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[2020.11.13] Moments of history. Warspear Chronicles. Chapter X

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It was after this victory that the sages of both alliances turned their attention to the Pirate Archipelago, that stretched to the south-east of Ayvondil. Under it, in the depths, rested the World Creation Clock – the only artifact capable of opening the entrance to the Lower Temple, in order to fix the fatal mistake of Adven-Tar. But finding the Clock turned out to not be easy, because the elvish ship carrying it sank five centuries ago. From the pirates of the Archipelago, the heroes learned of the underwater tribe of mermen, trading with whom was cut off some time ago. Turns out that all this time the mermen diligently defended themselves from the sea creatures and their bloodthirsty siblings, enslaved by the Sea Witch. With mermen’s help and then the sages of the Brotherhood of Knowers the heroes managed to follow the trail of the World Creation Clock. It was revealed that all this time the Sea Witch possessed it, who once was an elvish druid and the keeper of the Clock. When the Great Rift awakened the ancient powers of Chaos, slumbering in the bowels of Arinar, the druid turned into the Sea Wich and became a slave of Chaos. Taking back the Clock from her, the heroes managed to reverse the spell of Adven-Tar by holding the Ritual of the Great Cycle. Opening the sealed entrance to the Lower Temple, where for five hundred years Valariya and Maradish were imprisoned together with their warriors, the heroes removed the blockage in the River of Time, extracting the shard of the Spear that got into its invisible waters. The horrible threat over Arinar has vanished. But only some of the sages said that the Ritual of the Great Cycle had other consequences as well, ones outside the edge of the world, it was as if the history of Arinar, created by the White Wanderer, split in two in that moment… (8.0.0 «Ship Graveyard»)

The rest of the summer and all of autumn were spent on realising the great deeds that once and for all changed the history of Arinar. But as the foliage withered, heroes remembered the usual routine of the autumn. The Median Night became a great occasion to have some fun, paying respects to the old traditions of the Day of the Dead. Except the merriment turned into all-encompassing horror, when the terrible truth. Baron Saturday, the owner of the crossroads between the worlds of the living and of the dead, became committed to reclaiming the debt that Sam Hein had before him and become the new Ruler of the Median Night. He almost managed to defeat Sam and was close to victory, but the heroes fought the Baron off and sent the dead where they belong. (8.1.0 «Celebration of the Dead»)

Winter, as usual, brought bad news from the Snow boundary. Chernobog appeared there — a new opponent of the White Beard, who turned out to be a lot more menacing than his predecessors. Because, unlike all of them, he was of the same essence as the War Spear. Performing ancient rituals and ceremonies in the winter forests, the heroes learned of the true name of Chernobog - Black God. Being a part of the eternal power that is opposing the White Wanderer and all their creations. Chernobog wished to turn Arinar into a realm of white silence. Despite the victory, obtained in the difficult battle, the sages knew — there will be a time when Chernobog will come back. But where this time? (8.2.0 «Chernobog is coming»)

The coming of spring promised a merry Celebration of the Spring King, especially since this year there was a great occasion. The wise mage Serpentus offered the King to reopen the School of Magic, many decades ago closed under mysterious circumstances. The Spring King eagerly agreed and only Wickedora suspected something wrong. The truth came to light soon: Serpentus turned out to be a dark mage, scheming against he crown. By selecting ambitious pupils that possessed an affinity to the Dark Magic, he expanded the ranks of his supporters, but was still exposed and defeated before he could stage a revolt within the School. (8.3.0 «Hectic Semester»)

Having finished with the spring’s troubles, warriors of the alliances once again turned their attention to the depths of the sea, where the fate of Arinar was foretold tol be decided. Many courageous people were drawn to the legendary Mermen’s Sanctuary, built in the golden age of the underwater empire. In the halls of those temples you could find any treasures you can imagine. But in order to see them, the brave warriors needed to fight through not only the underwater tides, but also the time itself… (8.4.0 «Underwater adventures»)

With the start of the summer, it was once again time to look back. White Wanderer, who created Arinar many thousands years ago, sent down the White Stones, each turning out to be a portal into the past. Having went to the long since passed time, the warriors could see some key moments in the history of their tribes that ultimately led to the War for the Spear. The glory of the olden days filled the warriors’ hearts with the commitment to fight to the end. (8.4.1 «12 years of confrontation. Shadows of the past»)

Thus ended the twelfth year of the war. 

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