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  1. Mcs are winning? lol, mcs don't stand a chance. Let's be real here. The only reason why mcs are what you refer to as "winning", is because a the only strong mc guilds left, have made alliances with 80% of the elven guilds, in a desperate attempt to survive. And one of the multiple deals included in this alliance, is for the elf guilds to stay out of the battle for territories So basically it's 1 or 2 sentinel guilds, vs the whole legion side. And even with that, the legion side still loses sometimes. Is this how the game was designed to be played? what's fun about the legion side winning a war versus a mere fraction of the sentinels true power? lol. It's not even seen as a "war" anymore. Just an event to join for free buffs.
  2. I understand. I am trying to help US-Sapphire aswell with this entire post aswell. Personally i just think it's wrong for us players to have to go out of our way, and try to get our servers active somehow. From what i can tell SEA-Pearl seems to be dying aswell. It's the ones that manage the games job to make sure their servers are active and healthy etc..... So why aren't they doing anything about it? Why do WE have to? There are hundreds of posts about these issues.
  3. They won't even make server transfers a thing. Nor will they merge any servers. And as we all know, starting over on another server means many years, even decades for some, worth of money, time and hard work down the drain, and who wants to throw all of that away? Not to mention the friends, connections, experiences and memories built up through all these years...... It seems like things like these aren't respected enough, so they expect everyone to just start fresh on new servers if they have a problem with their current server. Because they obviously don't seem to be reading most of the posts on forums, or maybe they're just not interested in what people have to say here😅 I've seen posts about Sapphire legion side being underpopulated, many years back, and the issue still stands, and it seems to only be getting worse. So basically switching servers is "technically impossible" even though it's possible in every other game. Merging is too troublesome they say. But we all know it's possible as it happens every time they put up a test server. But for some reason, which i didn't really invest much time in reading, they won't merge any servers. So all of these things are impossible it seems. So if we can't do any of this, how about fixing the servers we are currently on, so we don't have to ask about these things? Seems like there won't be done anything about that too😏
  4. Exactly.. I feel like many of us just want to confirm if anything is going to be done about it. It's not fun playing on a side that is dying, and it's even less fun having to spend money, not being sure if it's all going to be a waste or not pretty soon. And many are mentioning certain things, directing most of the responsibility for this on the playerbase. The thing is, each player does have a certain responsibility to be friendly and act like a normal human being etc. But it's not our job to make sure the server is healthy, and it's not our job to try and retain the remaining playerbase. For many this game is about logging in and having a good time with friends, or competing with others etc. It's not supposed to be a second job, where we have to worry about things such as the dying playerbase all the time, and what we can do to counter that problem. So it's about time we got some help with that?
  5. I get your point, but, gathering every strong player in one guild, will just weaken everyone else:(((( so only 1 guild can enter trials, and have a chance of winning? What do all the other players do? Also what about wars and gvgs... it's going to be 1 guild vs 10 And this is only IF they ever agreed to do this haha. It is underpopulated.... I've been on the server for years and years, and i can tell, along with most of the other players left there, that legion side is currently at the worst it's ever been. Hence me making this post. The guilds that used to be the strongest, can no longer compete like they used to.
  6. You're right about the option being there, but only few actually use that option.. And it doesn't solve much of the problem at hand... How is this going to help with the already fractured, and still declining population in legion? The elf side toxicity too, why aren't they underpopulated?
  7. I don't know if toxicity is the main problem to the underpopulation we are experiencing on sapphire(Legion).. but if it is, id sure like there to be done something about it. Whatever the problem is, it needs to be looked at, and dealt with!
  8. By gms you mean game managers perhaps? what can they do here on the forums? For years there has been posts about the dying side on Sapphire, and nothing has been done yet to counter that issue. It's only getting worse and worse.
  9. I agree 100% that there are certain things, that certain people have done to ruin the legion side, and push many people away. The toxicity is unreal. And i am very sorry about what happened to TheForlorn. Such a shame. But then again, my only problem with that statement is, it is still the games fault. It's their job to keep the servers healthy and deal with the issues, in any way they can, right? They HAVE to do something at this point!
  10. So this will probably be post #200 about this particular subject, namely, the lack of players on the US-Sapphire legion side. Im really interested in knowing if there are any plans at all to counter/fix this issue at all? People are leaving the legion side/server in droves because of the lack of activity, and any sign of hope left. As you can see, it's the usual 3 struggling legion guilds, vs 7 sentinel guilds. It has been like this in the guild tournament for almost a year now, maybe even longer. Just 3 legion guilds in top10 at best. But the population problem has been there since forever. Why? The worst part is, there is such bad activity on legion side, that these 3 guilds can't even compete against the sentinel ones in events like Mermen Trials, or most other events. They just can't get enough players online for the events, and therefore have to join lower level guilds to be able to spam the mermen dungeon. And let's not even get started on the battle for territories... So what's the plan going on forward?
  11. I've seen posts about it from around a decade ago xD So hopefully sometime soon.
  12. Yeah that's another issue also.. Forcing people to stay on a dead server ruins their experience basically. And more often than not, they end up leaving the game entirely. Not starting a new character on their preferred server.
  13. So, i would like to suggest adding a character server transfer option to the game. A lot of people are stuck on servers where event times are like 2-6am or some other crazy time, which makes them unable to attend and experience the game the way it should be.
  14. What i meant is for the devs to make sure warlocks don't do the forbidden, and have any kind of useful power or advantage over someone else. To make sure warlocks will always be disadvantaged😂 Not sure where you see me pour any emotion into anything, im aware it's a troll post, and im really just trolling aswell. So i don't need you to clarify that🙄
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