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  1. When I need gold I buy hp pots with arena points then sell them back right there in the shop. 8k ap = 14k gold roughly. It's just if you need a few and you can gather the ap from all your characters if you don't need the ap. It's not the best way but it's something.
  2. We know you're not a gm. You just reported him.
  3. They're green, yes xD they don't show up as green as they are irl tho.-.
  4. my dk's shield is only lvl 3 and it works pretty much all the time..
  5. on rogue rn I'm using +6 swords, who's tried axes and do you like them? Or are swords are daggers better?
  6. On my sham I put 3 ball, 5 heal, 1 earth, 2 blinde, and 2 quake. (Lvl 15 as of now, planning to lvl sham to 18) Was wondering if I should tweak my skill build?
  7. My sham soloed minis (like leopard murderer for example) at lvl 13, with a +9 staff, 222 heal and about 1.7k (give or take) def.
  8. It seems like forever for it to cool down._. But I love this skill, it's especially fun in arena when people are kiting, plus the dmg bonus is a plus
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