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  1. Powerfull shot and rangers blessing 5/5 a must, then biterness 4/4 max cause of the attack speed and crit chance buff from it, and then pretty much just dmg skills which are fire arrow and hail arrows i think is what theyre called.
  2. Spray1645

    Life steal

    ill test it on my day off, hehe😇🤪
  3. Spray1645

    Life steal

    yeah, i had 2 relics, and used a 10% pot, could have used a 15% pot to see if i could reach over 100% but still like did they think noone would be able to get that much ls to not put a limit on?
  4. Spray1645

    Life steal

    Just curious, i cant find anything on life steal as in what is the max life steal you can have? Without the event buffs i managed to get 96.4% ls, is there even a limit?😂😂😂
  5. lol why not? if youre a vamp build ranger then you can easy solo them, well, i can anyway
  6. Pala doesnt suck at all at pvp, why does everyone think that? i was a full pdmg pvp/pve pala, didnt have the arena rewards apart from the aura and skills, thats all i had for pvp and i was still so damn op in pvping, was tanking like mad and dealing damage like crazy. Just gotta know how to use it.
  7. probs 10% as every other books but thay would be way to op making the char unstable
  8. Is this a bug for me or does this happen to all lvl25? I dont have any quests/dailies in event and also i dont have any story quests (yellow quest) in any other map including irselnort (checked all maps twice) As i said i am lvl25 and dont have any quests... why? Later on i checked my lvl21 druid and he had the yellow quests in gasphel but when i went back onto my pala then i still dont have it.
  9. Ok, so I've been doing this daily (Dirty Ears) for about 15 minutes now and onyl have 6/20 items from mobs, does it really take that long to get them?
  10. Thats a very good idea, giving it a thought, 800 arena points for 1 sign or something around that would be a fair price, i think.
  11. When i was a noob, i got a sign dropped from a usual mob. i didnt even know what signs are used for so i just gave it away. LoL!
  12. bought 3 sets travelers chests and got nothing... mhm maybe just no luck
  13. In my opinion Paladin needs 1 more attack skill, because with the one that palas have now (purifying), its just not enough, im not saying that there has to be another one like a banner, that would be just unfair, but something similar to purifying, that would stabilize things a bit, if that makes sense. (thats my opinion, i think other players who play with pala would agree.)
  14. Paladin does not have enought dmg skills, it may have some but which ones are worth it? The only one worth using if ur dmg, then its harrads banner.
  15. can i ask where did u get all this info? was it like copy-paste or did u write it all urself?
  16. Hehe, it doesnt make any difference if u are mc user or not, the drop rate for everyone is the same man, well except devs cause they can get whatever they want.
  17. hey, ive got 1 expert skill on my char lvl18, but i want a different one, can i delete or use another skill over my skill what i dont want?
  18. finally its here, take ur time guys, i know uve done a great job as always!! :-)
  19. Can you answer me how long (+/-) does it take to make an update like this? (if its not a secret) thanks
  20. thank you guys... Think im just gonna leave banner call for now
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