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  1. Pheww, awesome job keeping all the records! Very impressive and interesting
  2. True!! Rich gets richer everytime. X2 guaranteed drops was actually X2 common stuff no matter how many times some of us did dg.
  3. I hope I get good drops in winter. Horror turned out to be disappointment.
  4. They better do, coz we were all gathered there eager as ever and then.... nothing happened
  5. Thank you Behind every photo is a story and mine is a lil bit funny I was looking forward to do more but ended up with this one. It'd been difficult, honestly, my not-so-smart phone lacks certain features and that dashed my expectations.
  6. ~Fear is here~ Yellow-eyed Veil Sorceress Nah those eyes aren't mesmerizing, but deceiving. Darkness turn them gold---gold attracts people oblivious to the sorceress awaiting them in her trap.
  7. Kirby


    I ain't no blind I ain't no wise But when it comes to color Black shall rise#
  8. CURSED WATER GUARDIAN A water guardian made of pure water donning a cursed crown that channels its dark powers into him. It has four arms that drips water all the time, thereby forming a pool of water beneath its three watery feet. It dons an enchanted strapped belt that helps maintain its body in shape.
  9. Greetings all! This is my entry! We've been through a lot last year, so let's pray for betterment of everything this time.
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