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  1. No i have never played Clash Royale tbh. Yes people keep buying signs. Because amplifying gear is still doable, and as Warspear players we thank god everyday for that, it could be much worse..(2h weapons) Also as i said in my post 1h weapons are easier to amplify compared to 2h weapons. So yes people actually still amplify other weapons that arent 2h. Also people keep making new characters etc, getting new gear and mermen gear etc. So ofc you're going to see signs being bought on your stats. I never said amplification in general is bs, i talked about weapons and 2h at that, in particular. Idk if you've even read my post tbh. Does that mean 2h weapons are easy to amp and shouldnt be a bit easier, just because the stats show signs are being bought? no. Also maybe take a look at how the playerbase has changed over the years? im more interested in that. Im pretty sure it has fallen quite a bit.. :/ Yes amplification is addicting. Every Warspear player knows this very well :) and that's exactly the problem with it. Addiction + impossible amps (+10 on a 2h wep) = 0 progress + waste of time and money. Maybe 1 in 10.000 people get that +10 on a 2h wep, but ask them if it was worth it and they feel rewarded and im sure 80% will say no. Id like you to take a look at those playerbase stats... Just because a game is surviving, doesnt mean the right thing is being done. A few things could be changed for the better, and that could result in a more thriving game with increasing playerbase stats. Then ill just assume you're a 1h wep user, which is probably true. And as you say, this suggestion i made is merely a suggestion, and i have even stated it could be changed however the devs would and players would like: like you mentioned, a two-optioned amplification system xD. Either risk it and go with the spam amp method or be able to choose to just straight up pay for the amplification.
  2. Are you seriously comparing an item in a 2d pixel game, to a car? We are talking about a game here, not real life possessions. And im not saying people shouldnt spend, i dont mind spending on/in a game at all. But when the amount spent on a game is actually enough to buy you an EXPENSIVE CAR xD Then you have a problem. Also im glad about you being so honest. Say it louder, poor people can't be shit in this game, it's pay 2 win. But there's something you're not being honest about at all. 60 dmg actually does make a great difference, but that's not the reason why you don't "need" it. The truth is you can't afford it, it's a waste of $ right? if +10 was easy to attain u wouldnt care about it being useless, you would get it. The problem is, not everyone is okay with being mediocre at best in a game they have spent alot of money/years on. People like to compete, people want to be the BEST. and sadly the only thing stopping them is $.
  3. Yes but in no other game is it normal to use thousands of dollars for minimal stat gains. hundreds of sets of signs to amp a weapon 1 level. And then replacing it again after another update with higher level weapons. And then having to amplify +10 again with impossible odds:) Not everything is about profiting, they're managing a game here, they have players that need to be satisfied and deserve to be treated well. People are supposed to have fun and enjoy playing. There are many other ways to be profiting than on the players suffering and frustration lol. Do you know how many players ragequit thanks to the frustration the amplification system brings? Many even stopped trying to amplify their weapons. A change in the amplification system might encourage more people to amplify = Profit :):):) In my post i mentioned some possible advantages to changing the system which you could take a look at. The profits that they make stem from the players. Make the players unhappy and you have no game :) Lastly, im 100% sure the people that invested in the current system wouldnt mind at all about it being changed to something more stable and rewarding. Iknow many spenders, and they would actually love that :) people dont really feel good about spending extreme amounts of $ on a lil stat gain in a 2D game.
  4. So you admit that being rich is the only way to max out. That's just sad. Go try that on a lvl 30 spring staff or sea staff, let's see if u ever get +10 with that method. Probably only works on gear and some common 1h weapons.
  5. I just read your post, and as you say, we've kinda had a similar idea. But it's not just the two of us, i've seen hundreds of posts about the amplification system, and it seems they just never make it. But im not giving up, the amping system needs to be changed. Why would the game be dead from these suggestions? did u read my post? The developers are the real "pros". They could easily change the amplification system slightly or in any way they would want to. Take a few things from different suggestions etc. They themselves know how to implement these suggestions without hurting their game. Just like this old system has survived for this long, a new system could easily change the game for the better. Oh... so for 10 years not a single suggestion about the amplification system was realistic enough to be implementef in some way? What do you think about my suggestion? the others you've seen? realistic enough? at this point ANYTHING that isn't the current amplification system, is more than realistic enough to be taken into consideration. The truth is, they don't want to change it. And that's a problem.
  6. Iknow money talks, and i took that into account in my suggestion. If they made a system like this: - More people would start being active, just like having to do dgs and quests for knowledge, this "Material" could be achieved the same way. That means even the lazy people and just everybody, would start farming this material. = more seekers bought, more useful mcoin items bought. - With people being this active, newbies will have a better time playing, possibly reaching "end game" and not quitting. - Even the ones that have given up amplifying would be interested, as this system offers a 100% amp. That means more people will buy signs and spheres etc than usual. - People will realize they can now amp more weapons, and would also try different builds with other stats etc. - -200000% ragequit rate. People that have been stuck with a weapon on +8-9 etc will now be less likely to quit because they can actually progress in the game when it comes to gear. As i've mentioned a few times, this flattens out inconsistencies, and makes a much happier playerbase overall. - Players will feel rewarded amplifying, instead of grief. When you can actually USE your character to FARM something that has usefulness for amping, you end up feeling "rewarded" when you gather enough for getting that last amp, along with the other things needed. Because u actually worked hard, and spent a bit, and it payed off. Instead of just standing in towns doing nothing and burning $ trying difficult amps, that don't even end up feeling rewarding because of the huge amount spent. - People will be more willing to spend $, because they won't feel betrayed or let down by impossible amps. - i can go on forever. And yeah as you're saying, the amount needed was just an example i put in, it could be tweaked by the devs as they wanted, but not too much like 500sets for +10 or some extreme number. This Token Pity system could work aswell, there are so many better options than the current system. And yeah the amount of signs the current system potentially makes players burn is kinda ridiculous... Did using 400sets on each dagger feel rewarding for you? i highly doubt anyone would feel rewarded after such an amount.
  7. Im going to assume you're a 1h weapon user since you can reach +8 without much hassle. I stated that the signs needed, and everything else, could be halved for 1h weapons. So that's like 20 sets all together for +8. it's supposed to be a bit easier in the lower levels and then much harder at +8-9-10. Try and visualize an exponential function. i can't see how 20sets is alot. Try asking around, see how much other people use, and you'll realize this system would make it fair for everyone. But as you're saying, maybe having both options would be better.
  8. Can u explain why u dont amplify over +7? because it's too hard? right? well my suggestion seems like a fair solution. The amount of signs needed to amplify +7 can vary alot from player to player, and as mentioned this will flatten out inconsistencies. Also the amount of signs/spheres/gold etc i put in was just random, just to show how it COULD work. Lastly, the amount i put in was only for weapons, it could be cheaper for gear and so on, there's alot of room for improvement. This is only a suggestion, so it could be tweaked and optimized ofc.
  9. So in light of the latest 10.0 update introducing the new "Class Talents", the improved trading window allowing faster and larger exchanges and other useful stuff, i can't help but think, personally, that there is one more significant part of the game, that could use a nice improvement, update or whatever you'd like to call it. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the amplifying system. Probably the most discussed and controversial topic in the game since many years ago. In my opinion, this system is outdated, absurd and outright, just one big mess. And i am saying this confidently, after having played Warspear Online for over 7-8 years, and having experienced the brunt of the systems bad amplifying rates along with other players and friends. It may have served it's function well many years ago, but times have changed friends. Now, some may disagree with me on this, and other might agree. But i will present my thoughts on this system, some backstory and why i think it needs to be changed, along with my own suggestion, on how it could be tweaked or changed, in a way which i think would be a much better option. This is gonna be a long ass post, so saddle up. My opinion on the current amplifying system. So first off, getting +10 on a weapon was supposed to be rewarding, it was supposed to make you strong, set you apart from the rest of the players and make you feel like you achieved something great. it was designed to be hard from the beginning, and that's completely understandable and fair. But is that still the case? the system was designed many years ago, when the game was different. Is amplifying a weapon to +10 actually rewarding and great in 2021? I don't think so. First of all, there is a shocking degree of unfairness depending on what weapon your character wields. - 1handed weapons are easier to amp, compared to 2handed weapons. i was a part of the unlucky bunch, and decided to main a Warlock, as i really liked it. Now, warlocks are casters. Casters use staffs, which are 2handed weapons. But staffs are a bit unusual, and seem to take more than other 2handed weapons to amplify. So i think staffs should be in a category of their own. Now just a bit about my own character, to put things into perspective: I started trying to amplify my warlocks lvl 30 staff from +9 to +10 approximately one year ago. And so far i have used around 180sets of signs. 180sets of dmg3 spheres. and millions in gold, since my staff requires 872gold in it's amplifying fee. that's over 1.5million in gold just in amplifying fees. 180sets of signs is 41.220 miracle coins 180sets of dmg3 is like 14.220 miracle coins Basically hundreds of dollars were used, just to get 1ampification level, which i still, to this day haven't achieved. And this is just 1 staff, not counting the ones i tried out of frustration because i thought my staff was "cursed". Which is also a common misconceptions among the players, since there is no other way to explain the irregular and impossible amp-rate. Also now a "Sea Staff" is also required to actually be able to do the "ship graveyard" content optimally. That is 3 staffs in all. a normal pve staff, arena staff and a sea staff. Now just think about this for a moment. 3 Staffs. Not 1. After all the $ spent on trying to amp a SINGLE staff +10. Does anyone actually think it would feel rewarding to get this staff +10 anymore? while you now have 2 other staffs that also need to be amped? how many years are they going to take? The current amplifying system might have been fine and all, when 1-2 weapons were all you needed. But these days, with the increased number of weapons you need to amp and use, and with their level increasing all the time (amp rate increases with level and rarity) and with future updates introducing lvl 32 weapons, maybe, i just don't think it's all that useful, like it might've been in it's earlier days. And for those that say a +10 staff or any other weapon +10 is not necessary: after having played for many years, and used hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in the game and supported it throughout all these years, how can you blame people for actually wanting to progress in the game? wanting to compete? wanting to be THE BEST at your thing?! reaching the top? feeling like you're not wasting your time and money???? sometimes it would be nice, if the money you spent actually made a difference in your game. we have reached a point where it's not even "pay to win" anymore. You pay and gain nothing. Is this a healthy thing? is this the way a game should make it's players feel? Throughout this 1year i tried amplifying my staff, i asked many different people how many sets of signs they used to increase their staffs from +9 to +10. Some said 40sets, others 10 and believe it or not, some 500+. meanwhile i saw 1h weapons being amplified to +10 like it was nothing. Maces +10 left and right, swords and daggers. And many admittedly said amplifying 2h weapons, and a staff at that, could be up to 5times as hard as amplifying a 1h weapon. Even with two 1h weapons it's still easier than one 2h weapon. But of course, i even know players with 1h weapons, that are stuck on +9 as well. But why are casters, the most disadvantaged class in the game, cursed with an impossible to amplify weapon? casters have low hp, low stats because the magic on the gear takes up slots that could otherwise have been used for useful stats, like on the light gear of rogues and hunters etc. and also the amount of magic a caster can reach is already much lower than that of a physical damager. This is especially true for warlocks, and even worse for mages, since they are supposed to be damagers. Very low damage compared to other damage classes, even with the +25% magic from the relaxation, warlocks can barely reach 1k magic, and that is only possible for most, if they are using the gear with 55 bonus magic, which is VERY low hp and accuracy gear. While hunters and rogues, physical damagers have 1.6k physical damage. We all know Hunters and rogues, and many other damagers on elf side as well, have huge advantages over the caster damagers. So why are casters cursed with the ultra low amplifying rates? it just makes no sense. and this is why i think i was "unlucky" because i now feel like i chose the wrong class, based solely on the fact that i can't amplify my staff +10. Is this how the game is supposed to make you feel? are you supposed to pick your class depending on what's easiest and saves you the most $? or are you supposed to pick what you like, and actually have fun in the game? So that was basically a very long complaint in short, but i am sure many feel the exact same way, or can agree with parts i mentioned at least. And sadly my case isn't even one of the worst and doesn't even scratch the surface of this systems problems. I am not looking for sympathy with this post, or any refunds. But as mentioned, it's just to put things into perspective. There are people in the game that have used way more and gained nothing. The amount of players that are "unlucky" compared to those who are "lucky" is just too great. Why is this system of frustration still a thing? why is it okay to allow people to spend that much money without gaining anything? is it actually the players own fault? or is the game designed in a way that utilizes, and takes advantage of peoples will to compete and better themselves? My suggestion. So my suggestion is, that it might be for the best of everyone, if the system was actually changed to something more like the system used for upgrading guilds, and guild passive/active skills. So instead of trying to amp like a freak and wasting hundreds of dollars not ever knowing if you'll ever get the amp done, and EVEN if u got it, it probably wouldn't feel rewarding with the amount of signs you have to use these days, and the amount of weapons that need amplifying. The system could be changed so each amp level takes a certain amount of signs. Here's an example: 1sign, 1sphere and 1000 gold for +1 3signs, 3spheres and 1.500 gold for +2 10signs, 10spheres and 4.000 gold for +3 2sets of signs, 2sets of spheres and 9.000 gold for +4 4sets of signs, 4sets of spheres and 18.000 gold for +5 7sets of signs, 7sets of spheres and 25.000 gold for +6 10sets of signs, 10sets of spheres and 30.000 gold for +7 15sets of signs, 15sets of spheres and 45.000 gold for +8 30sets of signs, 30sets of spheres and 70.000 gold for +9 50sets of signs, 50sets of spheres and 100.000 gold for +10 ^ And half of these values for 1h weapons. This may seem like a lot of signs, and it really is, but compared to the current state of the amplifying system, you're much better off with this suggestion, since you actually get what you pay for 100%. And don't have to take risks all the time. Just be glad you're not one of the few that reached those 500sets i mentioned. it could be worse. Now, just like upgrading guilds, which uses unity signs, a form of material could be invented for amplifying. A material needed for the process of amplifying a weapon. and this is why the new update is relevant. This material could maybe be gained by spamming dungeons and doing other activities in the game, just like the current addition of "knowledge". Instead, this material can be farmed, and used to amplify your stuff. Another example just to clarify: 50sets of signs, 50sets of spheres and 100.000 gold and 10.000 of this "material" for +10 Now this could be made exclusively for weapons, or only the top amps like +8, +9 and +10. Or both weapons and gear, where gear would just need a much smaller amount of this "material", signs, spheres and gold, since gears aren't nearly as hard as weapons. This could be used in many different ways. Just a few possible advantages of this new system: - People may feel more inclined to be active, to get this "material" along with knowledge and reputation. - Flattens out the inconsistencies with the current amplifying system (some using 20sets for +10, others 500sets) - Everyone now pays the same for amplifying. This might even make the free to play players, or the ones that gave up amplifying, actually buy coins. Since the amount needed is clear, and this "material" can be farmed in the game, increasing the activity by a lot, and letting the hard work and grinding actually pay off by getting this "material" for amplifying. This also removes the uncertainty and frustrations when failing to amp. And might actually make players feel "rewarded" for their hard work finally gathering the "material", signs, spheres and gold, and GETTING the rewards they worked for. - More people will start amplifying. - People would actually amplify more weapons this way. - More people will buy seekers and a bunch of other miracle coin items, to spam dungeons from time to time. - This increased activity will be great for new players, that actually need the help they don't get, for quests and dungeons. - etc, etc, etc. there are many other benefits.
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