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[2021.11.25] Moments of history. Warspear Chronicles. Chapter XI


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The heroes of both alliances began the new year of confrontation, inspired by the glory of the past days and full of determination to accomplish new feats. The warriors spent the rest of the summer in battles - and were surprised to find that their skills, honed over the years, underwent important changes (8.4.2)


With the beginning of autumn, the warlords of the Legion and the Guardians alike turned to the ancient wisdom of their ancestors, jealously guarded by the heroes who had previously remained in the shadows. When the leaders of the Clans called to the spirits of the gray mountain peaks, and the templars of the Chosen directed their prayers to the sun in the rays of its zenith, a new page was turned in the protracted confrontation of the alliances (9.0 «Heroes of the new era»).


Soon gloomy autumn clouds covered the whole of Arinar, and the first rumors of a terrible epidemic began to spread from the remote island of Grunland. An unknown disease wiped out the population of the once prosperous island overnight. As it turns out, the sinister Green Sickness was created by the mad alchemist Totenhof. With the help this ailment, he planned to create an army of the living dead, in order to conquer first Grunland, and then the whole of Arinar. The world was to turn into a gigantic crucible for Totenhof’s wicked alchemical metamorphoses. Having found an antidote, the heroes of the alliances did not allow these deranged plans to come to fruition (9.1 «Infected Grunland»)


Winter brought good news. This year no troubles befell the Snow Boundary — and White Beard decided to make use of the surprising break. He decided to realize a great plan — to build an impenetrable citadel that would not fall to any enemy. At once architects were found who could handle such a task: the snow elves Мартис and  Петрис. But when it became clear that they could not cooperate, White Beard decreed to hold a competition between the elves, the equal of which the Snow Boundary has never seen before (9.2 «Architects' Competition»).


With the advent of spring, the School of Magic has once again opened its doors for students. After the failed Rebellion of Serpentus, the responsibilities of the school’s principal befell onto Wickedora. She quickly got down to business, inviting new teachers to the school: Julius Ripp, Animagic magister, and Claudius Librarius, skilled in Illusion Magic. All would be well, but soon after the lessons started, the halls of the school were filled with frightening rumours about the bloodthirsty and mysterious beast, attacking the students. The heroes of the alliances had to find out how truthful those rumours really were. And while everyone suspected Librarius, the real villain, trying to make way for dark powers into the School turned out to be Ripp (9.3 «Mysteries of the School of Magic»).


In the first weeks of summer, the White Stones once again showed the heroes of Arinar the images of the long forgotten past. This time the brave travellers were sent to the dangerous years of the Great Rift. Then, at the turn of the eras, tlaloks, whose ancient nation died in the deep waters, first arrived to the shores of Ayvondil. The heroes had to help tlaloks overcome challenges on the unfamiliar island. (9.4 «Forward to the Past»).


Thus ended the thirteen year of the war.


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They were all great events I loved the themes of each one, but I could not participate in snow, it does not matter better, let's see what will happen for the next page


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