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  1. Lol these times was great
  2. I just letting you know mine old friends, i'm back in game Hope we destroy all elf soon.
  3. This game is hard to play with current population. We need new continent so badly. And the new players using the new ways to finish chainless league, but as i see everyone trying do the same things and usually fail.
  4. Chrono

    Best Faction

    Voting for Mountain Clan.
  5. Second i hope the Ayvondil gonna be big :) Game population is very high now. Please add the game instances and battlegrounds.
  6. You just copy the World of Warcraft....but good make it same . Wow is fun Also i hope licences be available through world not just in Miracle Shop. And and please add poison and burn status into game....
  7. Chrono

    I feel bad

    Everyone should get a chance. But you need start act like a real man,friend. Stop doing this and things gonna change for you. Think about it...
  8. ok here i m n park with mine sis ...
  9. Dear Aigrind,simply release the instalation files for Symbian platform. I'm not using the Symbian but there so many peoplr what still using that platform. Think for them,they paid a lot money and helped to grow this game. I think they should,get a fair instalation conditions....
  10. I was online and noone was on. So we could try set a better day for meeting. Depend on you friends..
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