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  1. Primal

    Skylore Online

    I saw "farming" and was like "what? why??"
  2. If they did actually add one of those bosses where hydra currently is, they would have to make it much harder to defeat as well as fix some of the issues with afk staying in area. Because if only one party can kill the boss at a time, there wouldnt be much to it.
  3. Primal

    Phishing sites!

    it works.. for now, hope it continues.
  4. i see crit as worth having only when you have a lot of it. My ranger has 35% crit and it feels very good. While if my ranger only had 10%, another 3 % woukdnt feel like much. Penetration is a very good stat to have at least 10% of so that you can negate the hardest bits of armour that most mobs and players have. Penetration is also much better for flat damage builds. Just my opinion.
  5. I never played on the same server but i have seen you on the forums for a very long time. Good luck in life and may you find joy elsewhere.
  6. Just bought 15 vamp runes for 450k, looking promising. Give us our level 30 update.
  7. Primal

    Phishing sites!

    This guy is ridiculous, my ignore list has almost 20 names all of the same guy spamming this website..
  8. How many times has your faction lost that one hour war because half of the population was AFK at the first town? Do you want to get rid of this problem in an easy way? Here's a good way to do just that! First we must answer the question, why do people afk at war anyway? why dont they help their faction try and win? The answer: there are no extra rewards for more participation.. My suggestion is that we add a new currency, maybe called glory points/ war points that would serve as a currency used to purchase items from a specific shop. This particula
  9. Is it just me or does it seem like the chance for mid dungeon chest drops have decreased? I've opened like 20 empty chests since the maintenance..
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