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  1. The amount of people who cannot understand sarcasm is kinda funny ngl
  2. Lets be real here, its a mostly mobile mmo, people who play this game dont give a shit, the devs dont give a shit about player attitudes either. toxicity runs rampant, thats how you get an elitist dead game
  3. x4 stun resist every 20 seconds. balance good shit devs we really gonna have a fun time now i have never seen the game in such a balanced state dont nerf it please
  4. tell em to merge with EU Emerald, we prob most active english speaking server there is
  5. Okay, got it thanks!
  6. Do the t5 talents apply on land as well as in the sea tramps dungeon as well?
  7. Few questions 1. Is this the final week? 2. Are the costumes added the old school ones? Thanks in advance.
  8. There also a bug with Momba where she remains immune to damage even after the brewing pot has been killed, can you look into that please? @Akasha @Higgings
  9. this is just a visualization of the % chance
  10. Where should i report if i find two people account sharing? with evidence.
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