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  1. just to add some, sometimes the servers are in need of maintenance, why dont they hold a forum event during the 2-3 hours maintenance? the event could be general quizzes or design screens/banners or something.. well the rewards would be like in-game golds or some mcoins, maybe. xD
  2. international forum story competition with the Russian forum story competition will be separate prizes/rewards?
  3. Well how should I start.. I started my experience in Warspear around September last year (v1.9). I chose ranger in Sapphire cos I love damage dealer class even from other games. I named him Rathaloz. I was kind of newbie at that time cos the game system was different from other the games that I used to play (the one grinding on monster and got EXP but it doesn't.) The quests were also hard at that time even the place was scarcely with people to get help. Everything when smoothly after doing some couple of quests until I reached lv12 leaving Melvendil. After a few weeks I managed to find some friends that we used to be together since at the first island. The nice thing was they were also from the same country as mine, so no need to speak engalahishganish.. hehe. We went through a hard pain obstacles together but that was best thing happen in this game. So until at that time when I was going to do the last part of Chainless Quest (killing 3 BG.), My party was weak as all of us need that quest also and one of us tried to get help from the pro players. They agreed to help HIM but not the rest of us. >:( I was kind of pissed at that time and left the quest while they enjoy farming there untouched (live while you can *grin*) Because of that furious moment, I made a new character again, a barbarian and I named him agentsmith, aiming to kill those thoughtless elves. After a few weeks I succeeded to build a better barbarian (yeah better than my ranger), and able to kill some of them only but I was relieved that I could pay off the piss that they made on me. MC side 26th January: If my memory didn't fail me, it was when we did massive Astral labyrinth in big party (around 7 party, 2 parties were waiting at boss 1.) It was much my first time step into the lab cos I'd got invited by someone so I just followed them along the way. The monsters was pretty strong but able to kill it 1 by 1 as there were a lot people so I didn't worry much. It was until the time my expectation went down, one by one our people died and disconnected along the trips. We were almost heading to Blazing Anax , I felt sorry for them that died on their journey as they couldn't finish their quests but they did the great warrior struggling against the darkness one. Our potions were nearly emptied after killing Anax and decided to go back. We used the other route on the way to ork-khaar (sp?) There were around 3 party left and we managed to kill the boss 2 times but unluckily no loots were dropped. It was sad but it was the great expedition that we did a full run in Warspear. 21/2 : let me flashback the things back... Ok it was during the war day. I was scrolling through the trade chat and saw Chronoz wanted to gather people for war. So I joined and saw many people camping at Legion's camp about 20+ people. We were about to raid elves' camp riff but before that we ambushed some elves farming at BG.. hehehe. 1st wave was a success, we managed to make them annoyed. The second wave, we hold them near their riff but alas we died so quickly cos not enough people, some were died at BG. Finally at the 3rd wave, we succeeded to raid their camp(for 5minutes? lol.) That was not the end when Elves pushed us back to the Legions camp by camping near Shaman Utlagi, Elves said they won and ended the war but I assumed it as a great success. Why? cos while they were on war, some of us had done their chainless league quest on elf side. Clueless right? At first we already planned this before starting the war (and some didnt know about this), we aimed to help those needed the boss quests on elf side. 1st step was only an action, and 2nd then we can attack them. So the war was just only for distraction so Elves were focusing on war only while other party freely doing chainless quest. Everyone did a great job. xD After 3 months of my ranger s hiatus, I decided to log on back, kind of miss though. So many new faces there about 70% of them, and I still recognized some of my age players. I chatted with them also and suddenly I remembered about my country's friends. I asked someone about them, he told me they were not online for weeks already and some were quit. I was kind of sad. I was not there when they need me the most. Recently, I logged on my ranger again and saw one of my old friends online. I decided to start chatting with him, but sadly he didn't recognize me at all when I was totally remember about him and all the things we did together. :( So I learn a lot from a good and bad memories that I felt in Warspear that power is not everything, community is. Thanks for reading this, at last I could vent out that kept for too long. Hope my friends see this. :D
  4. so gwido will be conquered again. xD
  5. am I the only one that can read this fluently? xD
  6. Agree. when we put the desire item in the trade house, we just have to wait for the traded items or gold deliver in our ingame mailbox.. seems handy.
  7. the day before yesterday.. raided.
  8. i keep laughing at this thread.. hahaha.
  9. we are bored, just only to make warspear lively though..
  10. economy crisis in my server.. many seller but no buyer.. sad. where did the gold go?
  11. use the repairer, it s cheaper now, check it.
  12. that s why the game has 'ignore list' function.. does it help you?
  13. lol dont bother with them. its not a big matter though. robskie is very annoying.
  14. Rathaloz


    no warspear at the Android s market?
  15. US & EU are not reaching peak or even half of the maximum population, why would bother create new one?
  16. I think, just put asterisk ' * ' symbol or other at the end of Emerald's player name, so we can recognize they re from other server.
  17. our rogue also lost his weapon when he used personal sign.
  18. the durability of the equipments worn faster, is it a bug? regarding bug hp/energy after arena it is not rare but always occuring..
  19. well I saw them killing it today.. from what I see they are just keep taunting to prevent the target from getting massive hits.. need a lot of ppl though.
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