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  1. Lol, last time, near the start of the update. The damn boss stunned everyone near it for 20+ seconds. You know what happened next. Continuing to attack the mob after the stun is OK but as long as it does not apply to pvp stun skills.
  2. Good suggestion but stupid. There's barely anyone doing arena cus of this bs pay to PvP system. You'd be waiting up to 30 minuted just for a single PvP.
  3. Yes. Don't just focus on making expert skills for players who are 18+. Make more skills dedicated for the class itself.
  4. Finally,a damn decent suggestion in months. My opinion: yes, this should be in the game. Minions require masters, for them to just disappear when the player get killed is stupid.
  5. Just want see the percentages for amplifying gears. Don't see why this shouldn't be added unless your tryna hide something. Show us what chances you got going in the amplification system .
  6. Mrlezebonz


    ugly- we're all thinkin it. takes too long to load go back to the previous design make the forum similar to your official website...... lets see who gets the most butthurt
  7. I'm pretty sure they said there's a new type of barber set(demonic barber set) in which 5 hairstyles will be added. The normal barber set has no difference.
  8. Count all the nerfs between mc/forsaken and GB/chosen. You'll see which side gets nerfed the most. Like someone said, if ur gonna keep screwing with the side, just delete it
  9. lol, if thats so dont you think they are close to transferring actual items from packets to the client itself? they just needa bypass the server and someone make it think they got those items for real. PS. i still dont buy that those are real players.............
  10. how do people even open the data packets, ive tried, not worked. also, how do they even extract those items from files to the actual game itself? >.> also sounds a bit fishy as to how these players all had lvl 1-3 characters when supplying these links.................
  11. anyone wondering where these mysterious links came from? just about 30 mins from when this thread got posted was a montage of crazy weapons some players where posting from received links from 'ghost characters'. heres my findings. 2 main suspects: weegirl and jambambau either these people know how to manipulate/create links or are devs/gms/pms, its based on what you think. Read fast cus this may get deleted/locked if devs were behind this or just think we may know too much. enjoy
  12. They are not the same players goddammit !!
  13. they are not bugs. just advantages for us
  14. why are people even so hyped up about this event, im 100000% sure itll just be the same old story with the gms putting a bullshiz chest that you get a .05% chance of getting something decent. and you shall expect heaps of dungeons to ruin the fun, just like what happened with the snow boundaries update, another ploy for them to make more dough! heck, they prolly moved sam hain into a dungeon. dont expect free costumes this time, if so, theyll prolly be in heroic of the median night dungeons with the same(or even worse) rarity of the troll costumes from before . oh and the cc costumes. dont expect your usual 300-1000 cc costumes. Hah, im thinkin 5k-10k(just to cater for the rich guilds spamming tourny every week). i cant wait!
  15. Ba da Bump bump bump bump
  16. Instead of commenting on such a small thing, comment on the actual suggestion ------+ Very good suggestion btw, I really wana see it in the game
  17. Well it concerns real money, so they can't ignore it forever. One way or another it'll be added
  18. You add a confirmation for this yet you don't bother for the rest of the miracle shop?
  19. Accidentally purchased something because of the games mechanics? Tell me one good reason they shouldn't add a confirmation to miracle coin purchases, so they get an extra $$ from people who click buy on the wrong thing, or those stupid pop ups? And those popups, I already know they added a damn option to remove them. I guess it only removes the ones for when you login, go accept a quest or demand arena and you'll see those stupid offers for glad/knowledge pots etc.
  20. Stop thinking about money and add what's necessary
  21. Are you sure you want to buy [item] for x amount of miracle coins? When someone accidently buys I dunno, a repair scroll for 111111 gold its funny, but when someone accidently buys anunneeded miracle shop item, that's when it gets annoying. There have been a few suggestions asking to do a confirmation alert for when someone is about to buy a miracle shop item. What I wana know is why you don't even answer or consider the idea? This is REAL money people are using for items in the miracle shop and you can't even bother to add that into miracle shop purchases? Is this cus you want people to accidentally buy the wrong shiz in the mshop so you can get more money? May seem like a grand plan but soon people will catch on and see what your doing. And wtf is up with these stupid popups when you accept a quest or demand for arena? Did you not add an option to remove this? Or was it just for the crafting? Either way make an option to remove that cus that's what causes people to waste their miracle coins . Just add it.
  22. nah man, just make it last 30 secs but make it 100% on a serious note, it shouldnt even work if the target is more than 1 pace away, otherwise make the bladedancer teleport there atleast
  23. Anyone else ever realised that there's always a 'catch' for mc and forsaken skills? Sigh...
  24. the warlock one explains alot..........
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