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  1. zsefv

    Phalanx vs Reborn EU

    Привет, ребята, вот как выглядит GvG на европейском сервере. Как у тебя на сервере? Есть ли предложения по каналам YouTube, за которыми я могу следить с Русского сервера?
  2. We all know mermen match making is kind of bad right now. WHAT IF the game 'd calculate the max resilience a guild could get from they player's equip ( and maybe even take in consideration resilience skill ) . So basically if a player in guild X would have all arena equip that is possible right now in the game, it will only take in consideration the highest level pieces they have for each equipment slot (or make it more complicated if you want, take in consideration the arena set bonuses) . After that you sum all the players max resilience calculated earlier and voila you can make a fair and fun fight. This not so complicated equitation could be done for the top guilds in each server ( let s say top 32 ) and for the rest, it can be used the same matchmaking system. I m saying 32 because i never saw that many low level guilds applying and if they do, they usually don t have arena equip. I m open for your ideas of improving my own idea. What do you think about it?
  3. Really enjoyed today's bday gvg. Lot of fights <3
  4. This is my favourite GvG in the game so far. What is yours?
  5. zsefv

    EU 1v1 Tournament

    Спасибо. Я надеюсь, что мы сделаем это снова в будущем. ^^
  6. zsefv

    EU 1v1 Tournament

    Да, было приятно видеть, что за 1 день мы и наши «враги» можем расслабиться.
  7. zsefv

    EU 1v1 Tournament

    Мы провели турнир 1 vs 1 на европейском сервере. Вот видео об этом.
  8. zsefv

    EU 1v1 Tournament

    In EU we did a 1v1 tournament and this is how it turned out.
  9. A really nice option would be to see how many ppl in same location + how many guild mates are in same location. (eg. 54 (23) -> 54 in area with 23 guild mates )
  10. Hey, if you couldn't join test server and see how cool the new dg is go check it here
  11. This game is not about 1v1, just saying. If is only about 1v1, make charge skill 2 sec stun cuz too op in 1v1 vs healers.
  12. Guild skills are not made for running only
  13. There is also a bug with mermen drops too. They don t appear in world chat sometimes. That happened in EU.
  14. The new GvG is quite fun tbh, the afk in bunker is boring tho but u can always unity in other guild bunkers to make it more fun :3
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