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  1. 1. Steel Hurricane After passing the talent upgrade, it can deal 15% secondary damage and get the full amount of blood return. This change is a good idea, but the value is too low. It is recommended to increase the value of secondary damage. 2. Aura of hate There is no need to upgrade this skill at all, it works well in its original condition. (I have a new idea, which is the Knight Curse, which we can change, and after a talent upgrade, the Knight Curse instantly releases the curse area under the enemy and applies a debuff effect on the enemy to increase the damage taken by the enemy.) ) 3. Death Call It's also a great idea, but it seems that there is something wrong with the direction, the 8% bonus is really low compared to other professions, and the dk doesn't need these. It can be changed to get an 8% damage reduction when the dk uses the Death Summon, or a 15% reduction in damage from the automatic attack, which is more in line with the theme of the dk. These are just some of my personal thoughts, and we welcome you to discuss them together。
  2. MC has so many powerful professions.
  3. As we all know, when a weapon is strengthened to +10, it will shine brightly, but the shield,So I want it to shine.
  4. for help, a friend of mine encountered a bug. His personal warehouse had 66 million gold coins and his backpack had 60 million gold coins. A bug occurred when he took out all the gold coins in his personal warehouse. The backpack did not display 126 million gold coins, but only 100 million gold coins. After that, the number of gold coins did not increase, and only 100 million gold coins were displayed at the highest. He is in the EU server. His ID is Jay and his occupation is barbarian.
  5. As far as I feel now, Dk is qualified in PVE, and it is not very good compared with other professions in PVP. It does create continuous control, but the 75% chance of sharp shadow and the existence of resistance make it often fail. Finally, DK the damage caused by continuous control in PVP is too low.
  6. Zhong Kui is not a demon king, but an emissary to capture and judge evil creatures.
  7. Dk's Aura of Hate: The 15 physical attack and 15 mana power provided by the AURA of Hate is wasted when the DK is using a shield, and the 15 defense provided by the Aura of Hate is wasted when the DK is using a two-handed weapon. So why not also make the aura of hate a skill that can follow your character and use different types of weapons with different bonuses。 When the DK uses a two-handed weapon, the aura of hatred still provides 15 physical attack and magic power, but no longer provides defense, but other offensive attributes。
  8. If the damage caused by knight's curse is reduced, then the designer should at least solve the bug that it can't cause damage directly because it is resisted.
  9. A new idea,Saturation becomes a skill that continuously consumes blue amount. Provide vampires:1/2/3/4 fixed 25% When dk receives an attack, it gains a gain effect, which will increase dk's vampire 1%/2%/3%/4% This gain effect can stack up to ten layers. Of course, you can also improve some other attributes while improving vampires. This needs all of us to discuss together.
  10. Dark Shield is a skill that is hard to balance. Don't expect it.
  11. I agree with you, but dk still needs to block and parry. Otherwise, when you face a BOSS like Dagan, you will be under great pressure.His several attacks may make you need to use potions.
  12. I just want to say that dk is very vulnerable among his peers now.
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