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  1. Peter_Munk, r0land, pls say high lv can go map 1 dung too it gives sh*t for us ( and still usefull if we have nothing )
  2. barge, how long does he play? 3 year? since they stopped giving free chest u cant afford a single set of signs. try it
  3. to be saiyan to be as strong as gogeta ssj god to be forever young. are u a wizard?
  4. Ex, how to give + on items at calculator
  5. #1 rogue #2 rogue #3 rogue #4 rogue #5 rogue #6 rogue #7 pala #8 pala #9 pala #10 druid #11 shaman
  6. 100倍ビッグバンかめはめ波. best
  7. that im an apple fanatic then? do you love people staying waiting for iphones
  8. kiss . on the top yah forgot a question are u a wizard
  9. Z/d_ttttt_eeee_mmm.p01684, i love you. am i the only one whose fav dungs arent those
  10. noooooooooooooooooooo mc
  11. control points update when will they make that update instead of soon
  12. oh and i made cakes and pizzas all for noob mcs
  13. i dont know what youre talking about what is he talking about
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