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  1. Chinese players on Europe server

    Ever heard of supply and demand ? Less buy, less miracle on market, higher price, more sellers tempted to buy mcs. But from what I understand, aigrind isn't happy that chinesses buy mcs instead of european, because they're cheaper. So they will "fix it" But you have to understand that european resellers also sold their prise for ig gold.
  2. Chinese players on Europe server

    Servers location is mean to reduce latency between server and client. And if the prices are low on eu, it's not only because of chinesses. They aren't enought to fill all the need. As for me, getting signs 6k is great.
  3. The over powered classes

    If you guys don't want to discuss, idk why you come here
  4. The over powered classes

    Like the CC immunity on mages you mean ? :)))) Or you talk about barbarian Last wish. It last 3 seconds. You aren't forced to waste all your dps on him. Whatever you're about, it's stronger on a dps class than a tank, since dps are vulnerable. But for having seen a lot of BD, I don't expect you to understand that. Blade dancers have a magic shield, can return RANGED attacks, dash (andwith some luck, stun on aoe), and benefits A LOT from position bugs to land their hamstring. High damages due to dual weilding, power of blade to boost their dmg, you get a class that can both tank and nuke targets. The only counter is "kite", but it's hard thanks to the bug. And you want tout remove it by granting them immunity ? Lmao
  5. The over powered classes

    GM allows druid tornado, mage aoe burst, paladin to disable skills and movement and reducing dmg on aoe, priest to remove negatives effect on aoe. Can't you simply enjoy what you already have instead of complaining about every legion strenght ?
  6. crossbow too hard go to +10

    You have to wait in the bottom of arena shop in irselnort that quest reset to get more chance :)
  7. The over powered classes

    I'll always drink sentinels tears, because they lose their pvp 5 min ago. And instead of complaining in WC they come on the forum, expecting some staff member to give a "attention" :) I didn't saw you when bd counterattack was op, or at the beggining of harad banner. Or when rangers was the strongest 1v1 class. The game is pretty much balanced atm
  8. We need to have a Name release event

    Yeah just offer a name change for the lvl 1 BD locking names
  9. crossbow too hard go to +10

    I know someone who used over 150 sets of signs before getting it. The higher lvl your weapons is, the more signs you will need. +9 is really good already, maybe you should wait median night weapons. The chances won't be revealed, to not discourage peoples from amping. Just like chests. Just like drops.
  10. [2017.10.09] Welcome the week of bounty!

    It's always the same thing lol, even if you double the drop rate, they will still be too low. Idk why you act so surprised. You wouldn't be happy either if every spammers had received a costume.
  11. 5/5 Combat Stance > 5/5 Fatal Shot ?

    Yep, combat stance seem greater, especially if you get expert skills to buff them with. But don't underestimate mana cost. Because you loose stats when using harmony (like crits and permeation, that are important for dps/burst class)
  12. Rogue's skills reassess

    Rogue aren't meant to deal damages on multiples target at the same time imo. And they're more than pretty decent in PvP with ferocity combined with axes.
  13. The over powered classes

    DK stun combo can ne avoided since their is a small delay after they pull you. But charmers are kinda annoying to fight
  14. Characters recovery and locked names

    Even during August, it costed 4k mcs. It was a special event to celebrate the new 90 days recover system (and $) But I think they also did that to delete useless data remains from their servers.