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  1. solid game moderation 😂
  2. Have you played any game before other than warspear? Like ever? There is a reason people shit on devs from games, if the games were better, they would be respected. Personally i see no point in insulting them but to ask people to be content with the game in such a state as this is really asking too much. Personally i quite enjoy T5, they added an endless grind which i welcome, and harder content which is meant for END GAME players. No. You just don't like the water map because you find it too difficult.
  3. Imagine thinking that comment was serious.
  4. XD, nah its too hard, why cant we all have things for free? 😂
  5. Will the achievment times for guild events remain at 15 minutes, because they seem impossible as of late.
  6. The achievement "Underwater exploration" is impossible to complete because of your garbage game servers causing my entire guild to be kick out of EU Emerald literally every 20 minutes. How do you expect to maintain this already pissed off player base with such insane connection issues. Can we get an explanation for what is happening? Thank you.
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