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  1. Who have eyes can see all what want without spent neither 1 dolar, don't be toxic at this point.
  2. Charmer have his power splited in four summon (3 dogs and 1 bird) and a bunch of seconds of cooldown. While Moon is constant.
  3. And when neither of this work, what do? Oh elfspear each day more and more i love u
  4. Idk how Emerald work, but i invite u to come Tourmaline, create a MC and have fun killing "easy" the Palas.
  5. Teach us how to kill the pet of a broken class
  6. Sovereign owner of reason, god among humans, we humbly apologize for our inability. Against facts there are no arguments (contains sarcasm)
  7. Of course it is, there's no reason to lie.
  8. Of course it's ok to be a tank with dmg reduction, a unbreakeable shield, good magic dmg, insane control and why not heal 5k+, it's perfectly balanced.
  9. Heal 3x times when? When he try escape from 3 hit of 2k+ of seeker? or When he try scape for combo of stun+dmg and the max he can do is heal 2k? Come on, don't be silly.
  10. Ingrid likes to make useless mechanics for the MC side, while they give attack force to the Elf side (BD and SK), for MC they give the "hate".
  11. Heal classes as necromant have a insane dificult in heal more than 3k+, but a class that's are tank, healer, controeler as paladin easily heal 5k+ in various situations and this no doubt are wrong, just want the game be fair for everyone and is obivious to a long time Aingrid leave us in this situation of Elfspear.
  12. Elf Spear is less surprising every day 😒
  13. You are a ducking joke dude
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