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[2014.08.11] Guild tournament #31 results

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Hello there, brave warriors of Arinar!


Our regular guild tournament has finished, results are ready to be announced:


1. SiThLoRdS (412818 exp)

2. LGENDARIOS (266962 exp)

3. CRshadows (176769 exp)



1. AoA (474059 exp)

2. perfectElf (374212 exp)

3. ARINAR (213796 exp)



1. WoaiHM (117072 exp)

2. ZrongvietZ (81043 exp)

3. Diablo (59188 exp)



1. SHEMALES (184395 exp)

2. Op (179615 exp)

3. Tourmaline (94495 exp)



1. Respektll (487996 exp)

2. SYPERTOPS (485896 exp)

3. ARHANGELS (316546 exp)



1. Sky (216620 exp)

2. Imperija (174410 exp)

3. DL (119577 exp)



1. Nuclear (1184998 exp)

2. Mercenary (266968 exp)

3. GopSTOP (183882 exp)


SiThLoRdS are singing "We are the champions!", their first place is their again, Dark Side always wins. LGENDARIOS came second, good result for you, guys, CRshadows did their best without a doubt, third place is a good reward for their effort.

AoA took the first place in their legendary style, perfectElf came second two times in row, grats, ARINAR are third, but in present Emerald conditions this result is awesome!

WoaiHM in dominant style won Pearl tournament, ZrongvietZ and Diablo in modest way took silver and bronze medals.

Op almost outplayed SHEMALES in this tournament, great battle, guys, but still not enough to win. And Tourmaline did more than enough to finish third.


Great tournament, congratulations everyone!



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