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  1. Aglaophotis

    Arena loose party

    Spamming the dongeon 100 times during the events, or token's rides isn't fun at all.
  2. Aglaophotis

    A question, looking for answer

    If you can emulate window 8 at least, you can download the game without using steam.
  3. Aglaophotis

    Arena loose party

    I have nothing against peoples that feed a winning party with arena point. Some might say it's p2w, but every arena challengers gotta realize that it has always been the case. I'm here to complain about arena loosers that will take random players with'em. Here it goes : One 3 members winning party. 2 solo looser asking for 3v3 separately. And you, who join a 1v3 fight. When will aigrind will do something about arena abusers ? The system is trash since its release. They're too much arena brackets, that grants too many arena awards, and not enought players to make the system "healthy". 5v5 disaparead since max lvl22, followed with the 3v3 and seals bracket. now 2v2 rules, because it's faster to get a fight. the arena lost her charm, and you only go there to get some ap/gp (but since dongeon grants hundred of gp...) I know it's not in aigrind's policy to interfer with the players in-game. But I'm bored with what the arena has become.
  4. Aglaophotis

    The new level up system update 0.7.6

    Collecting cups and fish was also a great challenge but now you gotta admit that farming ogres that wouldn't drop their own head wasn't fun.
  5. Aglaophotis

    [2018.06.09] Game servers restart

    It's normal to panick when you make your whole life ln this game X)
  6. Aglaophotis

    [2018.06.09] Game servers restart

    Real life EDIT : Is this maintenance about boss difficulty or something ?
  7. Ayaaaa devs wanted to give firstborn a tank, because blade dancer can't use a shield Warden reducing the incoming damage by 50% with just fortification (you can still add the heavy armor reduction) restores % of their health, while destroying your offensive stats They're like the 53k dummies in town, unkillable but noone will complain because a dummie can't kill you Your reason to not play warden in 2018 ?
  8. I think the idea of limited expert skills would force peoples to choose the stats they're looking for, and not ridiculously stack expert book to dig a gap between them and regular players. And passive skills were originally there to help peoples that doesn't ahve enought hotkeys.
  9. Tell me my friend, why are you waiting 6/8 hours if you can play better games ?
  10. Reivenorik silently edited the post 😏
  11. Aglaophotis

    Stop lvling at 20 or keep lvling +20

    Peoples stay at lvl20 because they have access to a few expert skills, they don't need to upgrade their gear anymore. That way, they can go in arena/dongeon/boss without being a weight. But if you aren't looking for camping at lvl20, I advice you to keep lvling up, as you will get more skills, more ap from arena and access to new farming area (aka more gold incomes). And lvling up is the only way to become stronger.
  12. Aglaophotis

    10th Anniversary Rewards