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  1. Im fine with a class that has skills that need to be aimed, and stuns that arent guaranteed, to be one shotting parties 🙂
  2. people have been having connection issues for a long time, you are not the only one, lets hope its fixed soon.
  3. charmers with 2-handed blades, yeah no thanks
  4. Poggers

    Account sharing

    chaos among allies i see
  5. I agree with some of your points but theres one thing you need to understand, the customer is NOT. always. right. Its an old saying and is abused for the wrong reasons.
  6. lol wha, pretty sure hes joking.
  7. Try messaging the support team, they have helped me in the past with this type of thing [email protected]
  8. yes this whole accidental mcoin shop purchase thing needs to be either removed or reworked, i know many people who have accidentally bought upots or experience pots and made to feel extremely frustrated afterwards, clickbaiting isnt fun for the anyone.
  9. Lets hope that is the case.
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