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  1. Maybe, but we were spaming dg 18 with op team and got dc just after i took reward from chest
  2. after meintanence done helloween occur or thats just server fixin and than need one more update to make helloween active? sorry for misunderstanding
  3. Hello everyone, maybe someone can help me do all chainless quest starting from granite guard? im with lvl 15 priest named Orpheum
  4. i want to buy mcoins with paypal but there is no 50% bonus for it... so why? isnt it say 50% more mcois?
  5. oh i thought gift codes for all players because of winter event starting sorry than
  6. TheOne, on 24 Dec 2014 - 1:50 PM, said: gift codes? where we can back gifts from thems? and where i can see my gift code??
  7. just i think it will take abouth 4 or more hours not only 3...
  8. Lol i've already downloaded new instal few times but its still v4.1 and server under meintance. sorry for bad englsih
  9. Thank You. It was very helpful! :) :good: :drinks:
  10. Yep down again. :facepalm: we wait half day but still dont done .... I guess we get some gifts after all these mt...
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