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  1. Voltei esses dias e já to com ódio dos cachorrinhos kkkkkkk Aguardando o nerf já 😂😂😂
  2. Greetings, folks! Could someone tell me how I get the Achievement - "World Creation / Wrong Apprentice"? I need a lot to do and I found no one who knows. Thanks anyway... Thank you so much, Saniston.
  3. R0land, hi. skill must be personal, or that ppl spam drops. Therefore, did not let Hunt out for other items. Other thing, you guys will fix the bug with the slots of equipment that have bonus slot? Rather they fell our status with this bug and eventually we were at a loss using bonus set items. Thanks, and I look forward answers. critical it should be 34.6% and is 31.9%>> Congratulations for Updates. #by_Furysgardo-Br_Tourmaline.
  4. vey arrumaram uma skill lixo que nem faz diferença ¬¬ qual é o bd que usa "esclarecimento"????????
  5. agree, more quests 0Exp (>.
  6. when new maintenance to remove errors about arena rewards?
  7. hey R0land dont exist Ithanxxxxx more i my char have bug. I lost my war status and arena skill Whats happened Br-Tourmaline??
  8. yorae

    new craft

    agree new craft items plss
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