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The Faithful Friends...

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I just an ordinary person in the real world...


One day, my perspective of the game suddenly change when I accidentally found the Warspear Online in the android market and try to play it...

Omg! this is an awesome multi platform online mobile game I have ever play!


In the first run I choose the US-Saphire server and start a rogue there. In the game I met great people like Hawkeye, Samhein, Erebos, Supersaiya. That moment the client still 0.4 and have very bright future pay to play MMOG...


About two months I raise my female rogue named "Iria" and my mighty unarmored barbarian named "Lubu" and never try shaman since I don't like wearing any skirt  ;D


The faithful friends...

One day I feel lonely in that server and try to make an elf char in EU-Emerald...Omg! the server have better population than Saphire.

But...I feel so much confuse with the elf world. I made a character named just the same "Lubu" a bladedancer.

Slowly I try to learn about the class and try to talk to few people there and the faith made me meet with Slade a wise ranger and I am very shocked when he shouted "Are you the naked Lubu from Saphire?" and reply quickly "Yes Sir! And you are?"


Slade laugh loudly and say that he is Erebos the shaman in Saphire.

From that time Slade always besides me everywhere I go although we have very different time zone.

In that time the level system still using the "rank" system.

When I reach "rank 3" I begin to think how to express my gratitude to Slade and I got an idea to make a new char with the name similar to him.

I make a huge decision that day, I delete the "Lubu" character and make a new char named "Slay"

You see that the name Slade and Slay have commonality isn't it?

Thats my idea to express my gratitude to Slade, my mentor.

Опубликованное фото


And I want you to know in that game version I never wear any armor because its make me looks cool and very unique compare to another player since in that time the defense attribute still under development.


Slowly, I raise Slay day by day in the first island and helping other people by giving gold or help in quests.

I love to kill bears there and when I have 5,000 I will give it to random people there and its make me feel better  ;D


Desperate situation...

But, when the time of new update come, the new adventures begin in the new island!

Many people that used to be lower rank than me turn into stronger higher rank player and left me in the first island  :sorry:

I go to the new island with poor condition, only have about 300 gold left, but its enough for one way boat ticket.

The new island full of horror creatures that designed for rank 4 players but I go there when still at rank 3 with no gold to turn back.

Well, mostly I play in the first island helping other people fighting bosses but not think about leveling up my character  ;D


So, when the boat captain deliver me to the new island I feel confuse, everyone looks so busy and all of them are elite rank 4!!

They are looks so cool with their armor and weapons, I try to pick one quest of killing cougars near the first town but they eat me like a noodle, damn!

I am wondering around try to seek help about 2 days but everyone so busy for a newbie like me  :facepalm:


Seeking help...

In the desperate situation I try to join the forum and read many posts written by Vanhelsing.

Hmm, he is a veteran player and he is playing in Emerald, I should try to find him in the game.

When I play, I am wondering around, avoiding any monster I met because no way I could kill them.

Yay!! finally I meet Vanhelsing in the game.

I try to talk to him and really a nice person, but he got full party of 8 people.

Well, I try to keep tag along where ever he goes and talking to build relationship.

Finally I have a chance to help him when his party member need to kill Maraksha...well my low damage still help to kill it tho  ;D

After killed that boss, I persuade him to help me killing green snakes for my quest  ;D

I look at him that no chance for the snakes can hurt him  :shok:

Day by day I gain gold slowly and buy equipments to become stronger and become his party member 8)


I met a funny ranger named "Rapgear"  ;D  and become my close friend.

Every day I enjoy playing Warspear Online and finish the whole quest in the second island after killed Dinalt the Ghostwalker as the final boss with the help of Vanhelsing.


And you know what...I am still rank 3!!

After defeat Dinalt I scream to Vanhelsing "Look! I survived!!" ...yeah I am the only rank 3 that finish all the quest in the new island in that time.

Then I tell to Vanhelsing that I want to leave his party and back to the first island and someday I will have my own party and become a leader like him  ;D


I left Rapgear and said that please don't follow me since you have a good party and a good leader there.


Back to the homeland...

I am seeking for my mentor, Slade... since in that time no friend list feature yet  ;D

There are many quest I should do in the homeland...and hope I can reach rank 4 in the mean time.

Got it! Found Slade and we form a party and start to get new friends by helping new players.


Building armies...

Our friends increasing...

We found Vic the ranger...a great fighter with a little voice...

We found Krylancelo the ranger...a dedicated player that can play 18 hours without sleep...

We persuaded Samhein from Saphire to move in Emerald and become Wolfdragon the druid...

We found Goddropped the ranger...that will be the strongest ranger in Emerald wielding longbow...

We found Rankin the bladedancer...the weeds man...

We found Striderman the bladedancer...the king of noobs...

I tried to train few of them how to hold aggro when fight a boss since in that time no healing skill or train how to use the ping pong tactic.

...and our friends become bigger and bigger...


Finally, we have commonalities in the attitude that made us enjoy to play together


One day to strengthen our bound..we agree to form a Clan...

We agreed to give the name

"Friends of Faith" Clan or for short "FoF Clan"

Finally we persuaded Vanhelsing to join the Clan also... ;D

The Clan have made me active in forum and share ideas with great people there...

To communicate between members we used to talk by emails, and gather in the game when we need.


Enemy become friends...

Our clan become bigger and bigger and when the game open the access for the both faction we met the first PvP shaman named "Awww", lol what a name  :facepalm:

We hunt him down...and then become our ally.

Since then we try to protect human and hope their population will growth...


The next generation begins...

Warspear online become more popular and attracted many new players.

Great warriors join us...

Pinoy the great ninja healer...

Shyleen the cute ranger...

Marshal the unbreakable druid...

Devilhell the crazy player...

Species the great sniper...


...and many more great people...


Everyday we kill bosses and share the drops, most member have geared up with rare gears.

We never sell the drops, but give to anyone who want it.


Well...as in the real life...people might change of their perspective and feelings...

Since the game change from the pay to play become free to play...the world corrupted with bad attitude people...


Still then...


FoF Clan spirit stays in our hearts...


The story tributes to Slade my mentor and all my friends of faith...

Thank you to Warspear Online that give me a chance to meet great people from other part of the world...

Опубликованное фото

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Come to think of it even i dont like what this game become cause of the amplifying thing.. I have a great reason to tnx AIgrind....if it wasnt for this game i wouldnt meet many friends ingame just like now

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@Crossfit, actually I am busy in the real life trying to get 50 times of my current income  :crazy: while waiting for paladin or DK for sure

@Sulla, yeah its really better when we feel equal where no rich people rule the game. Pay to play is the answer

@Shyleen, yea its sweet memory of you  ;D

@Pinoy, thats the true meaning of MMOG, ...friendship

@Mercurial, the story connecting with yours actually, yeah I hope win so I can get 5K mc to help newbies there since the sms payment has gone in my country. I try hard not to use my paypal since I am waiting for Diablo 3

@Rathaloz, thanks



Beers for all of you!  :drinks:



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Ur story reminds me of mine except that i frgot to mention many parts to make it short :D ...

But u guys sound totally like me..i never met more than a handfull of people with this spirit of teamwork, helping, gratefulness, learning except the 5 people party that i explored in 9 months ;'(

Uss is more about deception, leg-pulling, hacking, farming and getting rich (hate it ]:> )

Anyways, nice one slay, i wish i had joined EU at the very begining ;) i wud have met some real people :)

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@Slash & Irongear, thanks

@Gradex, yeah, playing without community make me bored easily

@Unge, don't you quit also? Actually I will back to taste the new class

@Raxit, yeah I read your story, you could try to build a new class in EU someday



Beers for all  :drinks:

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We had similar friendship on Sapphire since the community grow up little.


Great story,maybe the best one.


Sometimes i think the new guys don't have things like old ones.


Just a lot of money. It's a pity.


Warspear turned to personal fighting everywhere move.


And what have old ppl in game?

Just bad feeling, every day worse.


People should be more friendly.

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Its all about community, when you play as rich people that mostly arrogant they will not exist any longer. They will easily get bored.

But, the worst is they could change the ppl gaming style also.

And one more thing, friendship just like in the sims, a popular simulation game, it will diminish by time if we don't try to talk in game.

;D lol almost 80% of my game time is full of chat

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Lol, pretty effective way to avoid breaking the rules Slay :D Maybe somebody can write a story how this Gay humor showed up? I am not sure but I truly believe Striderman noob is responsible :P I only remember you guys started to use bencong :D but how it shaped this way I have no clue..

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wow dude, you mentioned me there? honestly i read your story only to see if i was included in your friendlist. i might sound likka jerk but just trying to be honest. and dude, we met on first island, we killed the undead bear together, remember?


plus vanhelsing never created the party, neither did anyone in the party..... you were always welcome in it.  there were 10 official members in that party. if all were online, we would stick together. if anyone's off, he used to be replaced and the pm thing was helpful.

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Your lucky... I dont have that much to add to my story bcuz US Saphire is boring... Outside the towns is just unpopuated. Elves and MC dont help or do anything besides talk in trade chat all day. When you ask for help they say they are busy but all they are doing is talking in trade chat snd flooding :facepalm: Im ashamed :facepalm: I was just going to use prize for myself a little and give some stuff to my faithful friends :friends:

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@Slay does everyone speak english?



ofc mostly speaking english, but sometimes they speak in alien language also, like this "@!#$% you!" and it has many meanings  ;D

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