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  1. The post was created due the fact that the reports people have sent so far have received little to no attention at all. They all get the same reply saying that support team will look into the evidence, but they've said the same for months now. My point is, if we cannot get support team's attention nor get them to act towards this issue through reports, what are we supposed to do?
  2. I'm obviously not expecting them to come here, confess and apologize all their wrongs, but merely explain and show us that the support team DOES care, and IS on side of the players who are NOT violating the rules, or abusing the system. I would also hope to see them change the system so that it wouldn't be that easy to abuse (as we've come to see), but guess that's bit too much to ask to be done instantly. I understand that even if the system feels wrong and unrighteous, it still took time and effort to build. Creating a new one wouldn't be any easier to say at least. All that being said, all I'm expecting is a mere recognition of the situation and that they are indeed working on this system, to avoid situations like mine and the many others who've suffered from these flaws. P.S I don't know if a private message from them would be enough to satisfy the public, for it is pretty much the whole community who are more or less interested in receiving an answer from them.. Even so, anything is better than nothing, don't y'all agree?
  3. I should let you all know that I've possibly made some progress in the unbanning of my account. I think I've finally received a reply that was not automated or written beforehand, from the support team. This doesn't mean that I'm any less concerned with the lack of attention this topic has received from the admins and even more importantly, the support team members themselves.. That being said, I still don't think that demanding for replies on weekend is necessary, since as we all know, they don't look into these things during these days. This topic ain't gonna die until there has been clarification of their actions from the support team, or at least the admins if they wish to work as their messengers.. The whole topic wasn't meant to be hateful or disrespectful, but merely questioning the actions they have - or haven't taken. Therefore I tend to keep it alive in a respectful manner. This is because I once heard from someone far more patient and disciplined than myself that to gain respect from others, you need to show some yourself. (._.)
  4. Yeah I can understand how you're feelin'
  5. We do indeed have proper evidence on the chinese. That is the main issue we're having here.. We are giving them evidence yet nothing happens. I tried to prove them that the ban I received was false, and they ignored it.. This is what the whole topic is about. It's about support team being ignorant and careless.. And yes I agree with @samir10. This time unfortunately you, @Krystal, can't give us the answers we need, and we are not blaming you for that. I've waited for automated replies for days, I don't mind waiting few days or even a week extra if that means we'll get a proper reply that explains their actions.. We appreciate your concern, and we shall keep the topic semi-friendly so that you don't need to intervene. Besides... We have Mr. Higg here reading through all the replies and editing them if necessary. P.S This is not me trying to lowkey tell you to get lost, but to simply explain what are our demands here... In case I missed the point while writing that. Appreciate your understanding.
  6. Unfortunately Cardinal is only a tech specialist who looks into issues that ppl have with different devices and such. Therefore tagging him won't help.. @Peony in the other hand could probably try to ask a member of the support team to check this topic out whenever she finds the time to do so. The sooner the better obviously due the fact that those 3 (Unravel, Ivyouhun and vsopbs) are even in the top ranks (1,2 and 3) thanks to these cheating techniques... They've been reported by plenty but nothing has changed. This I would say is rather unacceptable just because as one of my friends said - "why bother spamming arena when you could just spam reports+share".. At this point I've pretty much lost all the hope I had for unbanning my account, but at least make it so that others won't have to suffer of such hypocrisy in the future..
  7. First of all I would like to tell you that I did indeed put my life aside for those few days. I slept max 5h a night, avg was around 4h I'd say. All the awake hours I spent online, spamming arena with my mate here. It is indeed possible and fully legit. Obviously I had to eat, shower etc etc. But I carried my phone with me everywhere I went (yes even to shower, believe it or not). Ofc I had to take some breaks and simply just afk&press the demand button, but even then it was me who did that. I just wasn't fighting due cooking or something else that required my attention.. The reason I was banned is because as the support team themselves said, they get their data from server logs. Those logs show that my account was being logged into from more than 1 ip adress, which would suggest that I'm sharing it.. What I tried to explain them was that I'm a person who simply happens to live in 2 different countries due my studies, and therefore I have more than 1 SIM card in use. On top lf that my location obviously changes all the time so.... Oh well.. For whatever reason, they decided to ignore that explanation and say that the permanent ban was not negotiable (with an automated message, as always..) And I'd like to add that I'm not blaming all the chinese players for the violations of this specific group of players that simply happened to be chinese..
  8. I merely just told what I've experienced within last few days with these chinese and the support team. I don't own the subject so yeah ofc xd
  9. Ok so now that my 8 year WSO "career" seems to be coming to its end, I thought I should probably tell people how and why it came down to this, because even I didn't think I'd be quitting this suddenly. And even more so, some of you might (or might've) experience(d) something similar. It all began when this new arena season started. Me and few of my mates decided to give it a try. Of course it wasn't that simple but those things don't really matter now. Anyway... Soon enough we found out that we'll be fighting against a squad of 3 chinese players named Unravel, Vsopb and Ivyouhun. We figured that we should probably spam as much as possible while I'm still on holidays, because when I'm going back to school, there's no way I could go past those guys. Well days passed, we did a real s**t ton of arena (about 120h Fri-Wed) and after fighting the china squad with my mates for a good while, I managed to get myself a good 150k ap gap between me and the chinese. We started to take it a bit easier since we hadn't really slept for past few days (just enough to keep spammingg for another day).. Wednesday wasn't any different. We were still fighting the chinese but my gap wasn't getting any smaller so I wasn't stressing about it. All I had to do was spam as much as I could. But then suddenly I got disconnected.. I tried to log back and it said "Your account has been blocked". First I thought it was a bug of some kind but soon I realized that my acc really was banned, and I couldn't come up with any reasons why. This is when I told my guild mates and other friends about this, and they advised me to contact the support team asap. That I did. I sent the support team a mail where I tried to explain my somewhat urgent situation and requested a reasoning and if possible, unbanning of my acc asap. They gave me a reply asking me to explain "suspicious activities" that have taken part on my account. First I asked them to specify what they meant by this, but then my friends suggested that it could be that my ip logs could be little iffy since I've moved to UK, therefore I got 2 SIM cards in use all the time (a finnish and uk one).. On top of that I mentioned that I have had a Russian SIM in use from time to time due my short trips to Russia (you know... 1-7 day drinking party trips). Then now this Monday I received an automated reply saying that my account was permanently banned for sharing and trading my account & using someone else's account. This obviously got me on my toes since I had been writing proper formal&polite mails and all I got was a automated response saying that I've lost thousands of hours and euros worth of work just like that. That's pretty much where I'm at currently.. I doubt the situation will change and tbh even if it does, losing a rank AND my one and only account is just bit too big hit to be taken. I'm obviously still trying to contact the support team, hoping that they would at least make the perma ban a temporary one, but that would not change the fact that I've already lost the rank after spamming hours and hours and hours for it.. All this being said, I can pretty much say that my story is finally coming to its end and even though you could say that I'm leaving due the brokenness of the system and the corruption of the community, I still think that if we leave the actual support team and the system abusers out, the community was one of the best ones I've ever been part of, and I'm glad I got to meet all these ppl, some more than others... (._.) *Imawizurd has left the game*
  10. That's actually pretty dank, not gonna lie. (. _.) I'd love to have something on my pally or mage even... Oh boe... all the possibilities!
  11. No release post? (. _.) Keeping up the hype I suppose... :3 I like it.
  12. I disagree. Strongly.. Rogs are not the ones hittin my 32% resil 7.1k pdef pala 1.1k per basic hit (._.)
  13. The one that basically says "make minions invincible" is god awful to be honest. No offense ofc... But imagine running around as a warden or smtn, with a heal/dmg/stunner minion and basically just shreading everyone and everything because they can't do anything to stop you nor your minion.. That'd pretty much destroy the balance and the meaning of the minions with necromancer's skills that cost certain % of your max hp. And yeah, lets face the fact that 90% of us are going to "PvP cave" somewhat daily or at least weekly, and fighting people with lightning spirits/pumpkin guards/granite guard looking thingies/etc. etc.... Imagine if they were all invincible.. 😤
  14. I'd say "less underpowered", but I guess thats opinion based. Anyway... All classes are getting a new expert, so I don't think that mages would be "more broken", especially since this skill wouldn't be that useful in PvE (where mages are pretty good).
  15. Every 5 skills would be too much since combos are easily breakable, and most mages are pretty squishy when they get stunned. But something like every 3 skills would be ok, if we accept all skills.
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