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  1. I hope there are more and more players in China, and then will you consider developing Chinese servers?xd。😃😃
  2. Yes, there are fewer and fewer new players, which I can clearly feel.
  3. Warlocks should be the profession of weakening opponents and summoning demons in my image
  4. I am often rejected by my teammates in the dungeon. They prefer to bring a pala or mage,I am also a guard with top equipment, I have 923dmg.I can't imagine how low-level guards can survive,As for the mermaid and the sea of Shinhwa you mentioned, uh-huh, I always use my double knives as tanks
  5. No, now all saints don't need warden, so snow and ice obviously don't need it. Haha, the following spring is a nightmare for warden
  6. Dk can only be regarded as not weak, not very strong
  7. New skills and the weakening of warden have no effect on me because my equipment and skills have reached their peak, but these updates are really bad
  8. Warden's new skills are simply too bad, increasing the attack intensity, we have no attack speed, which means that this gain effect can only be applied to several attacks,Again, this weakening, low-strengthening warden can't even get into the copy.Warden has been weakened too much
  9. 我们很少有人会在这里交流,我们习惯使用app
  10. 哈哈,我们并不经常使用这个论坛
  11. Now war spear's popularity in China is very low. New players don't know where to learn about war spear. We all publicize it spontaneously. This kind of power is too small
  12. steaJust like logging in to steam, WeGame has a huge user base in China. If you can win the recommended position, the number of new players will be terrible.
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