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  1. Smurfer

    Scammer !

    LMFAO on the answer with details you gave him, dude good one! :good:
  2. This topic has been moved to Tavern. [iurl]http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?topic=54564.0[/iurl]
  3. Good luck with that Zetta : maybe they are working on hotfix.. :pleasantry:
  4. This topic has been moved to Tavern. [iurl]http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?topic=50619.0[/iurl]
  5. Gratz Slay, it was a good story :) I hope I win something one day or Aigrind gives me some charity donation :D
  6. pche...didn`t like my story at all? :'( nah just kiddin` and congratulations to the winners!
  7. Wrong! some people do not have life ya know :) and I know quite many ppl that have high level elf and mc at the same time..
  8. It is probably some kind of lag between server and the end device (same way as the positions of players on client are different than on server -> never happened to you that you are 3 squares away from mob but he attacks you anyway?)
  9. Official trolling anthem "Trololooooo" just for you Cross: http://youtu.be/gkfVdrtLcRs :rofl:
  10. me luv ya trollface! :drinks: ..and for the rest move to Drama thread, plenty of ways to get some (even unwanted) attention :lol:
  11. Smurfer

    Amp System

    I have decided to try out the AMP and invested some extra money to signs and dmg spheres..guess what.. 40 bloody failures in a row! Aigrind you gotta be f**kin kiddin` me!!!
  12. well yeah..at the end the price of pots is ridiculous comparing to signs..and what is better? to buy 100 pots u can spawn (random number) or to buy 50 signs that will fail your amp attempt? in US they call it fraud..long live mother Russia lol
  13. Nah, he killed me eventually bcz my heal sucks so much that I couldn`t heal faster than he kept coming :D
  14. Smurfer

    No drop?

    Kuz seems to be dealing with that..if it would be on me, I would put re-captcha here and not only stop spammers but help a good cause to digitalize all books in the world: http://www.google.com/recaptcha/learnmore P.S. Sorry for offtopic :P
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