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  1. I wanna ask If I got account with no email address a.k.a just log number can be recovered? Waiting for the reply :friends:
  2. Brothers in game and real life 8) 8) kick ass ;D ;D
  3. Just simple words. Forsaken Necromancer. I'll be your Lich and Healer.
  4. As I experienced this few weeks, people in Mountain Clans side always claim I'm an elven because of the ''similarity of nickname'' but seriously it's not! Once again I said I'm purely MC players. Thanks for the attention. Written by Godfatherz-Mountain Clans
  5. Just wondering who's this guy, seems familiar ;D ;D
  6. evil cia :diablo: mwahaaahahahaha
  7. it's awesome! Double thumbs for you
  8. more pics pls :lol: :lol: :lol:
  9. missed you already :lol: see ya in the update. Later....
  10. Haha not again, Bored on drama already :lol:
  11. What's going on here? :unknw: I just left for more than a week and this thing happened. Tell me the detail, would you sulla? :)
  12. Long time no see here :wacko: be back on June. Need to exercise in Starcraft II : Wings of Liberty, on Battle.net. :lol: :lol: ;D
  13. :lol: :lol: what does mutha mean? ;D
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