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  1. Server dead?

    The game is dying because of the system limits. Very few character animation, visual bugs, real soundtrack absence, game position desync... Improving it would probably cost a lot of time to the devs, meaning no update for a while. Leading to the next reason : economical goal. The update are always meant to make earnings. New stuff to enchant, clothes sets... The mcshop is getting more and more present. The further you go, the more you need to buy mcs. I've been at the actual end (techno), the game looks like a demo without mcs. A lot of players are leaving for that reason. Also, new mmo games have been released and drain part of ws community. Developpers are aware of the game slowly dying. So they're milking nostalgics and newfags, until they can release the new game they're on.
  2. nerf forest song

    QDruids are quite annoying with their cc combo, but the new stat put them in a difficult spot, since they lack defense.
  3. Imbalanced Characters.

    I never seen such an unjustified complaint. Sometimes it's a good thing that devs doesn't pay a duck to the forum
  4. Locks vs resistance stun

    1v1, 3v3 or even 5v5, getting tri-shot is the same. I don't know how well this statistic works, but honest talking, it does not disadvantage the class with low cc abilities, and vulnerable to kite. But it's cool to break free from a warlock/druid combo ((((((:
  5. necro compare druid

    Haven't you been some kind of hard duelist ? Sleeping your opponent for 5 seconds ?
  6. Out of breath.

    Mages suck in pvp ?
  7. Trading gold

    You may find some peoples who are willing to trade their gold on the opposite way. Be carefull, and transfer the money by small loads with someone who seems trustworthy (avoid scammed accounts, low lvl, and do a checking trade to be sure your partner has the requested amount of money) It might take a lot of time tough
  8. rangers

    Imo rangers needs a bit of love from devs. They got stronger along expert, but not strong as some other class (mages for exemple has been brought back thanks to expert)
  9. The Art of Kiting

  10. The Art of Kiting

    Yeah sure, he just sat there, there was no point from moving because warlock is braindead, so they couldn't kill him anyway :))) Hopefully you play ranger, the second most skilled class after druid because you can't chain stun and have to run :)
  11. About activable bonuses

    The point is to make you buy something too powerfull, so despite the price you still buy it. And it encourages you to play for a longer game session.
  12. Blazing ground

    Honest talking, asking stuns is just ridiculous with mages current tools. (And imo top mage are broken)
  13. Blazing ground

    It's mainly a damage skill. The stun chance is just a little extra.
  14. No Nerf for charmers , really ?

    Oh sorry I tought it was a discussion board, not a thread for whiners and crybaby. So, you're showing me a video where a high amped charmer solo the spiders. Well on the same way, mages and blade dancers can solo the 200k boss, which are stronger. They might be other class able to solo it, but honest talking, I don't care I'm talking of pve parties They can take a lot if damages, but they can't tank because they don't have any aggro skills. They can heal, but trust me, you can't take just a single charmer in dongeon.