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TspFighters just doing our thing :p

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Today was the first time the dungeon at nadir under the difficulty easy was done by a couple of tsp members and i repeat...for the first time 8) by a pure level 14 party


Our first go fumbled (but we did make it) a bit since it was the first time for several of our party members which included me(reflect),yushiko,communism,jassmin,idrinkpee*bleh*


Our second go was much better with a 2 stam with only 2 cassualities and the party members were me,communism,jassmin,iloveblunts,bucks


Even though we got complete bull crap in the end and was mostly just a waste of durability it was a fun experience overall :)


Jassmin's pov




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lol i just did that same dungeon with me and 1 other person, and im +0s :crazy:

your guild hasnt been lv14-exclusive for like... a year now?


not a waste to go there, drops are tradable..

What kind of drops? Edited by Nosotraes
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