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  1. My idea is the players on your ignore list shouldn't be on the same party as yours.So if you love going naked or afk,people will automatically put you on ignore list thus making you have no party to do arena and thus making you can't do arena at all.
  2. I found both counter attack and shield is very useful for bladedancer but honestly I will choose counter attack.
  3. Yes I know.I play both side too.But this game has its story.Elf and MC are created to kill each other,they are enemy You need to be friend before you can trading.If they can trade each other,its just doesn't follow that storyline.
  4. You don't sell weapon to your enemy so he can kill you in the future.That's just doesn't make sense I would prefer if devs could implanted a system to prevent any bow and crossbow,both weapon and skin to drop from chest or bosses for MC and forsaken faction.
  5. Weedblast Mage take a pack of weed then blast a 3x3 area with fire.Enemy caught on the fire has a chance to fall asleep.The ally caught in fire will get buff for 5% both damage and armor.The caster lost 15% of his life point when use this. Mana cost : 25 Cooldown : 60 secs
  6. If priest get stun,I want my necro to get secret link and redemption combined
  7. They actually has done something for this problem.The magic attribute convertion is one of the thing devs has done to solve this.The possibility for some classes to use more weapon is another solution they choose to solve this.Bow and crossbow is the last problem and they decided to left as it is because maybe they found there is no suitable class to use such weapon for MC and Forsaken.Rogue?No,they are melee.Warlock?No,they are magic user.So yea your best bet is nearby dealer or maybe disambly them for a chance of catalyst.
  8. Just got recluse crossbow on mc.I am one lucky bastard.lmao.
  9. Still can but very less likely to abort it
  10. So I am curious about this new stat so I got a few question: 1.Does it only trigger on damaging skill or all kind of skill except DoT skill and placing subject skill?Like example sap on bd or infection on necromancer or taunt from each tank class,can it also trigger the stun? 2.Does the stun from this stat overwrite skill stun effect? 3.Does each hit from ranger blessing trigger the stun? Thats all for now.Thanks.
  11. This is a problem r0land.Sam Hain shouldn't drop anything.The [sam Hain's treasury] chest from the quest reward should be enough.It respawn every 5 minutes everytime you killed it and the drop making people camping on it.Even after they done the quest,they still camping and didn't want to share.So the quest automatically make you required the highest amp to deal the first 10% damage.As usual the high amped players are greedy and keep getting the kill eventhough there are like 9-10 questers party lining up for the kill.It make all your previous effort to arrive on Sam hain chamber useless because you can't get the kill.
  12. I wonder why both of you always arguing keep it up
  13. So you guys nerfed rogue richocet but not with bds counter attack?I'm disappointed with this And what about bow and crossbow skin from event chest for mc and forsaken?This is not the first year so I wish something to solve this.I got inferno skin for xbow and it still in my bag.Too bad its on mc side . Btw HAPPY HALLOWEEN
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