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some idea for not bore players


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After event end everyone get bore, same daily quests at t3, t4. 

my suggestion is if they add some random daily event on non event days.

as example :

all heroic dgs 2x gp only for today. (1 day validity)

nadir dg drop 2x only today.(1 day validity)

kronus dg drop 2x gears only today.(1 day validity)

all hard and heroic lvl dg drop 2x ethereal and energy essence only today(1 day validity)

all heroic dg drop bone wing costum( or any) only today.( 1 day validity)


This type surprise daily events can give players fun. this event should be surprise, no post in forum, only announce on info chat. so people will have stay

online daily for know that, is today any event or not?


Daily event should be have randomly not everyday. can be twice random days in a week.


Hope people like this idea.


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9 minutes ago, Jcbreff said:

But if they would be announced in info chat someone could miss it

maybe miss first time. after that he/she will active daily once for know is today event?

It will make game more active.

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"lack of event is killing this game"

cuck these events where you can use minions in arena. There are lots of people who play only for arena and they don't even log on events. 

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5 hours ago, damgOn said:

Guys. What you think about holiday event??? 

Sand map. Bosses- Animals from sea u can easy create skina. Please think about it

We already have halloween,christmas and spring

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