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  1. I'll say that you can have a lot of fun of this game for free. Leveling is pretty easy, and you will get lvl 30 pretty fast. But at some point, the game becomes very hard to play, especially if you're a lone wolf. Mobs hits like a truck, and withstand a lot of hits. And at some point, you'll be looking for teamates to play the dongeon. And you will get rejected by them, since you do not reach the stats requirements. You will end up farming pelion/t3 quests for 10k/20k a day, until you can afford the gear/signs. And it will take a lof of time.
  2. Early in the event, i felt like it was easier to get an invite. I'll need %dmg to achieve 800+ tho. My ign is Nairce. I'd be happy to get some runs, but you musn't feel forced
  3. Hi I'm a mage with currently 630 magic power, going slightly under 700 with war buff. In both cases, I end up unanswered when I ask for 32 dungeon invitation. (I have no problems joining techno since it aoe clear is more usefull) I would like to know how much Magic power I should target to be able to join those festives dungeon. Good day
  4. It's an online game, everything, from your character position to RNG is decided from the server. Players would have datamined long time ago.
  5. Agree with the bait timer, since many players trigger it unwillingly, unlike 200k/95k.
  6. Aglaophotis

    Nosense skills

    They want mage to be more than the aoe nuker. Now the duelist build is stronger. Of which class is this spell the most representative, if not that the magus himself ? A mage to dispell Magic. In my opinion ennoblement and dragon eye as support skills makes less sense on this class.
  7. The random is a predominant mecanic of the game. I'd like to see, for exemple, the odds of amping (instead of an inacurate "average" that hides something like 5%), the percentages associated with the different loot. We all know this game is using the player frustration by telling them "everyone wins" altough awarding a very fews. Wouldn't it make the game healthier if players were playing mindful of the actual odds ? this aspect of the game is taboo for obvious reasons, but isn't it time to have a real discussion about that ?
  8. Aglaophotis

    Mage op?

    It pains me to say, especially because lvling and stuffing my mage was very hard, but yeah it's a broken class. Outstanding aoe burst/dps, scaling stupidly with vampirism, unstopable, strong support with with his eye, the ethereal barrier compensates his weaker 1v1, allowing him also to solo bosses (the fact shattered stone can stun bosses with 50% chance at lvl 5 is pretty weird) The (now old) ferocity update benefited him a lot, since he already had a lot of damages. The more the game progresses (New lvl cap, stronger gear), the more mages hardscales, when compared to others class. In comparison to their legion alter, warlock are/were strong in the early game. But their stun doesn't scale on Magic damages, and the cc resistance stat doesn't make their future bright.
  9. Kicking the ambient hypocrisy of developers and a part of the community that is full of illusion. With humor ofc. 5 years ago, peoples would denounce aigrind's scandalous pratices of marketing. Those peoples are gone. Everyone knows it. Nobody says it. I say it Critics with regard to aigrind's business aren't welcome
  10. How delusional Warspear will grind you, and not the reverse
  11. Add "nairce" ngame, and sell me the good or i'll curse your solo arena
  12. LGBT everywhere these days
  13. Spamming the dongeon 100 times during the events, or token's rides isn't fun at all.
  14. If you can emulate window 8 at least, you can download the game without using steam.
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