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  1. @Akasha any news about the client for debian?
  2. I wonder if there is a discord server for players to casual chat or ask for help, etc.
  3. Yes, i still can't login/switch account. Upgraded to 8.2.4
  4. When trying to login or switch account or anything, client responds with "Could not connect to server."
  5. Rofl :D...i need lab bosses...but :D...when i m asking for help...5k per boss x.x :cray: so i m just doing dailys..and hopeng that when i ll be lvl 20...i ll do it by myself :sorry:
  6. zsefv


    How can i make Berengar's columns quest...i need to go in a cave with 9 players from other factions...alone ...and get a book ... Wut :crazy: ?!?!
  7. zsefv

    Help :)

    Found gariel :) but others :D?
  8. zsefv

    Help :)

    Where can i find berengar's guards...Gariel and Master Dihrush
  9. zsefv

    Master skills

    You could trade books ;)
  10. zsefv

    Master skills

    What about mastering skills? There should be books that allows you to master a skill. If the skills is maxed out (lvl 5) , you can add extra points (3-5) . Books may have a successful rate of 50%--40%--30%--20%--10%.
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