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  1. Guild skills are not made for running only
  2. There is also a bug with mermen drops too. They don t appear in world chat sometimes. That happened in EU.
  3. The new GvG is quite fun tbh, the afk in bunker is boring tho but u can always unity in other guild bunkers to make it more fun :3
  4. Would be useful to know when gvg are. (days + cet time) not only : Restart time: 3 times a week on schedule. In the “Events” menu you can always check the time of the nearest tourney battle.
  5. Событие Хэллоуина: Новая арена 3x3 Новое подземелье Новый GvG
  6. Here is the new horror 2020 preview: New arena 3x3 New Dg New GvG
  7. After 2 weeks of "big muscles" there is veterans in action. Nice globe 🙂
  8. If two powerful guilds face each other the result is one hell of a battle. Sadly this don t apply to EU-Emerald and the result is one afk battle and ppl leaving enemy guilds and stop playing .
  9. I barely can see myself haha
  10. Wars are fun but sadly ppl afk most of the time or don t know about this event. Here is what you miss
  11. It's true that we all fight for that rank 1 but after all let's be honest, You ll win some and most certainly you ll lose some as well. Even if you don t get rank 1, and you manage to be in top 10 or 5, we all like the fights more than we love the spams. It s all about the fun after all. Here is a compilation of some fights i did with my friends.
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