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  1. What i meant is for the devs to make sure warlocks don't do the forbidden, and have any kind of useful power or advantage over someone else. To make sure warlocks will always be disadvantaged Not sure where you see me pour any emotion into anything, im aware it's a troll post, and im really just trolling aswell. So i don't need you to clarify that
  2. I 100% support these suggested changes. This should really give the sentinel side especially, a very very small but needed chance to actually beat the famed and glorious warlocks. Warlocks have been ruling the game for far too long. EVERYONE knows that. A few days ago i saw a single warlock completely and utterly annihilate a dozen or so elves all by himself. That is so unacceptable, and something needs to be done about it immediately! I would also like to add a new suggestion to this post. I think a new class passive skill for warlocks needs to be implemented. Something along the lines of: "Every successful cc, results in a -95% cooldown-rate for 8seconds" It should be added to warlocks exclusively, similarly to the +3 mana reg race talent. Just to completely make sure warlocks don't do the forbidden again.
  3. They do MANY questionable things, and alotta shit that doesnt make sense. So actually thinking rationally may be wrong in most cases lol
  4. You sound like you know alot about their decisions and the thought process behind it all. You a dev or something?
  5. You missed your first dark circle, got a fear off successfully. And somehow the bd then got stunned out of nowhere, probably the minions you guys used. You then failed to pull off Fading+Pool not only once, but twice, and somehow that bladedancer kept getting stunned alot and feared 1 or 2 times, by a third party. And that wasnt you. So don't go calling it "the control of warlocks".
  6. Oh that's cute, so you actually think warlocks can nuke bladedancers From what i can tell in your video, you hit that bladedancer 278 with your auto-attacks. And let's not forget you're under castle buffs and using a potion to even get that damage. No offence, but, the MVP of that fight was the hunter. He killed that druid on his own, and nuked the bd afterwards. The only thing your warlock did was keep the bd in place for a short time, while barely scratching his hp. And from the looks of it that bd was probably half afk. This is also apparent from the amount of damage you did by the end. If you were alone with that bladedancer, and he actually took the fight seriously, he would wipe the floor with you. And let's just imagine he had 0 resist, it would take you 10 stuncycles to kill him, not 1 as you claim. Even if you were with that hunter, 2v1, he would pop resist, rush into you, hamstring you and end you. It's that easy for them. You can't just show 1 abnormal video, and think that sets the new standard. Go check the warlock class section on the forums, and what every single other warlock in this thread for starters, has to say.
  7. Yup i also said there could be a -50% cost for 1h weapons :P The game is already going in that direction with no changes made to the amplification system. But not gonna burst ur bubble, you don't have to agree with the suggestion or anything. Oh wow what a great suggestion! Go beg the people controlling arena to let me get top ranks, and sit like a zombie for hours spamming an arena with afk people, and then amp it all +10!!! And then use this +10 arena gear to be even more afk in arena!! yay!!!! wow what a great achievement that is! What the?? you think wanting to achieve something is wrong and therefore i should leave the game??
  8. Wow this is just great oh my god. A little extra damage for two skills that nobody even wastes points in. Im sure this will greatly boost the warlocks damage potential pve and pvp by alot! oh wait, nobody actually uses these skills for their damage potential in pvp. We are too busy spamming 10 different skill combinations that we actually forget to DEAL DAMAGE. What??? is this a joke? The bread and butter skill of warlocks NERFED to the grave with a +6sec cd increase because of what exactly? a disastrous "defensive skill" that's so hard to pull of and just straight up dumb? The Dark Circle skill is the bread and butter of warlocks because, not only is it the only instant effect CC that warlocks have besides Fear, but it's also the one with the longest reach. It's the ONLY STUN A WARLOCK has with a 5yard range, but because it's area of effect is a bit larger, it actually reaches 6yards. And 6yards is the range of auto-attacks, which means it's A KEY COMPONENT for every single warlock. The first skill any warlock throws is DARK CIRCLE. WITHOUT DARK CIRCLE, WARLOCKS ARE NO LONGER WARLOCKS. It's the only skill able to give warlocks the upper hand against most opponents in PVP (Besides bladedancers and other resist packing players). Because it allows the warlock to pull off the first CC on the enemy, giving the chance to create the stuncycles warlocks were so famous for once. Increasing the cd on the skill won't mess up the ability to pull off the first cc for warlocks completely, but, it will ruin any chance of pulling off STUNCYCLES. Especially for people that have mixed pve and pvp, like myself. Since i would like to be viable in both of these parts of the game like any other class is. But unfortunately, we don't have enough skill-points for that. The biggest part of a warlocks damage and burst damage potential lies in, without a doubt Shadow Sphere and Power of Relaxation. I myself have both of these 4/4, because without these two skills, i wouldnt stand a chance against other damagers in pve, or pvp. The problem with having both of these 4/4 is that there aren't a lot of skill points left, so the points spent in cc skills are much less, and it's more challenging to create a functioning stun-cycle, and this nerf of dark circle was essentially the last nail in the coffin for any mixed warlock build. So i would like to know, are warlocks actually damagers? or Debuffers? or whatever a only-cc-class is called. Inside your own game, you claim warlocks are on par with a number of other damagers, be it mc or elf, at dealing damage, but it's simply not true, warlocks are very very disadvantaged compared to these other damagers. Rogues have stun skills that DEAL DAMAGE AND STUN AT THE SAME TIME. Same with mages. Hunters are just OP damagers with high physical dmg etc. All the damage classes seem to do damage and cc without many issues. But warlocks for some reason are forced to choose between going full Damage and give up any sort of CC to compete with these other damage classes (which it still cant, even when you do), OR give up all your damage and become a full cc-caster. Sorry but i don't have unlimited Oblivion books to keep switching between builds for pvp and pve. I can't believe how anyone in their right mind would think this was a great idea. It has to be a personal issue against warlocks rofl. Warlocks are supposed to be freaking damagers, but is the only class in the game, that has to spend more points cc skills than any other class. Why? And this is the compensation? Seriously? First of all, the Stone Body skill "buff" hasn't fixed a single issue with the skill. Having 5-15% extra hp won't stop warlocks from being camped by 3k auto-attack hitting bladedancers packing resist or any other class camping the warlock waiting to throw a CC as soon as the duration of Stone Body has ended. The stonebody skill does more harm to the warlock than good! putting yourself at a disadvantage to gain 10% hp?? why? this allows enemies to heal up, use defensives and just camp the warlock with a cc skill ready. Meanwhile the warlock is litterally a stone. A freaking stone. Second of all, the Dark Seal skill, is straight up BAD. What in the world is this skill?, i bet i would have a higher chance getting +10 on a staff than pulling off this skill in any situation in PVP. Not only does it require you to actually cast Hex and wait for the silence to appear, and then throw Dark Seal, but you also have to have the enemy under control, so they won't cleanse themselves or simply just stun you, not allowing the skill to even be cast or just straight up 2-shot you like bds and other sentinel damagers are capable of. This is made even harder with a +6second cd on Dark Circle. AND EVEN IF YOU SUCCESSFULLY PULL IT OFF, What in the world is it going to help????? Bladedancers will hit 2k instead of 3k? wow that's great! why are we even allowing them to hit us in the first place????? I thought warlocks had more cc than other classes because it also works as a defensive way to prevent oneself from recieving damage. So why would any warlock even stand and let someone hit them?? The entire Dark Seal skill should be deleted and replaced. Same with Bloody Tribute. And Stone Body should be reworked completely. As was mentioned a trillion times under the warlock class suggestions, that someone actually didn't bother to read it seems. Another problem these useless skills create is, once again, warlocks are supposedly damagers, but don't have any chances of actually dealing damage in pvp. We have to combine 10 different skills for a simple cc effect meanwhile other classes like druids press ONCE, and you're rooted. Press ONCE and you're sleeping etc. And other classes even deal damage on top of their instant cc. Having to cast so many skills just to keep someone cc'ed, makes it nearly impossible to actually focus on damaging your target. Like other classes easily do. And as a warlock, you can't just stop cc'ing and let people attack you, because we have 0 freaking ways of replenishing the HP LOST. Warlocks are so disadvantaged that it should actually be illegal. xD 1. Warlocks use cloth gear. Which has the least amount of defence of the 3 types. 2. Cloth gear is filled with magic, which takes away the opportunity of having other useful stats, like the other 2 types have (Light and Heavy) 3. Warlocks are the only cloth user without a HEAL, SHIELD, DEFENSE BUFF, RESIST SKILL ETC. ETC.. 4. If you take a look at mages, they are without a doubt one of the most tanky casters in the game. Now compare them to warlocks, which was supposed to be similar but for the enemy faction. And you realize, warlocks don't have a shield that can tank unlimited damage, nor do they have a defence boost skill like mages and a skill that allows them to resist everything. And on top of that, they are actually allowed to deal damage as opposed to warlocks. Because mages have skills that DEAL DAMAGE AND STUN AT THE SAME TIME. Like every other class good at dealing dmg except warlocks do. - Is the cc of warlocks supposed to be their advantage??? i can't possibly fathom how it gives warlocks an advantage with the amount of resist and resist relics/skills etc that are now in the game. 5. Casters have the lowest amount of damage in the game. But still somehow it was decided that they would have to wield staffs, which are 10x harder to amplify than any other weapon. Effectively turning casters into pea-shooters in PVP. I can name a shit-ton of problems with the entire class but i think this should be more than enough. In an earlier post made on the forums "[2021.10.15] Skill Rebalance. News" We were told this: - "Our team attentively watches over the feedback, so if you have ideas about skills and their mechanics, it’s high time to visit the corresponding forum section and create a new topic with your propositions — https://bit.ly/3DIz7rB." When you press that link, it takes you to the class suggestions page, and when i enter under the warlock section, i am actually baffled by how disconnected the devs seem to be, from what is actually said inside these class suggestion sections. So i would encourage everyone to actually try and read what suggestions were given inside your own class section, and see if the devs actually implemented any suggestion, because this seems to not only be the issue for warlocks, but other classes aswell. Congratulations you just ruined the entire class even more than it already is. Great work Aigrind!
  9. 1) Yes, you're absolutely right, it's a system used in many games. But do you pay the same amount of $ there as in warspear? Go do the math on the cost of just 300sets of signs, 300sets of dmg3 and with an amplification fee of 800 to around 1500(arena staffs cost this much right?) gold for every amplification. (300sets is probably the average to get staffs +10. Some people use over 600sets. Think about that for a moment) 2) You said it yourself. Junk. you get 1 or 2 craft mats and 2 pots. if i did 1000runs with these junk drops it wouldn't even amount to 50k gold. Not even gonna comment further on this. Im sure everyone else realizes how bad the drops are, even if you don't. 3) i've been playing for around 8 years, and i've yet to drop a book or anything valuable that made up for the seekers / minions / buffs / revive scrolls / repair scrolls / time etc etc etc. that i've used over the years. I mentioned in this post that i did 900runs in a week this last spring, when it was 3x droprate i think it was. I have screenshots if you'd like to see. So im no "free stam dg spammer" i use a shit ton of seekers when there are good drops like books in the dungeons. The spring dg gave us a 4h stam regeneration rate. So i didnt spam with just seekers. Let's be generous and remove 100runs. Even though it doesnt amount to that. 800 stams = 160 seekers x 5k gold = 800k That's just one week out of many years. Ofcourse this case is extreme since i broke any spam record i ever did So where are all the books and costumes? Even if i got a book it wouldn't make uo for what's lost. It's just like amplification. Once again, full of inconsistencies. Spend and pray. I remember spamming bg myth for a speed book once. Did 80 runs and never dropped anything. Some guy joined us for the last few runs, and got the speed book on his 2nd run. Lucky guy right? Why arent the ones making an effort / paying getting rewarded? atleast ensure us some valuable reward for spamming at all 4) It's super easy to get gold? without spending? You mention reselling signs. Who bought those signs? and with what? You're technically relying on $ being spent for you to make gold. You're exploiting mccoin users wanting quick cash to sell it for more later. I keep seeing these empty arguments being used everywhere on the forums everytime there's a suggestion they dont like. "The devs need food on their tables, the devs have bills, the devs need their salaries" and im honestly tired of trying to explain how it shouldn't matter to you Why do you care about the devs bills? sigh It's the devs own problem if they can't pay their salaries or get food on their tables my guy. It's an unforgiving world. Survival of the fittest and all get it? No players = No warspear. It's their job to satisfy us. Not the other way around. If you want to donate everything you have for the devs and secure their future etc. without anything in return, go right ahead. But i don't, and hopefully many feel the same way. Im here for their product, if they deliver, fine, take my money. If they don't, too bad, they won't get a penny. Do i have to explain further? i've mentioned it a few times before, you can go back and read that aswell if you want. Nobody said they need to make +10 achievable with 1 set. Please read the suggestions mentioned here already... The problem is the absurd amount of signs and other valuables needed to amplify, with no real garauantee. Unbelievable inconsistencies and no respect for peoples money. And about the "use a few sets every other day or every weekend" and the "use tour sugns" strategies, iknow a few people that've been at it for years, so don't think it makes a difference, if the system is truly chance based, it would'nt matter WHAT you did, you could undergo 10 rituals before amping for all i care, wouldn't change nothing. Yes i don't need to be maxed, but i want to Is that asking for too much?? Do we have to make a deal with the devil for that? sell our souls? sheesh Most of these things have already been mentioned previously. If you'd like, go check them out.
  10. Honestly, when i look at steam ratings, both the good and bad ratings, are mostly people complaining that it's p2w. I honestly think they're aware of the problem, even with the system checking coinshop activity or not. The problem would be, as mentioned, that nobody actually has enough influence to do anything about it. I get your point now, and im glad that we're on the same page now. I just hope my post, and everyone elses, on this matter, will gain more attention and be taken seriously. My post may or may not have been good enough, but atleast we open peoples eyes and shed light on this issue. Someone else might come up with a different and better idea, id be ready to support that if realistic ofc.. And yeah im aware of the EULA and rules of conduct.. maybe i should take a look sometime xD Nobody said that allright, but the problem is i keep seeing people caring more about the devs bills and salaries than their OWN, and using that excuse to justify paying thousands of dollars to them, and accepting any and every injust and "wrong" decision the devs might've taken. And that's a huge problem. Too many people wasting way too much money in this game. They forget about themselves and other players it seems. Hope you got my point. I just have a hard time understanding how the amount spent amounts to effort because in the end it can end up deciding nothing. One can spend 100$ and another 1000$ and end up with just the same result. This means effort effectively means nothing. it's just chance based... Great let's hear what he has to say! You're right, i apologize for that A simple google search "triple a games" would give u hundreds of examples.. I would rather the game had a subscription but much easier amp rates tbh. it's just too inconsistent imo. f2p monetization is a way to offer you better things and faster in games. Problem is even when you pay you might not get any results. And some pay thousands, others hundreds.
  11. I get what you're saying, and you're completely right. Only high profile people like youtubers would be able to have any real impact. But still i feel like my post has a purpose, im no big youtuber or social media influencer to have a say in anything, and im not about to make a whole video about it. So this is the only way i can complain really And it should still serve it's purpose. The interested ones would still be reading this... but as far as changing anything goes, probably won't happen yeah, but we have to try atleast.. This may inspire others to take action and stand up for themselves etc. xD And just as yourself, the social aspect of the game plays the biggest part for me. Wouldn't care about this game if not for that part. And im sure this is true with most ws players. I dont exactly know any admin/dev names to tag them, but i saw one of them react to one of my posts in here So they're watching i bet. But do they care? probably not. I've not been particularly objective and calm myself with some of my posts, so hope they can look past that atleast if they decide to read this
  12. What do you mean "stop complaining" lmfao. I have every right to complain, suggest or do whatever i want like it or not. With that mindset of yours, it's no wonder the game has reached this state... But the forums exist for these purposes. It may be very hard for you to face the truth and iknow you're very upset, but try and control yourself brah.
  13. Id like to explain it in a way that will make you understand. 1) The amount of signs bought doesn't mean anything. I never said gear was hard to amp, or lower level weapons. 1h weapons are a bit easier than 2h weapons. And people still amp 2h weapons as far as they can. And we have the ones trying for the +9 and +10, either chasing the dopamine rush, or just not aware of how hard it is. Most people are naive and believe they're different, that they're "lucky". There's a billion explanations to this. Obviously people are still amplifying, did i ever say they were not? People make new characters, amp new gear, try to amp sea weapons so they can join the t5 dungeons and do well. People amp arena gear etc. So yes naturally you would see signs "being bought" on your stats or whatever. Many people buy miracle coins and sell them, yeah obviously they do. It's the only way to make a shit ton of gold in this game on a very short period of time. Farming won't get you shit. Spamming dungeons hoping for a drop doesn't necessarily pay off. Even when you decide to do 20 runs, you may not get anything, and other times you may do 3 runs and get something. There's no good consistent source of income to rely on in the game. So yeah obviously people buy miracle coins and sell stuff to get gold. There aren't any other options to get that amount of gold. Drops just come by themselves, chasing them almost never pays off. and you'd end up wasting more gold than you gained trying to spam a dungeon. 2) But does that mean the system is perfect? just because you see miracle coins being bought on your stats or wherever you get that information? Does that mean it's okay to have ridiculous amp rates? No. It absolutely doesn't mean that. 3) Is this my own problem? Absolutely not. You're basically saying, as long as the developers get their paycheck, they shouldn't give a FLYING duck about their players. Are you being fr right now? of course it's their goddamn problem. NOT OURS. You're saying it yourself. IT'S THEIR JOB. And you don't DO A BAD JOB, just because there's nobody watching or able to do anything about it. As game developers they have certain responsibilities, if you're not aware. Id like you to go make up one of those stats you keep talking about. Go make a poll or something on the forums, about the subject of amplification. See how many actually like the current system. And how many would gladly accept a new amplification system. Needs to be a realistic one of course. 4) "For you it's a game, for them it's a job. You can't ignore this aspect of the game just because you're tired to waste 500 set signs per Weapon. Your idea is perfect in terms of enjoyment of the game, yet - I repeat - it's not realistic if we take into account that bills and salaries have to be paid. " Absolutely i can! i repeat, yes i can! WHEN WE AS PLAYERS DON'T LIKE SOMETHING, WE LET THEM KNOW. AND IT'S THEIR JOB TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!. Why should i have to care about their bills and salaries? that's their own problem! You don't seem to understand that we as players have rights as well. It's not our job to come up methods and fixes for them, and it's not our job to pay their bills/salaries and put food on their table. We as players couldn't care LESS about what bills they pay and how much they earn. All we care about is that we can play the game we enjoy! without being taken advantage of, exploited, tricked etc etc. The fact that the devs don't care about their players as long as they get their money is a MORTAL SIN in this game! and any other game! Of course the devs need food to survive etc. But once they decided to devote their time and hard work on the game. They freaking better make it good! it should be their passion! not just a source of income. Hope you understand. Yall seem to having a hard time. Hell yes it's their problem. They need to make something worth spending money on. Not some empty bets and risks. And yes i, like everyone else in the game, would like to become the best at my thing. OBVIOUSLY. This stays true for any game. People want to compete and be the best at anything NATURALLY. WHY DO I HAVE TO SELL MY HOUSE AND CAR FOR THAT? You say i "wish to become the best with little to no effort, or at least with an effort easily affordable for you. I can absolutely be wrong; your intention might not have been this one, yet this is what I see from outside. " And yes, as you already knew when you wrote that, you're completely wrong. I, along with many others have sacrificed A SHIT TON OF MONEY / TIME / HARD WORK IN THE SPAN OF MANY YEARS ETC. ETC. But apparently it's not enough effort. So tell me, when have we as players sacrificed enough to deserve to be the best? How much do we have to pay. Tell us. Mind you, someone could literally start the game today and become lucky and get +10 on a high lvl staff etc. Does that mean he deserved it? did he put in the effort? It's funny when you talk about "effort" in a completely random system with probably 0,0000000000005% chance of a successful amplification. As if effort could even affect this system. EFFORT COULD BE TALKED ABOUT, When you have a system where you could farm a material as mentioned thousands of time. This is where the REAL EFFORT shows. That you spent time and effort on farming/gathering this material etc. Great, so you don't even have access to these stats. Everything you're telling us here, is just something you're being told by someone else. Well this is your chance to learn the truth. Use your status as moderator and make your own stats. Id even go as far as helping you personally. You're still wrong. If anyone had the chance to get a higher level of amplification, they would do it. But they can't. So they learn to ignore it and accept that they can't ever. Does that mean they're satisfied? I don't think so. Rather, they "gave up" because they realized how hopeless the current system is. I like your selection of words.. truly shows the worrying sheep state of mind im seeing everywhere on the forums. You see it as a "donation" when you pay for something in the game. You don't expect to be paid back in any way. How sad, truly. You still don't seem to understand the fact of the problem. It's not about it "being too expensive" as it is. It's about the inconsistencies. The fact that some people have to use 1k signs and spend a shit ton, and may still end up getting NOTHING AT ALL. Making the +10 amp just straight up cost 100$ would even be a better and cheaper solution than the current one. That's the sad state the amplification system is in right now.
  14. I expect to be treated fairly, as should everyone else. Our money is hard earned, and we should at least expect to get something in return when we decide to pay, chance or not, there has to be a limit to this hopeless system. If you want to bend over because "that's just how it is" then sure go right ahead. I won't tell you not to. But for the ones that actually care and haven't just given up and become sheep, id like to take up this issue for mine and their sake lol. uhh what? i don't have to progress in the game? that's odd, usually when you play a game you naturally try to max out on everything, and try to compete and be the best. Especially with +8years in the bag xD Iknow i don't have to be full +10, but all im suggesting with this post, is that they make it a bit easier and more consistent. Nobody actually wants the current hopeless amplification system, that doesn't even assure any reward even when you've paid for it. They should make it rely a bit more on something else, not our money. If i wanted to bet on something or go to the casino, there are other places for that. People are using hundreds and thousands of dollars over the months and years... is that not alot? approx 30.000 miracle coins can't even get you 2m gold at best. Mermen gear and books are far more valuable than that. and with 30.000 coins you can't even amp your weapons to max lmao. Go do the math on how much cash that is. Basically becomes worthless in the game. But go on, act like it's not expensive at all. it's not even worth buying coins in the game anymore. Im not comparing "the game" im comparing what YOU PAY vs WHAT YOU GET. You don't seem to have understood the point. The point is that our money are far more valuable than warspear makes them out to be. You could get much more/better for far less in other games. And that stays true even if you like it or not. You're comparing warspear to other games aswell, with even a worse point, even if it's the "same category" (as if that even matters): To justify the game being bad and expensive, just because other games are lol.
  15. Asking for a handout? can you explain where and how i did that? My advice to you would be to reread this whole post.
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