afford an PVP set and a PVE set?   
    A complete pve set will work in pvp as well as pve.
    Try stat builds revolving around dodge, parry and block.
    In your case parry or dodge via dd/cc/forest gear
    You're good to go.
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    mailliwdxb got a reaction from fkmcsdruid in Dks = Strong?   
    You know what.... Dks and barbs both deserve a buff that wipes the playing field :3... All in favour say 'i' xd
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    mailliwdxb got a reaction from Higgings in Bladedancer : The Mighty Unbalanced Hero   
    Yes i have seen low amp bds, average bd dmg is.. To say 500-600 for a level 26 and counter procs 4-5 times a fight AVERAGE...
    All it takes to interrupt a chain is ham... Abuse location bugs and evade the circle and ham... Dks have a gap in between chain... A single ham-> counter or just counter plainly speaking is enough to kill ANY opponent of the same amp or above.
    That being said let's go through your pvp and pve aspects.
    A nuke class that can deal 1k-2k per cycle due to the multiple damage skills and also have enough stats to basically evade all hits (dodge parry builds) AND a heavy gear passive...
    Pve.. Strongest tank... Check
    Pve.... Strongest dmg... Check
    Pve.... Highest life steal heal (counter proc)... Check *until ayvondil t3*
    Pvp.... Strongest class with stuns, passive nuke and massive damage output along with survivability to take 2+ people at the same time.
    A class that almost has everything still requires reasons to get nerfed?
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    mailliwdxb got a reaction from Aglaophotis in Bladedancer : The Mighty Unbalanced Hero   
    Are people actually supporting bds?
    A damage output of a rogue (dual), survivability (heavy gear) of a tank and stuns of a dk (ham, rush) MASSIVE aoe (counter).
    This bullshit about this game not being about pvp is being misinterpreted to such an extent that it's sad, the game is called 'war'spear aka... It has to relate to player vs player combat as it's primary objective.
    That being said lets go through all your points one by one.
    Bladedancer has always.. Been a class that has had an.. Advantage...
    Ham, Sap... A damage class having the longest damage stun in game with the ability to reduce heal and whatnot.
    Next, bds aren't the only lifeline in elves, anyone with a brain would know how palas with their aoes, druids with their burst heals + passive heals and aoe stun, ranger with their massive single target damage output, priests with their aoe debuff removal, mage with.. Well... Aoe galore ALL make elves a very versatile and balanced class in terms of pve and war based combat.
    Finnaly, you comment about its skills ferocity stacks... On bd.. Due to the dmg output from dual wield+fero multiplier.
    Blades is litteraly a damage increase, i do not see how it is not useful in pve.
    The thing is, i understand that bds aren't the only classes that need a nerf.
    Rogues, shamans, druids also partially need nerfing themselves
    But... From the skill set and all round abilities that make bd not just a tank.. But a multi stat character...
    It's an obvious assumption that they are horribly broken in every aspect and need a nerf.. A mandatory one...
    And a one that should, and will occur.
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    mailliwdxb got a reaction from cybernem in Returning player wants to ask about current state of the game:)   
    DON'T get me started
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    mailliwdxb got a reaction from Koff in VOTE: best lvl 20 rogue/bd   
    Dieinpeace and mortarion.. Both seem to know what they're doing.... Soooo
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    mailliwdxb got a reaction from Akasha in [2016.04.21] In development: Temple of Seals   
    Yes, moments that have both pve and pvp will be ruined and dps classes like rogues and bds could exceed casters hps in dmg considering these are massive % buff.
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    mailliwdxb got a reaction from cybernem in Why is everything in warspear so damn high?   
    When money becomes common it's worth reduces.
    Since its actually very easy to earn money in game and the sheer population, smart on the devs part to keep the prices of items increasing.
    Besides there are also brackets where weapons become common to help you level up and farm
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    mailliwdxb got a reaction from baskentliii in Im an idiot.   
    Lolz i rate this topic 10/10 *continues eating popcorn*
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    mailliwdxb got a reaction from lallouss in Skill fixes, spring, stuff   
    Not about nerfs
    Reserve, pala shield, last wish, saturation, ranger stack etc all need certain tweaks
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    mailliwdxb got a reaction from Kaleidoscope in Skill fixes, spring, stuff   
    Not about nerfs
    Reserve, pala shield, last wish, saturation, ranger stack etc all need certain tweaks
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    mailliwdxb got a reaction from graybeardx in SCREENSHOTS FROM THE GAME   
    You take ss' take em against people who actually camp in the bracket, you'd seem a little less of a prick no offence intended.
    And Julia
    Hmm.... I see bd, druid and another bd whilst the rest two were afk or not willing to fight.
    Druid binded necro whilst you were focusing on lock.
    All dmg was focused on you hence the massive damage output from 'cunt'er.
    You took out the lock in a matter of few hits and got necro.. Rest of the group was easy.
    I see only Phils put up a fight.. And i suppose the rogue was weak as well.
    The other bd focused on Phils kept him preoccupied.
    Goes to show you how bd is a broke class and anyone who plays a bd usually ends up playing the tap to win game.
    Funny.. People still support the broken class's dmg output alone with survivability
    If you care to ss an arena do it with a legitimate 'i actually worked for the win' class.
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    mailliwdxb got a reaction from Lukazzz in "Ambassador" (US-Sapphire)   
    ¬.¬ UsSapphire dude.. Its me mail
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    mailliwdxb reacted to Vera_Z in How Do You Earn Your Gold?   
    Greetings, brave one..
    How do you fancy this Tavern?

    Aye, the stench is alarming, but what can we do? We are full of hot-headed adventurers and thugs where their smell all mixed up. But you'll get used to it.. Moraktar, where I came, is far worse.
    Come sit, lad. Join me here at my table. I just have one question to ask.
    See this crown? Hm, hm.. Faceless', made of gold.

    I just want to know..
    How do you earn your gold?

    Are you..

    "Mucha Butcha"
       (The Farmer)

    If you are one of the brave warriors who spend most of the time out there hacking some monster's head and collect it's valuables.. you're probably "The Farmer". You either sell the collection through a trader or second-hand dealer. Not for bored grown-ups but, a very decent way to earn gold. I salute these kind of warriors.

    "Not Paid, No Aid"
    (The Bounty Hunter)

    Ha ha, these guys.. do they still even exist? Not in my Realm at least. Though I heard in Sapphire Realm, they have a large group of this bad boys. They call themselves "The Mercs", but tell you what.. They're Sentinels, I find it odd *chuckles*.

    Oh well, these kinds are the one who stares at you while they drink their poison. See that guy? Aye, the one besides the youth. He's probably "The Bounty Hunter". Need to kill a Boss? he'll be there.. ambush an opponent? right behind you. But he won't do a thing unless you give him a pouch full of glimmering gold coins. I can't say it's not right but.. we're at war anyway.

    "Supply and Demand"
          (The Re-seller)

    Wonder why prices at the market change? I mean.. one day it's affordable, the next day the price got doubled, or the other way around. That's the work of "The Re-seller". Some buy cheap stuff to sell it on a higher price, some have the quantity so they sell it for lower price because why the hell not? "It's just good business" as what they say.
    "One VS One Hundred"
       (The Task Manager)

    You got patience and up for some adventure? You're probably "The Task Manager". Not the one you know, but these kinds aim for the promise of the errands' rewards. That's right, They scour different places looking for quests and collect rewards if done. A bit slow to earn gold in my opinion, but worth the adventure.
    (The Gladiator)

    Ah, the arena freaks. Not really sure if somebody do this, but it still produce gold. You see, they fight in the arena, buy potions with their winnings and sell them for gold.. to buy arena tickets. Hm, hm.. *scratches chin* it doesn't make any sense. But hey, "The Gladiator" must have loved the arena so much. Let's leave it at that.
    "Maze Runner"
      (The Seeker)

    Thanks to these guys, you don't have to explore ruins for your gears. But that's if you have gold. What if you don't? Then maybe you can become one of them. "The Seeker" makes camp near the dungeon. You can't blame them, most of the time you need companions to explore so.. they're there, waiting for somebody whose aim is also the treasures of the ruins.
    "Miracle Man"
      (The Coiner)

    The Nobles of the Realm. They have this chest, full of coins ten times worth of gold. "The Coiner" use these "shards of the spear" coins to buy something that cannot be bought with gold. But thanks to them, they made it possible to be bought with what non-noble's currency has. It's just a shame that these "heavy pockets" abuse their wealth to gain more privilege. Well, that can't be helped I guess?
    (The Crafts Master)

    Not many of us are talented as the ones who makes great stuff with fine quality. "The Crafts Master" have the ability to craft specific item of your request in exchange for gold. Sometimes it depends on the deal, it's either you'll provide the materials for them, or you'll buy the finished item itself. Believe me lad, if you have this kind of talent, use it. Loads of gold will come to you.. even beard.
    (The Scammer)

    I don't know why I bother including this one, they probably won't confess anyway. Well, here it is.. the scumbags and insects of the realm. "The Scammer" makes their riches literally out of nothing. They'll fool somebody being trustworthy or they are just devious and tricks anyone. Nothing much to say with this bastards, you know how they work, Bah! 

    "Gold Fleas"
     (The Beggar)

    Ever had that experience where someone will poke you and then say something like "Gold Please" like you owe them something? "The Beggar" aye.. They even curse you if you fail to hand something over, like "What in the Nameless' name?! What am I, your bank?" *sighs* You might be wondering why I include this nonsense but, I think it's still a way to earn gold you know.

    "I'll Be Back"
    (The Farminator)

    Aye, I salute those brave ones who spend their time collecting scraps for gold. But sometimes I found odd individuals who work aimlessly and slaughter monsters without remorse. The weird part is, you greet them joyfully and they will just stare in your eyes for a moment then resume the massacre. In some cases, they stare at my lower part instead of my eyes, like they can see through inside scanning it.. awkward indeed. Well, "The Farminator" might be similar to "The Farmer", it's just that their soul is not there and they're awkwardly weird. I hope their soul will get back soon, without the memory of the scanning part, of course.

    (The Deceiver)
     (Make-up by Sofilock)

    Want to know what is worse than "The Beggar"? Well, we have "The Deceiver".  Most of the brave warriors of Arinar are male. And what are male's weakness? That's right, Steam sales... Eh? No? What then? A female? Hmm, maybe you're right. But speaking of which, there are some brute-looking thugs who might be a "flower in the night", if you know what I mean. Aye, they sweet-talk you without knowing who they really are nor what their intentions is, in exchange for a gift or a weighing pouch of gold. But, these muscular-maidens' poison words won't work on, yours truly, The Vera. Why? Heh, my heart is already captured by a lady who laid a forgotten trap, never to be checked again.
    Uhh.. I shouldn't have said that..

    There you go lad..
    I know I won't have an accurate results but, who cares?

    Thank you for stopping by my table..
    Here's your booze. [Velvet Beer]

    You can sell it for gold. *laughs*


    NOTE: No monsters are harmed while making this topic.
    I soaked myself with health potions that I bought. *grins*
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    mailliwdxb got a reaction from Kaleidoscope in Black Market   
    Runescape eh? :3 
    He means, if you want to buy an item just place the offer in the market along with the gold. If someone has the item he accepts the offer in the market if he thinks it's a good deal, even if the player isn't online.
    For e.g i want to buy a weapon
    I place an order in the market for a weapon and deposit the gold
    Another player who has the weapon i want sees my offer in the market, he likes it.
    He accepts the offer and the next time i log i get the weapon in my mail.
    The auto loot suggestion is also great but it ruins the surprise from bosses/dg devs can maybe add an option tho.
    Overall i like both suggestions
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    mailliwdxb got a reaction from HeBi in TspFighters just doing our thing :p   
    Today was the first time the dungeon at nadir under the difficulty easy was done by a couple of tsp members and i repeat...for the first time by a pure level 14 party
    Our first go fumbled (but we did make it) a bit since it was the first time for several of our party members which included me(reflect),yushiko,communism,jassmin,idrinkpee*bleh*
    Our second go was much better with a 2 stam with only 2 cassualities and the party members were me,communism,jassmin,iloveblunts,bucks
    Even though we got complete bull crap in the end and was mostly just a waste of durability it was a fun experience overall
    Jassmin's pov

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    mailliwdxb got a reaction from SNP in Fix Blade Dancer   
    Normal attack, not base dmg
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    mailliwdxb got a reaction from fkum777 in arena lv 14   
    Sabo (yushiko) has old enchants and extremely hard gear to get, his dodge rate is quite high hence him not needing new gear nor dmg. I'd suggest the classic build of 5/5 stealth and merciless strike.
    Gear wise, you can try for max dodge or just a pure resi build with crit or parry.
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    mailliwdxb got a reaction from Lukazzz in SCREENSHOTS FROM THE GAME   
    All noobs
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    mailliwdxb got a reaction from Lukazzz in Be a MERC!   
    Wanna be a merc?
    Have no life
    Spend alot of earnt moola on seeker
    Get yourself on everyone's kos
    Just lose to me whilst i use no armour/proper weap
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