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  1. Because I hope that the development of this game will become better and better and attract new players who have followed.
  2. you're right,thank you for pointing out the problem.
  3. There may be some details that I didn't think of. You are welcome to comment and give me a supplementary explanation.
  4. Hello administrator, I have been playing this game since 2015, I love it deeply, but now the number of new players is getting smaller and smaller, so I have some suggestions. 1. After most games have been in operation for many years, it will be easy for new players to upgrade, but in battle spear, before reaching lv30, it is very difficult for new players to realize the fun of the game, and they need to spend a lot of time upgrading, which is quite boring, so I suggest reducing the mainline tasks of map1 map2 and map3 T1 T2 T2 T4, and improving the character experience gained in daily qu
  5. 你好管理员,我从2015年开始玩这款游戏,我对它爱的深沉,但是现在新玩家的数量越来越少,所有有一些小建议。 1.在大多数游戏运营很多年之后,新玩家升级都会变得很容易,但是在战矛中,现在在达到lv30之前,新玩家很难体会到游戏的乐趣,他们需要花费大量的时间来进行升级,这是相当枯燥的,所有我建议减少map1 map2 和map3 t1 t2 t3 t4的主线任务并提高在任务中获得的经验,来帮助新玩家快速达到lv30级,这样他们就能很快跟随老玩家一起玩,而不会因为枯燥的升级过程而放弃这款游戏。 2.角色的初始包裹太少了,只有10格,这让新玩家很难接受,因为游戏中没有任何获得包裹的方法,只有充值奇迹币或者在二手购买,但是新玩家没有金币,也不会在一款只玩了十分钟的游戏里充值。这一点很重要,我看到了非常多的新玩家因为这点放弃游戏。我觉得新角色的初始包裹最好在25格。 3.现在大多数新玩家都想快速升级,但是又不想强化低等级装备,因为低等级装备很快就会被替换,我建议降低低级怪物的强度来让新玩家更好的度过升级过程。
  6. Choose a weapon with parry
  7. That's a great suggestion, brother. I strongly support you.
  8. I'm sorry. I don't want to solve this problem now. I'm sorry for the trouble you caused.
  9. Only their father will help them solve any problems, but I am not
  10. I see, you just want to tell me that the authorities agreed to afk in the arena.
  11. Don't pretend you don't understand the problems that all 3-year-olds know It is so simple to solve this problem, but they always do nothing
  12. The arena of the European Union has completely collapsed, and people no longer need strength, but can easily win by logging in to his robot account. If the authorities are not cracking down on this kind of behavior, the arena will look ridiculous. Is the official deliberately selling hatred to make a profit?Me and my four afk teammates?
  13. I spend money, and then need me to spend time? I can't make trouble for myself, let alone the reward doesn't match the cost.
  14. Maybe the Templar can increase the damage of his teammates,A damage that will be offset in PVP,Otherwise, no one in the pve team needs a Templar。 This is the problem at present. The Knights Templar has excellent PVP ability, but he has almost lost 90% of pve ability.
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