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  1. yay i love festivals and halloween is so much fun, nice designs btw they are very nice! ;D
  2. lol to make ur invisi run out xD >tactic
  3. Alright Tyler! I know you will make a great leader and lead WoG to its greatest times :clapping: spilzzz what'd u do to my tables T-T
  4. 'with great power comes great responsibility' ::)
  5. lol i remember seeing the guy named vagina but then he quit.
  6. guys please dont take it personal n start a real fight :( as for me idc kill me, ill fight back but idc i wont kill you.
  7. :lol: now i can't think of anax as anax anymore.. T-T
  8. yea we prefer recuitees being lvl 17
  9. well if you look at it one way a party with say 3 people means you have a 1/3 chance of getting a drop out the amount of people there but that doesn't necessarily mean that you chances of getting a drop "increase" it just means theres less people. You may or may not have gotten a drop whether there was only you or 4 others, but if you have a team that you always hunt with that shares their items then your chances of getting a drop increase because your combining your chance + theirs
  10. only miracle shop enchants let you put enchants on any specific item of any level, if you buy them from the market you have to check what the required armor level is in order to use the enchant, so if you have a lvl 13 enchant then you can only enchant armor that is lvl 13 and above.
  11. cool nice work i'm happy theres people like you helpin out the noobies for free :D hope you gett better soon ;D
  12. oniichan + your avatar= hentai... :facepalm: gl in chainless
  13. aww this is a nice page :D hmm the list is to long but i can thank Ginis who recently helped me by giving me 2 mc enchants even though i wanted to pay for them er 1 i should say cuz i only had just enough to buy 1 enchant haha. And I'm also thankful to my friends who've given me nice memories ;D
  14. hmmm no no not really we closed recruitment by application wasn't really working out so instead we're back to invite only. The way you join is if you just hang out with us n if you fit in and get along with the group of us then you'll eventually join :D Welcome to Emerald btw though people say US server is better if you're gonna be an elf. Not many people who are elves wanna go up and hunt the bigger bosses if thats what ya like to do anyway. We try to when we can.
  15. selling a bd with nearly full lab set plus high amps for 70s yea that price makes sense :wacko: . Why no screen shots next time?? then you have smi-solid proof...
  16. -Thanks Neam they look nice, though some color would have made them better :D -Jaaaaaake friend me on your face >;D
  17. ty fir the suggestions ginlal as one of the leaders, i have thought of all those things, i do know everyone in the clan but i cant be on everyday and i dont want this game to consume my life i dont want to live in the game. as. of now many members in the clan are tired of this game it imbalances and ununitedness of elves, maybe its time to call it quits ? And i dont feel as addicted to it as before, i found something i wasnt looking for and i want to work towards that now :blush:
  18. I care about everyone in the clan :l btw i won't be on as much as i was in the summer, a new semester has started so i'm gonna be busy. I'll still be around ofc but tc and have fun ;D
  19. wuuuu :l Hornings looks way better than mine... im jelous
  20. haha idk why but mtm's looks like a burnt panda cookie xD
  21. Hehe it's cute ty Epic :give_rose:
  22. do you have any pictures of this chrystall?
  23. Why the hell would you post something private you had no right to it's my biz >,
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