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  1. Poggers

    Strongest classes right now!

    what is this necroposting lmao
  2. Poggers

    Warspear Online (Anway) SHATTER

    Dont listen to him, the kiting was very good. The predictions of stuns to counter with ennoble were very accurate as well. Good job!
  3. Poggers

    Amplification chances shown in percent

    The numbers are about right, ive amped alot of items and they match pretty well. But they also vary according to what type of item you are amping. The chances of amping a two handed weapon is twice as hard as amping a one hand weapon, which is twice as hard as amping an armour piece or accessory.
  4. Poggers

    [2019.01.04] The XXVI Arena season is open!

    lol, theres a pearl server.
  5. Poggers

    Amplification chances shown in percent

    Once its released in China, they will have to reveal drop chances or its illegal.
  6. Poggers

    Why no exp per kill?

    its p2w as well, not skill based..
  7. Poggers

    Cheap coins in china?

    they arent cheaper in china buddy.
  8. im quite certain hes being sarcastic.
  9. I think what he means is instead of adding "difficulty" in terms of extra damage and higher hp, make it more skill based and tactical so that people actually have to try to clear it.
  10. Poggers

    Combine ELF/MC market

    Suggested and declined many many times.
  11. So we only need to send a video to the email we do not have to link it here right?
  12. Poggers

    activate skill with double tap

    i agree.