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Blesskillz IS Back.


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Hey guys! Just wanted to make a post about me coming back to the game and letting everyone know.


So basically if you're wondering about my ranger (Blesskillz) it's a pretty long story which even I don't have the complete facts about because I never was 100% sure about why he was blocked. What I do know is that there had been an issue with my paypal, because I was using multiple accounts to buy miracles coins and pre-paid cards. But yeah. Roguekillz & Blesskillz were on one account and they both got blocked.


Aaaanyways. Who cares right? The past is the past. I'm starting over with a few old friends who were kind enough to help me start up again and get back on top. I am currently playing Arrrooowww, I still have a lot of amping to do and a new arena weapon to get. I'll be staying at level 24 for the time being with my friend Tawn (Apocalysm). We'll basically be running the 24 bracket and if you've got a problem with that just go ahead and hit that demand 2x2 button. 


I just want to make a few things clear. I know I was a complete asshole back in the day.I was very rude, cocky, and arrogant. I've changed, but if you talk shit to me personally or behind my back I WILL respond in an equally shitty way. Don't talk shit if you can't back it up. Also me and Tawn are planning to make some Warspear arena videos. No, not like my old shitty videos with no music lmao! Actual Youtube videos with great editing and just some nice pvping/arena. I always found them entertaining to watch especially when the top players are involved. I'm taking things slowly for now, trying not to spend too much on mcoins but we'll see. 


Here's a link to my channel that I had uploaded my previous Blesskillz videos on, just in case you thought this whole thing was a lie and I'm an imposter :) I also still have my lvl 10 Rogue (Rkillz) but I rarely play him. Looking forward to seeing you guys in the arena!





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I knew the peace won't last forever. But if your going to come back at least don't cheat and say your arrrooowww now. Because the ori has already sold his account. I like the way you played it out saying currently playing tho.


Welcome back hope to see you spend more mcoins.

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Oh the guy who betrayed my trust and deleted my own Bladedancer comes back and talks shit here? You're one of the main reasons I quit because I tried to rebuild and made that bd and spent hella money on it. Any of the old players know this fact and we all know what kind of person you are. I'm not gonna turn this post into major Warspear drama cuz I don't have time to argue with kids like yourself. You're a thief and a liar Alejandro. You can make up all the stories you want about me or about what actually happened with Axekillz but deep down you know for a fact that you're just some pathetic kid who constantly seeks attention. 


The new Warspear community might be naive and think you're someone else, but all of us old players know what you're capable of. This is why you never had any friends back in the day. (Except me, of course which was a terrible idea obviously). I trusted you and treated you like a brother. You needed help with your arena season? I was there for you. You wanted me to help you amp your bow? I helped you. You asked to use my demo even though it cost millions at the time? I let you. I can go on and on, but the fact of the matter is, I'm just tired of argueing with you and hearing all your pathetic lies to me and the community. So why don't you scurry back to wherever you came from and wait till I put you in your place in the arena.


Please don't turn this into more than what it already is. Don't be that petty kid in middleschool who's just ready to pounce on any rumours or problems concerning others. You wanna talk to me, you know how to reach me. But don't act all high and mighty on me. We both know who you are and what you did.

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