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As you know you if u face arena, you are going to be confronted with a random opponent at same level.


So far so good.


But there are 3 types of players:

  • The f2p peasant
  • The casual player
  • The arena pros

It sure happens very often, espacially in low lvls, that being f2p means u get rekt in arena.


So why not "divide" these 3 groups in different leagues?



Example lvl 4-6:


Wood league              Bronze league     Silver league     Gold league     Elite League    League of LegArinar

0-200 ap in season     200-600              600-1500          1500-5000       5000-10k         >10k


And you only get in fight with players of your league. This might apply to 2v2 and 3v3. Tho i dont know if it would make sense at 5v5.


It would improve the gameplay as sudden arena pros aint gonna rek u.


But you get to duel with players of the same strength, as you can improve yourself with ap (If you have the skill to ;)), which can get you stronger.


Edit: There could also be a variation of this with the number of wins, which would be constant at any level.


Wood league

0-15 wins           etc.


Edit: It could also go with win/lose ratio, as pros would win more often than.. noobs? Anyone will have a harder time getting up of course, and the player will be shifted into a league after ~5 or more arena battles (first win 1 win 0 loss, 100% win ratio BOOM LEAGUE OF ARINAR)


Wood league    Bronze league    Silver league     Gold league       Elite League   League of Arinar

wr of 10%        20%                    40%                  60%                   70%              80%

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Like that you're dividing a community and a full history, no thank you, I disagree!

 You will know what im telling you if u create new char and do arena 4-6 without novice %)


This would be great if a bunch of people where in each level. And it should be biased on wins not how much you spam but it wont happen just because not enough people will play

WIns can be applied too :) And indeed, to less players... so what to do? Maybe matchmake them with higher or lower leagues? Just like the levels

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 You will know what im telling you if u create new char and do arena 4-6 without novice %)

I did that when I started my bd, I conquered the place without signs. I disagree with this suggestion, please don't try to convince me anymore.

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we still gain ap even if we loose, a weak player (even if they loose all the time) can eventually enter higher leagues over time. The idea would be more practical if arena didn't award looses with ap, but that would be promoting p2w even more <_<, which most of us dislike. :good:

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So what if an arena pro is partnering with a casual player?


1. The casual player has a totally wrong build and loses despite its efforts

2. The casual player outsmarts the arena pro, because the arena pro relies on amp too much

3. The casual player gets rekt from 10+ opponent

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Maybe its matched by how much dmg and def u have. So if ur a lvl 24bd but only have 350dmg, a lvl 10 bd that has 350 dmg can fight u


Nice idea! Ill add to post :)


Wait no. Your Idea is a good Idea, but does not belong to here, as it has to do something with Classifing players within "Leagues". Your Idea would heavenly suit in the Matchmaking system, go make a thread ;)

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bump, there is an edit above



Casual players pay their tickets by being rekt by "pro players"
Warspear is awarding those pro. If you play in a league where everyone have good gear, you don't want to pay.

If you aren't strong or pro enough, you wouldn't be able to be in high league anyway...

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