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  1. wow nice :good: great job . good luck :give_rose:
  2. plz fix indian sms payment option .its not working
  3. guys support us to get our deleted chars back .thank u so much
  4. guys plz stop ♥♥♥♥♥ing about us. I deleted my chars myself. So plz stop to blaming daffy and leave her in peace .she is already hurted so plz dont hurt her anymore. Live ur life and let us live in peace. Thanx
  5. if u dont know about two ppls feelings then dont try to judge its virtual or true.we know that wht we r for each other.so stop talking shit about it.
  6. yes to all new recruits. And yes to metalteast .he is a nice guy.i will be on for this weekend hunt. Have fun guys. Good luck :friends:
  7. buy cc boot then ;) .good luck :good:
  8. i downloaded a screenshot app.
  9. thanx bro koskiller(shiva) :friends:
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