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  1. I personally loved this suggestion, But Devs not gonna agree on it Money.........Money.......Money.
  2. Remove Duel-Wield for axes on bds and rogues,Means they can equip axe but only 1 not 2.
  3. They have to change for all? only lvl4-6 and 7-10 have this problem. And finding party every time you want to play is a worst problem.
  4. At least let leader choose to whom the lead will be passed if he/she is inactive?
  5. More users comes with more hackers didnt you know that? Warspear is unhackable but facebook is easy to hack with various amounts of tricks. Like Phishing,Keyloggers,Three Trusted Friends etc. And warspear is yet away from hacking,what all gets done here is scamming and people call it hacking.
  6. Agree on this totally,And if devs still want to make money they can put smileys at NPCs like expert skills.
  7. 1)Devs haven't you heard about phishing? 2)Do we really need to pay 399mcoins for just smiles?better make it 399 for all smiles and free if possible. 3)What made you think that guild leaders dont have a life besides warspear? 4) Claps best update of my life.
  8. Sorry i cant find the topic i created ages ago,But it was about dividing guilds according to their lvls for tournament There will be 4 different groups Group A contains lvl1-2 guilds Group B Contains lvl3-4 guilds Group C Contains lvl5-6 guilds Group D Contains lvl7-8 guilds Rewards will be same in each group(though its up to devs) With that setup tournaments would be more fair. (Sorry due to lack of time i wasn't able to describe well,but i will soon create a separate topic for it)
  9. Heres Mine I wish, This year tears and pain may be the most expensive thing in your life that you can't afford them, and happiness and smile be the cheapest thing in your life that your whole life won't be enough to store them! Happy New Year To Everyone!
  10. Roland replied me.
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