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any plans for new caster weapons?


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Staffs are slow, old ans boring. Wondering if anyone has any gos on new weapons tailored to casters coming out any time soon? If not may i suggest


Wands?orbs? Dildos?


Maybe just make them for warlocks and mages with more damage than the average caster?

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I kind of had an idea using the aspect of Grimoire!


Google it if you don't know what that is.


They would cause less damage than their staff counterpart...but they would be one handed. 

Allowing the caster to also use shield too!


But maybe that is a bit too much.

I don't know.

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YES! I LOVE THAT IDEA, THIS MUST HAPPEN! We must be able to use dildos in Warspear because staffs don't work to well in certain scenarios...

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