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  1. I agree this is an amazing idea wand in w a nd in on me hand nd a book or somethin in the other
  2. I may be to big of a noob to understand, but ask why is lightning only 3 wouldnt 5 be better and doesnt roots stop working if you hurt your foe? and what does forest song and tornado do?
  3. Haha does this forum have a translater button
  4. Ohh I almost went crazy thinking I was op
  5. Haha does no one see the comment in the pick?
  6. So will THE MERCS do any mercenary work if you know what I mean.
  7. I really didnt think some would give that good of an answer.
  8. Id like to be all around not limited to just one thing ive never played a death knight so I dont even know if their good so tips would be nice
  9. Cmon roland im going to do it what about you
  10. boys are in the game there named jeffery and the are a non playable char so what wait its about the game hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha no right to ban no right to despise lets all talk about jeffery
  11. then tell me whats the point about for locking a topic roland was having fun it may not have been about the game but it couldve be a huge joke everyone could have laughed about
  12. do you even think the go to the "tavern" and care about peoples opinion.......
  13. see my whole scheme wasnt to get any moderatermad or and members mad but to point out look all of my comments are still here locked forever and is just going to sit here where no one can comment i mean look at the all of the general topics almost every thing locked on there whats the point of posting a topic and you comment on it like my first one abot giving roland 1 stars that was a joke that everyone probaly couldve laughed about androland some some funny stuff but instead you guys ruin it by just locking i mean cmon so that why i done this evert time you locked one i made another to point out how idiotic it is to do and you guys will lock this right after you comment something so you can get the last word. so hopefully i changed your guys thinking but most likely not but i rly dont care ban me for sharing my opinion to the moderators and ive sent this to moderaters to dicuss this monstrosity of an idea but they dont care so plz do ban me for telling everyone my opinion on a forum that a quarter of this forum is about.
  14. Grukamin


    well right under us saphire yes it does so what i am doing is just fine.
  15. Grukamin


    it says under general, general topic discussion doesnt that mean everything in general?
  16. hey soo is that sopposed to be a cat or a girl in a suit
  17. red seeker i love your enthusiasm
  18. again im not crying at all in my mind i say this as calmly possible and there really no reason he should ban me we should talk so we can resolve this problem but it has to be over a topic chat no pm's. Haha my bad
  19. this whole forum is about giving suggetions,debateing,asking questions,dicussing things,and merely just saying how you fell about the game etc so theres really nothing wrong with what i am doing
  20. Yes snorlax im calling you out aswell.
  21. Dear,2 star roland i have seen youve yet again locked my topic and even thought it is very rude. this is the exact reason why you have the name 2 star roland (2 star) thats very disapointing not only to the people you "try" help out in this board but to your fellow admins and staff. all youy do all day is post random idiotic things about things you guys are updating or adding (or that maybe snorlax) but thats not the point be nice to your fans and theyll be nice to you.
  22. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ your poopface tomatoturd bruh
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